SAC Fundraising Initiatives for 2015-16

John English School Advisory Council – Fundraising Package
(Paper copy came home Tuesday Sept. 29, 2015)

Hello and welcome John English families to the 2015/16 School Year! Throughout the school year there will be many opportunities to support the school. This package includes three fundraising initiatives that are available for you to participate in.

These initiatives are (click links for details):

  1. Fundraising Contribution – the ability to give a one-time donation to the school in lieu of (or in addition to) any of the fundraisers taking place this year. You can see the planned fundraisers for the school year on this letter.
  1. Fresh from the Farm – a new initiative to the school where you can order bundles of apples and/or vegetables for your home or to donate to the local food bank. Information and the order form are attached.
  1. Indigo Adopt-a-School – a fundraising program run through Indigo where you can ‘adopt’ John English every day, make a $12 donation or higher to count as 10 adopts, or visit the Coles in Cloverdale mall and support the school when making a purchase.

*QSP Magazine Fundraising packages will be sent home Oct 8th & 9th

A few things to note for all John English School Advisory Council (SAC) fundraisers:

Deadlines vary for each fundraiser – we will send out reminders for each initiative, however, please note the deadlines so as to not miss out on any fun—-draisers! 🙂

Other fundraising initiatives will take place throughout the year; those listed on the fundraising contribution letter are those that are planned through the John English School Advisory (Parent) Council.

We greatly appreciate your support!! Participation in these fundraising initiatives is completely voluntary, you can choose to support as many or as few fundraisers as you see appropriate.

If you have any questions regarding the attached or future fundraisers you can contact and direct your note to:

  • Pizza lunch, Indigo Adopt-a-School, Samko & Indigo Flip give: Liz Canrinus
  • Fundraising Contribution, QSP, Poinsettia’s, Dance-a-thon and Movie Night: Tania Krishnan
  • Fresh from the Farm: Wendy Kitson

Thank you for your support and have a great school year!

From the John English School Advisory Council (SAC) Fundraising Committee