October 2015 SAC Meeting Minutes

John English Junior Middle School
SAC Meeting
Thursday, October 15, 2015

Marie Cook, Council Chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Principal’s Report (Mr. Parvatan, Vice Principal)

  • Due to the increased enrollment in the school, John English was allocated a new teacher. This has meant some physical movement of classrooms. Madame Piper’s homeroom is now in the family studies room. This is working extremely well.
  • The school stresses that there are safety issues around dropping off kids. All parents are asked to use Kiss and Ride provided by the PSP. There was a near miss over the past week where a child was almost hit by a car due to a stopped car in the no parking zone.
  • Additionally, if you are late and entering the school with your child, you must bring your child to the office. From there the child will be escorted to his class. Parents are not allowed to wander the halls for security reasons.
  • “Choices for Grade 9” parent information night has been postponed to Nov. 10 due to job action. Ms. Briar will meet with all of the Grade 8 students during school hours. The home school for John English students is Lakeshore Collegiate (for English stream) and Richview Collegiate Institute (for French stream). Two specialized programs (i.e. ESA, Runnymede) and two optional attendance programs (TCDSB etc) are allowed per student.
  • French Immersion Information Night for parents of students interested in the Early Immersion will be held at JEJMS on November 19. Applications will be accepted from November 2, with the deadline for completion being December 3rd. Access applications here.   Junior Extended French information night will be held on December 3 at Second Street.
  • Twitter feed: Mr. Howe periodically tweets what is happening, follow the school on Twitter: @johnenglishJMS.
  • Communication with the classroom: As the curriculum night has been postponed, you can contact the school directly and leave a message for your teacher. They will return your call. The teachers are committed to ensuring any concerns are communicated to parents. Other forms of communication available to you are the website, the SAC website, SAC enews, Twitter, and the Friday news blast. (sign up through the office if you aren’t getting them)
  • Transportation issues with school buses have been resolved
  • The school is running the following lunchtime programs:
    • Monday: Chess – open to grade 1 – 8 students (60 participants)
    • Wednesday: Arts Express – cartooning for grade 6, 7, 8 will start next week
    • Friday: Arts express for Grade 1 – 3 (40 participants) will start
  • A reminder regarding absences. Please contact the school’s Safe Arrival Line (416-394-4710) when your child is going to be absent or late. Please follow all of the instructions on the telephone message.
  • Parent Safety Program (Kiss and Ride) continues to look for volunteers for the mornings and afternoon programs. This is a valuable program that ensures the safety of students. Please consider giving some time if you have availability.

Teachers Report (Madame Heather Smith)

  • Murray sent a thank you to parent council for the iPads for his classroom. He has been using a new app called See Saw which documents their learnings and can be shared with parents. This shows the children that iPad can be tools and not just toys.
  • A Remembrance Day ceremony will be held on November 11
  • There are now 35 students trained for safety patrol
  • Nunes and Mr. Bowen are working on “TRASH truck” with the robotics team that build a robot, and then attempt various tasks with their robots.
  • There was a Cross Country meet on Thursday, October 15 with 22 kids going on to City Finals on October 22nd.
  • Baseball and football teams are underway
  • Basketball, volleyball and hockey are coming soon
  • Jenkins has been working on PALS (Playground Activity program) (Grade 5 and 6 students were trained in September to help create games at recess for the younger students)
  • Jenkins is also bringing the Forest of Reading Club back to the school. K – 3 Blue Spruce Silver Birch (4 – 6) Red Maple (7 & 8). Books are read and voted for by students.
  • Sylvester’s homework club takes place every day after school for Grade 6, 7 & 8

SAC Updates

Book Fair: 10th – 12th of November

Books will be delivered to the school on November 5th. We are looking for volunteers that day and the 6th to unpack and organize the set up. The sale will be open on the Monday to teachers, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (10th, 11th and 12th) it will be open during the day to the students.

An email will go out this week looking for volunteers. This is a great opportunity to replenish the library with both English and French books. Contact SAC if you can help!

