Pizza Lunches – order now!

PizzaDayJohn English JMS Advisory Council is initiating a pizza lunch fundraiser! Forms were sent out Fri. Jan 9 and can also be printed off this website.

Forms and money are due:

(last Friday of each month):

  • Friday, January 30
  • Friday, February 27
  • Friday, March 27
  • Friday, April 24
  • Friday, May 29
  • Friday, June 19


At present, this lunch is for Grades 1-8 only. If there is enough interest, it will grow to include the kindergarten classes in the months following. If there are questions please contact Liz at 416 252 0445.

The fundraiser will occur on the last Friday of each month. Funds raised from this program will be used for our school’s digital resources. The pizza supplier will be Pizza Pizza at a cost of $1.50/triangle slice (14” round). The pizza meets the Ontario School Food and Beverage Policy guidelines.

Please fill out the attached form, filling in the months you wish to order for your child.  Payment is required with the order form. Your form will be kept on file until year end for reference. We accept cash or cheques payable to JESAC or John English School Advisory Council. If you have more than one child, one cheque is acceptable, but please fill out a form for each child.

Please mark the pizza lunch dates on your calendar! It should be noted that if your child misses a pizza day we are not able to refund the money.

If you wish to pay month by month, make a copy of this form and, along with payment, send it in to the office each month. Please have it marked “Pizza Lunch” and hand it in by the Tuesday prior to the Friday pizza lunch as we need to order the pizza early!

If you have any questions or concerns or are able to help with the lunch please contact Liz at 416-252-0445 or email Helpers are always appreciated!