May 2015 SAC Meeting Minutes

John English Junior Middle School
SAC Meeting
May 13, 2015

Marie welcomed everyone to the meeting and announced it was the last meeting of the year.

Principal’s report – Mr. Craig Howe

  • A couple of recent events were tremendous successes, the Dance-A-Thon and Movie Night. Movie Night had attendance of about 350 people with more paying at the door than in previous years. Both events could not have happened without the tremendous work of the many volunteers both in planning and on the day of the event. Many thanks to all.
  • Playground PALS are underway. (Playground leadership program)
  • Silver Birch awards for the Forest of Reading program were presented at Harbourfront today. Two John English students were involved in the presentations at this event.
  • The teachers union is in a legal strike position. The contract dates to August 2014. This is an administrative strike therefore no teachers will take on duties such as attending meetings, being “teacher in charge” in principal or vice principal’s absence, no ministry professional development, no EQAO, no comments on the report cards. (Marks will be provided). For kindergarten, it will be one sentence per box per student (as kindergarten students do not get marks). Extracurricular activities are still taking place. Meetings with parents can still take place. For further information, please refer to public news.
  • May 25 – 29 is Bike to school week. There will be a contest for students that don’t have a bike of their own. They can write an essay on why they would like a bike. Last year three students won a bike.
  • Upcoming Dates:
    • Grade 6, 7, 8, Uke, choirs Spring Concert: May 28
    • Parent Volunteer Appreciate: June 9 – 8:00 -10:00 a.m.
    • Graduation: June 23
    • Last day of school: June 25
    • First day of school: September 8
    • Meet the teacher: September 24

Teacher Report

  • 65 Students went on the track meet this week
  • Ursino is organizing Frisbee Golf game
  • Message from Madame Mazelet: safety patrol is a great opportunity to learn leadership skills. There is an upcoming play day for the 45 safety patrollers at John English, put on by the Toronto Police Service.
  • Mmes Kim, Lauziere, Saprykina & Trudeau are organizing a bake sale to raise funds for Nepal earthquake relief on Monday May 25 They are looking for volunteers and baked items (nut free, and marked if gluten free). This is appropriate timing as the students are currently studying global communities in social studies. Please contact the teachers if you can donate time, money or baked goods
  • The Grade 6 and 8 soccer teams have tournaments coming up
  • Jump Rope for Heart is on May 29.

SAC Fundraising

  • This year’s Movie Night raised the most funds ever, (over $4500 before expenses). Tania thanks everyone who attended and also those who volunteered.
  • $4821 was raised for Dance-Athlon.
  • There are two other fundraisers currently going on via the SAC website page (Flip at Chapters, SAMCO toys). Shopping at Chapters is a great place for teachers gifts while still giving to the school. All fundraisers give the Parent Council the ability to sponsor programs such as Scientists in the School, Ukulele, Healthy Bites as well as purchases including classroom supplies, athletic equipment, garden supplies and items for the skating program, to name a few. These funds go directly to every child and improve the overall experience for students.

Next year:

  • Parents will once again be asked to make a fundraising contribution next year. This is a good option for families who prefer to not take part in fundraising events, but would like to contribute to SAC funding. The “suggested amount” might slightly increase from $30 to $40.
  • “Fresh from the Farm” vegetable purchase fundraiser will proceed in the new school year.
  • QSP magazine fundraiser will proceed but will be different next year. Instead of an assembly, Grade 8 students will go class to class briefing students on how the fundraiser will work. Other changes will include experiential gifting instead of prizes. Awards will be given based on participation instead of a sales limit. These changes are in response to suggestions received earlier this year from concerned parents.
  • Pizza lunches, which began this year will continue next year, due to popular demand. They wiill start in September and run every month until May.
  • Indigo and SAMCO will run in December and end of the year
  • Dance-athon will be earlier than previous years (end of March?)
  • Movie night will be held in May

Safety Committee

Trustee Gough was asked to look into a traffic situation at Hillside and Central. There is a small street that leads to the school property with no safe place no turn around. The result is cars backing up onto Hillside where children may be crossing the road. A parent has expressed concern that using this street to drop children off is dangerous. A police traffic study was done but no determination was made. Another study still will take place by the city. Parents at the meeting agreed that the area needs to be avoided due to possible accidents.

John English Faculty and Staff Appreciation Breakfast

We have so much to be thankful for when it comes to our teachers and school staff. Joan Raymond is organizing the staff breakfast for June 4th from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.   Joan is looking for volunteers to cook, work and serve. Please contact her to let her know what you can do at her email address:

Grade 8 Graduation

A parent has approached the SAC to purchase water/drink dispenser for the graduation event. This could then be used for other events (movie night) Agreed by all present.

Ukulele – Jane Chapman

  • Jane thanked John English for participating in Music Monday. JE has more students involved than some entire regions.
  • Ukulele program is in 9 schools across Toronto. The John English program is the largest group in the city.
  • The inaugural class, who started in Grade 3 will be in their final year at the school next year. Melanie Doane would like to work something out where those students still playing can join other students in Toronto for an All City troupe next year.
  • Annual ukulele day is coming up on June 10th.

Healthy Bites Program

  • Registration for next year starts on June 1st. There will be more information available on the website.
  • Volunteers are needed until the end of June to serve and clean at the program. Please contact Healthy Bites by email:

Financial Report – Terry Durette

SAC is on target for all fundraising goals for the year. There is a small reserve in the bank for emergencies.

Parents Reaching Out Grant

  • For the past few years, we have had evenings offered through the “Parents Reaching Out” grant.
  • Thank you so much to Erin for organizing the grant and the math information night we had recently. It was a great night with great attendance.
  • We can apply for another event next year by applying for another grant. It was agreed that we would do so. Mr. Howe will file the necessary paperwork before the deadline.

Meet the Teacher Night – September 24

Wednesday, September 16th will be the first SAC meeting of the year.