Join our Schoolyard Enhancement Team!

IMG_1306The SAC School Yard Enhancement committee aims to collaborate, advocate, and support school yard improvements by fundraising and volunteering time and resources to various upgrades and programs.

But…WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please click here for more information and email to join the team!

Volunteer Opportunities include:

1) Parent/Child Planting Event – mid-May – Open

2) Schoolyard Sweep and Rake (ie every other Wednesday) Sign-up sheet available Megan Norfolk

3) Outdoor Sports Equipment – (classroom equipment, tricycles and sand toys) – Kyle and Mirko Gojic

4) PALS parent support – Open

5) Outdoor Art Projects – hand print mural – Open

6) Hardscape additions – children’s teaching garden and balancing logs – Open

7) Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds grant proposal – December Submission Date – Open

Have a suggestion or want to join our Schoolyard Enhancement team? Please email for more information.

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