April 2016 SAC Meeting Minutes

April 2016 SAC Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Marie opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.  Everyone introduced themselves.

Principals Report

  • Today was International Day of Pink and there were assemblies held (one targeting for the kindergarten group and one for the older students). International Day of Pink is an awareness day that takes a stance against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia, Transphobia, and Transmisogyny. The assemblies identified forms of bullying, understand wording that is acceptable and unacceptable.  Lots of students wore pink shirts to show their support.
  • There was a suggestion to get and sell a water bottle for the students at John English (following the installation of the water filling station). Howe showed the group some samples of water bottles. The parents gave feedback and Mr. Howe will continue to work on the purchase.
  • Class organization for next year was discussed. The school should have close to the same number of students as last year.  In September it is projected that JEJMS will have 889 students.

This will mean the same number of teachers as the current year (no further faculty will be allocated).  There is a primary school cap (20 students), in grade 3, 4 the cap can go up to 23 students. There is no cap for grades 4 – 8 but 26 is preferred.  Mr. Howe explained the logic behind the classrooms, including why there are split classes.  Class projections were shown on the overhead and explained in detail.  There was a question about how classes are split: The answer balancing: boys/girls, social dynamics, and learning abilities are all taken into consideration.  The key is to have a balanced classrooms.

  • Is there going to be a French exchange next year? The answer to this question is not currently known.    Howe acknowledged that a decision needs to be made soon.

Teachers Report

  • Madame Lauziere is having an air device expo coming up for Grade 1, 2, 3.
  • Wednesday April 20 2 – 3 pm “Spring Frolics” concert , singing, recorder, dancing
  • Sylvester wanted to let children who need to babysit their younger siblings, that they are welcome at study club “space and time”. There are games and toys for the younger kids to play with allowing the older students to study and ask questions.
  • Miss McCleggan is asking for parent volunteers to work “behind the curtain” for The Lion King. If you are available, please contact Madame Smith.
  • Pythagoras competition will take place Tuesday, April 19.
  • Immersion and French students in higher grades will be going to see a screening of Le Petit Prince soon
  • Track and Field Grade 3 – 8 coming up
  • Soccer tryouts are underway
  • Murray’s class went to Toronto Police College to participate in interview training
  • Other activities in Mr. Murray’s JK classroom include “Scientists in the Schools”, hatching eggs, lifecycle of the butterfly
  • The class has ordered two new wheel toys to test for durability
  • Murray has introduced QR codes to the students as a way to link to information on the iPads.

Fundraising Committee

  • Looking for volunteers and looking for basket sales for Movie Night on Friday, April 22
  • There will be a paper copy of the order form sent home to increase awareness and sales.
  • Dance-a-thon Jill take place une 9
  • QSP – wondering about going online only? Some ideas were raised that will reduce paper but will still ensure awareness and sales. A single sheet is being considered.

Treasurers Report

  • Pizza lunch revenue will be higher than projected this year
  • Terry feels that the budget should come in as expected, although it is a little early.
  • There was discussion of Scientists in the School. Mr. Howe thinks this is an excellent use of funds, it follows the curriculum and every student gets to participate. He wonders if it should be expanded to Grade 6 next year.  This will be considered.
  • Terry has suggested that a wish list should be presented to him as there is a surplus that needs to be decided upon and spent before the year is out.

Teacher appreciation breakfast will take place on May 27

Mary Bella – Mentor Program?

John English used to have a mentor program many years ago.  Mary wanted to float the idea of reviving to the SAC.  The idea is that mentors come forward (they would be screened/police checks) and are paired up with at risk youth.  Those who need adult interaction (having trouble at home, struggling with friends, etc.) would be identified by the teachers etc. This would operate much like the “Big Brother/Big Sister” program.  Mr. Howe cautioned that the TDSB Partnership office would need to be involved if there was any program of this type.  There are quite a few programs that are already available in the school for students that need extra help (guidance counsellor, social worker, special education), Boys to Men, Young Women on the Move.  It is possible that these programs might be sufficient and are a trackable by the board (for security etc. reasons)

Upcoming Dates

PIAC – Mega Parent Conference Centre will take place at AllStream Centre this weekend.

Tuesday May 10 – Ward 3 meeting Pamela Gough – Karen Kain

May 14 – STEM Conference – Richview Collegiate CI. (add flyer)

TDSB and TCSB.  Had a meeting last week to discuss the future of the Mimico Adult Learning Centre. There are thoughts that this could be a great site as a community hub.  If you have any interest in this initiative, please contact Marie Cook and she will put you in touch with those involved.

Last meeting of the year is May 11. 18