Ukulele Program – no report

Healthy Bites

The program is looking desperately for volunteers. Shifts would be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 am – 11 am. Please consider offering some of your time (it need not be regular hours, any help is appreciated.) Grandparents, community friends all welcome to lend a hand)


SAC Fundraising outline 2015/2016 School Year

Pizza lunches

For students and teachers that have ordered pizza, these will take place on the last Friday of each month (with the exceptions of Dec 18, March 11 and June 17). Most order forms have been collected however some families will be paying on a monthly basis, students can bring forms to the office as they arrive.

Indigo Adopt-a-School

A new initiative to the school this year, John English has been “adopted” by Indigo to participate in this fundraiser. To continue the ‘adoption’ , families can “adopt” the school once a day for a chance to win provincial prizes or they can make a donation ($12 for one book) to the school by visiting www.adoptaschool.indigo.ca or by visiting the Coles at Cloverdale mall to donate in person. (There is no classroom administration required for this initiative.

Fresh from the Farm (September 28 – October 13, delivery in November)

Another new initiative this year, families will be able to purchase ‘baskets’ of apples and/or vegetables (from Ontario farmers) for themselves or to donate the baskets to a local food bank. The school will receive 40% of the proceeds, farmers will receive 50% (remaining 10% is admin costs). Full details are on the order form that students can drop off at the main office.

Fundraising Contribution (September 28 – October 26)

A ‘direct donation’ drive that offers families the ability to make a one-time donation for the school year in lieu of or in addition to the fundraisers that take place during the year. Tax receipt instructions are on the form, donations with forms attached can also be dropped off at the main office.

QSP (October 8 – 22)

A fundraiser selling magazine subscriptions (hard copy and online). Packages including catalogues and ordering instructions are sent home with students. Ordering online is highly encouraged but students can drop-off any paper orders to the main office (or a student can collect paper orders daily and bring them to the office). There will be no assembly for QSP this year; instead a group of students will visit each classroom for a few minutes to explain the program. There will also be no “prize chart”, students will be entered in various draws to receive fewer but more significant prizes (i.e. top seller will win a night at Great Wolf Lodge, participants in week one will be entered in a draw for Cineplex tickets). The winning class (based on participation) will win a Monster Mash Bash for their Halloween festivities.

Indigo FlipGive (November-December & June)

An online program through Chapters-Indigo where gift cards can be purchased and a portion of the proceeds is given to the John English library in the form of a Chapters gift card (There is no classroom administration required for this initiative).

Samko Toys (November 4 – 15, May & Summer)

Families can shop at Samko & Miko Toy Warehouse (77 Fima Crescent, Etobicoke) and a percentage of their purchase will be donated back to John English. Students need to retain their receipts in an envelope and hand them in to the office with their name and “Samko” written on the envelope.

Poinsettia Sale (November 4 – 30, delivery first week of December)

Families can order Poinsettia plants for the holiday season and John English will keep a percentage of the sales. Students can drop-off orders at the main office or a student can collect class orders daily and bring them to the office. For the Poinsettia, Indigo Flip Give and Samko initiatives, the information/order forms will be sent together the first week of November)

Dance-a-Thon (February or March TBD)

Students collect pledges from family and friends for this fundraiser. Students participate in dance activities (1 hour for each grade) in the gym while a DJ plays music. This year we are hoping to schedule the dance-a-thon earlier in the year as many other activities are also scheduled in the spring.

Movie Night & Basket Raffle (May 6th tentative)

Families come to the school on a Friday evening for dinner (made by Healthy Bites and volunteers) and a movie. Tickets are sold in advance but can also be purchased at the door.

For the basket raffle, classes are assigned a theme for which students can purchase an item for the basket. Baskets are then assembled by theme with the raffle being drawn at movie night. You do not need to attend movie night to win a basket as tickets are sold during lunch with the baskets on display. Classroom participation is important and encouraged for this initiative.

*For all of the above initiatives, online bulletins and reminders will also be sent to John English families through Facebook, twitter, SAC e-news and through John English email where appropriate.

*Detailed additional instructions (where needed) will be included at the time of the fundraiser.

