SAC Meeting Minutes – February 2015

John English Junior Middle School
SAC Meeting – February 11, 2015

Principals Report – Mr. Craig Howe

  • Pizza day was a terrific success.   Many thanks to Liz Canrinus.
  • Second term reports were sent home. There is an area on the reports for the parents to respond to the teacher. This is encouraged as it helps with goal setting and feedback.
  • Parent teacher night will proceed on Thursday, February 13.
  • There are no reports for senior kindergarten however meetings can still take place if parents would like to set them up with the teachers.
  • Extended French applications are now closed.
  • Cyber-safety Community Talk. Next Wednesday (Feb 18) there will be a presentation by Paul Davis (one will take place during the day for students and one in the evening for parents). If you intend to come, please fill out the form online so the schools know who is coming. Other schools in the area have been notified and the parents there are invited to attend.
  • On March 3 there will be a Ward Forum. The focus this month is fundraising; however there are many agenda items.
  • At Second Street School on March 4 there will be an evening information session on the IEP: Individual education plans.
  • Eco school group: Miss Jenkins is working on getting a water bottle filling station (or two) for the school. This promotes health and of course, the use of recyclable bottles.
  • The school is also encouraging “Boomerang lunches”; whereby all waste must return to the home.
  • The mandatory green bin program has begun in the Healthy Bites program. There is an ECE who is collecting the kindergarten food waste and put it in the green bin.
  • The Forest of Reading Book program continues and there are some children who will have the opportunity to vote. 15 students will be able to attend the ceremony. Blue Spruce – teachers are using the picture books in the classroom
  • The Wilson Report was published in January. A discussion was had whereby Mr. Howe discussed some of the issues and points raised (schools that could be closed, French immersion sites, etc.)

Teachers report

  • April 8 is “Pink Day”. T-shirts will be sold at parent teacher night.
  • Sylvester continues to run his homework club at 3:15 pm each school day. There are quite a few students taking advantage of this opportunity for homework help or a quiet place to do homework after school before going home.
  • Ski day was a great success. 237 kids and 40 parents attended and a few dozen teachers. It was a beautiful day with new skiers going through ski fundamentals stations and experienced skiers skiing in groups. Thank you to the staff for incredible organization.
  • Skating (for grades 1 – 5) has been a tremendous program. So many kids have experienced a healthy activity together in the community. They have improved their skills and for some students, this is their first opportunity to try ice skating. The skate bank and costs for this program are covered by the Parent Council (SAC) and fundraising efforts.
  • On March 2, the Concours Oratoire will begin.
  • The Grade 5’s are going to Queens Park on Thursday, February 12. There are many field trips currently taking place at John English.
  • There is an upcoming Talent Show. Over 100 kids have signed up for auditions.   25 acts will be chosen. The Talent Show will take place during school hours.
  • There is discussion about a new crosswalk. There are concerns were raised about the area near Central Street. This went to the councilor, then on to the Trustee. Our community police officer was in the school, and Mr. Howe has some names and numbers from him on who to call for an assessment. Once the assessment is made, it will be determined whether the area qualifies for a new crosswalk.
  • Class network reps would like to increase the memberships on their lists via the parent teacher nights. Madame Smith will get a note out to the teachers.

Board Business

The following are tentative dates for upcoming annual events:

  • Movie night: May 8th
  • Heather Smith (parent) will submit basket themes to Mr. Howe by April 1st.
  • Memo will go home on April 13 to families with a cutoff for May 1st
  • Dance-a-thon: Friday, April 10th
  • Music Monday: May 5th
  • EQAO – May 25 to June 4th
  • Jump Rope for Heart – May 29
  • Spring Concert (late May week of 19th or week of 26th – Thursday)

Treasurers Report


  • We now have some new hockey helmets (larger sizes) for skating days in the skating pool.


Ukulele – no report

Grant from the TDSB:

On April 16, John English will host a community night “Math Matters” with Marc Husband, a TDSB teacher who has been seconded to York University. This has been brought to us through a Parents- Reaching-Out Grant. This is a program that teaches kids how to use math in everyday life.

The next Student Advisory Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 8th. As above, wear pink!