January 2016 SAC Meeting Minutes

SAC Meeting
Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Principal’s Report                      

  • The school heating system has been regulated and classrooms are now equally temperature controlled, for the most part. This will make the students more comfortable as well as creating some savings in heating bills.
  • On January 12, there was a parent information night for Grade 8 parents regarding the graduation trip to Camp Muskoka. (June 22 – 24)
  • Howe asked the parents if they were satisfied with the current professional student photos. He monitors companies from time to time and changes if there are too many issues for parents. There were some comments about having someone present ensure hair and clothes are sitting correctly for younger children (to reduce the need for retakes).
  • A parent raised a question regarding having an event photographer do candid photos of The Lion King production as well as Grade 8 graduation. Often it is difficult to watch performances and ceremonies due to the many parents standing up or holding large iPads to take photos and video. Mr. Howe will consider getting a photographer for these events provided the cost is reasonable.
  • The Book Fair was a success! $10K of books were purchased which resulted in $4K worth of books for our school. Lots of parents volunteered, thank you! One parent asked if the library takes donations of books. If you have some books, bring them in and Madame Salama can see if she can use them.
  • Have you heard of “Giving Tuesday”? Well, John English was a recipient. Indigo/Chapters selected John English and gave us a donation of $5K! THANKS!
  • Howe received a question from a parent about whether there was a need to completely lock down the front door to the school all the time and putting a buzzer system on. A conversation took place about how visitors to the school normally check in and how the security works. The consensus from the council is that it should remain at the Principals discretion and not necessarily be locked at all times

Teachers Report – Madame Heather Smith

  • Murray sent his thanks to the parents for the winter toys – sleds, snow block makers etc. It was tremendous fun for the kids!
  • Skating at Mimico arena is starting up again. Madame Smith did an inventory of helmets in the skate bank. There are 11 large, 37 medium, 20 small helmets = 68 total. 27th January is the first day of skating.
  • Regarding field trips: Madame Smith wanted to know if there were parents who felt field trips were considered positive by parents and whether the cost is manageable. Some field trips are getting expensive (as much as $20 per student). The consensus was that there should be a variety of less expensive and big ticket trips throughout the year. There is always consideration for those who may not be able to afford the trip; help is offered to these students through SAC funds.
  • Volleyball, basketball are both underway
  • Eco School Conference is next week.
  • This month’s Character Assembly will focus on Kindness
  • Report Cards will go home on Feb 9
  • John English received an honourable mention at the Tis the Season Art Show
  • Course Selection for Grade 8s will take place after Feb 11. Feb 29th is the cutoff.
  • February 22nd is a PA Day
  • Immunizations will soon take place for Grade 7 & 8 students
  • Feb 3 is Winter Walk to School Day
  • Feb 15 is Family Day weekend
  • Senior Kindergarten enrollment is due on 22nd February

Parent Involvement Advisory Committee PIAC Update

  • The ministry is trying to schedule one more PA day before the end of the school year (as per recent negotiations
  • Annual School Council Appreciation Night will take place on February 25. Parents from council are invited to attend (2 per school). The event will take place at the MonteCassino Hotel (Sheppard). Please speak to Marie (chair) if you would like to go.


  • Our poinsettia sale was a great success (possibly the best ever) $1000+ raised, thank you
  • $11K in fundraising (approximately)so far, with two events still to come (Movie Night and Dance-athon)
  • The Dance-athon committee is making some changes to the event this year. They are considering making this more of a spirit day. The date will be moved this year to make way for the Lion King production. The proposed date is June 9th.
  • April 22 has now been confirmed as Movie Night

Trustee Report – Pamela Gough (link to newsletter)

  • Trustee Gough’s last meeting was held at George R Gauld and she had a pizza chef attend to spend time with the children while the meeting took place. It was terrific! This will take place at the next meeting on February 23rd at Norseman School. The subject will be the TDSB budget.
  • Discussed at the last meeting (see minutes above)
    • Ecoschools: Applying for bike racks, water refill stations, schoolyard greening.
    • Pilot projects – Junior Extended French, school travel facilities (chart out safe routes to school)
    • Guide to safer streets is being designed; they want a school to help them pilot the guide. Educating parents how to navigate City Hall warrant system to make their schools safer. This pilot project will go to a Northern school.
    • The numbers for early immersion came in for this year and there were 60 spots for early immersion available and there were 90 applicants. So a new early immersion site will be open at 2nd street (English, early immersion, middle immersion). Acceptances are starting to go out. Siblings generally stay together. There is still an opportunity to be on a wait list for the school of your choice.
  • Saturday, April 16th – Parent Conference
    • Special Education Advisory, PIAC and other committees will be sponsoring the parent conference at the Allstream Centre.
    • Mimico Adult Centre – TDSB may reconfigure the centre, perhaps partnering with the Catholic Board etc.? Discussions are underway; financing is going to be a challenge.
    • Head Lice – New information is coming out from the Canadian Pediatric Society and the Public Health Department. Head lice is not a communicable disease, but instead a nuisance. So, there will be a revision to the policy surrounding the handling of head lice and attendance at school.

No Treasurers Report this month

Upcoming meetings:

  • February 10
  • April 13
  • May 11