If you have any questions regarding these initiatives, please contact:

  • Pizza lunch, Indigo Adopt-a-School, Samko & Indigo FlipGive: Liz Canrinus (lizcanrinus@sympatic.ca)
  • Fundraising contribution, QSP, Poinsetias, Dance-a-Thon and Movie Night: Tania Krishnan (tkrishnan@rogers.com)
  • Fresh from the Farm: Wendy Kitson (wendy@kitson.tv)

Treasurers Report

Terry went through the Budget versus Actual for the 2014/2015 SAC budget.

2014/15 SAC Budget
Initiative Budget Actual
Curriculum Night 800 1,050
Fundraising 5000 5,025
QSP 6000 5,619
Poinsettia 900 685.03
Indigo FlipGive and Samko 400 21.66
Pizza Friday 1,800 2219.97
Dance-a-thon 5,000 4248.24
Movie Night and Basket Raffle 3,000 3907.83
Feed the Soul (Rev recoginzed Sept./14 2,365 2365
Total Budget – Actual 25265 25,141
Proposed Expenditures
Skating Program 1500 2632.94
Scientists in the School 4000 2910
Ukelele 7950 7700
Grauation Ceremonies 1000 2237
Classroom Support 3500 1941.65
Bank Charges 150 48.75
QSP Class Winners 100 61.56
Dance-a-thon pizza lunch 100 54.62
iPad Mini’s 3000 4613.3
Team Uniforms 600 0
Library Books 2000 2252.08
Instrument Repair 1000 18
Schoolyard Enhancements 1000 0
Staff Appreciation 200 131.58
Total Budget Expenditures 26100 24601.48
Bank Balance as of Oct 1, 2015 $26,154
2014/15 SAC Balancing
Budget Actual
Proposed Expenditures
Skating Program 1500 2192.35
Scientists in the School 4000 2910
Grauation Ceremonies 1000 2237
Classroom Support 3500 1941.65
Books 2000 2252.08
iPad Minis 3000 4613.3
Total Budget Expenditures 15000 16146.38
Donations paid to TDSB 3050
2014/15 John English Balancing 13096.38

At the November meeting, the principal will come ready with a list of needs from the teachers and the school and the SAC will make decisions about where the money will be allocated.

Parent Network – Tina Chan Kim (Ward 3)

PIAC 9th Annual Parent Conference – Unlocking Your Child’s Full Potential
Saturday, November 14, 2015 – 8:00 am to 3:45 pm
Earl Haig Secondary School, 100 Princess Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Fantastic workshops, interesting speakers, great networking, free refreshments, free lunch, free childminding and free transportation by school bus from select stops throughout the city!  A day not to be missed!
More information and to register, go to http://tdsb.on.ca/Community/HowtoGetInvolved/Conferences.aspx

Ward 3 Ward Council – Thursday, October 22, 2015 – 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Lakeshore Collegiate Institute – School Library
Representatives from each school in Ward 3 will be meeting with Trustee Pamela Gough to discuss issues in our ward and activities in each school.  Keynote speakers will be Superintendent Jane Philips Long and Principal Alison Gaymes San Vicente who will bring an update from the Board as well as speak to the TDSB pilot project on destreaming in high school.

In addition, we will have elections for Ward 3 representatives on the following TDSB committees:

  1.    Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC)
  2.    Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) alternate
  3.    French as a Second Language Advisory Committee (FLSAC)
  4.    Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

Childcare and pizza will be provided. Please RSVP to Pamela Gough pamela.gough@tdsb.on.ca. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Other Business:

  • A parent suggested striking a School Enrichment Committee. It was met with enthusiastic approval. More information to come.
  • Parents: The council is looking for a FASL (French as a second language) representative for John English. Please contact Marie Cook if you are interested.
  • Trustee Pamela Gough is your Ward 3 School Trustee: sign up for her newsletter here.
  • Mark Grimes is your Ward 6 Councilor: sign up for his newsletter here.
  • The annual Mimico Pumpkin Parade will take place on November 1st at Mimico Square

Upcoming SAC meetings:

  • November 11
  • January 13
  • February 10
  • April 13
  • May 11