Adopt John English at Indigo online every day, and raise funds for our library!


From September 20th to October 10th, our school is taking part in the Indigo Adopt a School fundraising program to support our library. Adopt a School unites schools and their communities to raise money for elementary school libraries across Canada.

We need your help to make this a successful fundraising program and to put one new book in the hands of every child at our school.

How can you help…

Adopt and Donate Online to support John English:

  1. Adopt our school every day. It’s FREE!
    Go to
    CLICK ADOPT! Adopt it everyday from Sept 20 – Oct 10 for FREE!
    Each time you adopt our school, it gets closer to winning one of three provincial prizes up to $10,000 through the Adopt & Don’t Stop Giveaway.
  2. Go to our school’s page and make a donation.
    Go to
    Make a $12 donation and it counts as 10 adopts towards the Adopt and Don’t Stop Giveaway!
    If you’d like to donate more than $12, thank you. Please break the amount into a $12 increment/per day to ensure that our school gets the most adopts.
  3. Spread the news.
    Use Facebook, Twitter or e-mail to get your friends and family across the country to donate to or adopt our school every day for free.
    The Adopt a School website walks you through how to help our school have a successful program.
    Thank you for your continued support of our library and you for spreading this exciting news!

Shop at Coles Cloverdale until October 10th, and support John English:

As part of the same program, local Indigo stores are asked to support a school in their community. We have been adopted by COLES in Cloverdale! This means that for the next 3 weeks (Sept 20-Oct 10) people shopping at COLES will be asked to support John English when they are at the cash!

So, let your friends and family know to get over to Cloverdale COLES,  do some shopping and support your school!