SAC Meeting Minutes May 2016

SAC Meeting Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Principal’s Report                      

  • June 3rd is scheduled for the Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast all volunteers welcome, please contact the school to inform of your attendance.
  • EQAO will be held on May 25th for reading, writing, and math. Students with an IEP may have differing accommodation during EQAO time.
  • There is a Toronto District Board restructuring commencing in September. Most of the restructuring won’t directly affect parents at John English, however there will be a new superintendent named Sandra Tondat and there may be subtle changes that come from the new 4 zone set up. It is hoped that efficiencies can be created with the revised structure.
  • There will not be a French exchange in 2016/2017. There are concerns about European safety at Board level, and there are other factors (staff availability etc). There may be options in other years in the future.
  • The Spring Concert which focusses on Grade 6, 7 and 8 band and strings is underway. Classes of Ms. Laruccia, Madame Way, Mr. Nunes class will be involved as well. The ensemble from the Lion King will also perform some music from the musical. It will take place Thursday May 19th.

Teachers Report – Heather Smith

  • On Saturday, June 4th the Phys Ed department is hosting a run/walk for a 5 km run. Click here for more details.
  • Milk sales are down and it is likely due to chocolate milk being discontinued. The SAC voted to bring back chocolate milk as the alternative that the kids are drinking seems to be pop and juice.

Enrichment Team

  • Tania created and presented a list of enrichment ideas for students at John English. Those ideas were discussed and will be are included here. This was to generate ideas for the classroom that would be funded by the SAC. The Committee decided to put together a slush fund that teachers can apply to (with approval from the SAC). The council will meet about this in the new school year.

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

  • Joan Raymond went through the plans for the breakfast: they still need donations!
  • Please contact Joan or the SAC if you are able to donate or volunteer your time.


  • The Movie Night was a great success! We raised over $5000. (this is best revenue yet!)  There has been lots of great feedback, fantastic attendance and great excitement over the baskets.
  • June 9, Dance-a-thon still to come. We are hoping to do it outside if weather permits. Pizza lunch will be awarded for the highest participation.
  • QSP – we will do the same thing as last year – send things home in back packs. (one catalogue per family) no tchotchke.

Treasurers Report

SAC Facebook Page

  • There is a desire to increase the amount of content being directed through the SAC Facebook page. The enrichment committee is going to take that on as a goal and will help Judy post more items.

The SAC now rests until the new school year. We are currently seeking a secretary and a Co-Chair for the 2016/2017 school year. Please contact the SAC should you be interested.   Thank you to all parents for their support throughout the year. Have a great summer!