Minutes of first SAC Meeting – Sept. 15, 2016

John English SAC – Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 15, 2016, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome Introductions

Additional agenda items

  • no new or extra items
  • attendance sheet sent around

Principal/Vice Principal’s Report

Mr. Howe

  • Welcome and thank you for coming, parent involvement always welcomed and thanked
  • First week is settling in, working on routines
  • Parent concern over class placement – please use as a learning moment to prepare kids for their path; support given but path not changed
  • 8 new teachers due to promotions; moves; maternity leave
  • Class sizes might have adjustments which needs to be done by 3rd week; fortunately minimal changes needed this year and they have already been done and communicated to families affected
  • John Malloy has been given permanent contract as Director of TDSB; 4 new ‘Learning Centers” have been created (http://www.tdsb.on.ca/AboutUs/DirectorofEducation/LearningCentres.aspx) ; with each center staffed by 7 Superintendents; our school is in LC4 and our new Superintendent is Sandra Tondat
  • TDSB video presented highlighting schools in the board
  • Construction happened over summer and is still happening; roof is almost finished being resurfaced, new steam boilers, window frames and sashes painted, playground lines painted; solar panels delivered for installation, steel beam structure tested for integrity
  • Sept 22 – Meet the Teacher Night – Community Service Carousel 5:00-6:30 and teachers available from 6:30-7:30

Mr. Parvatam

  • bus route # 1 (of 3) having trouble with driver and timing, as of Sept 16 this issue should be resolved; info is as clear as what school is getting
  • Lunch time programs available (gr 1 – 8) again this year; hoping to run on Mondays and Fridays due to Healthy Bites schedule – council decided and agreed on Arts Express, Chess and Math Academy, Fun Factory – subsidies are available
  • Co-op games run by grade 7-8 in winter (after lunch) will happen again this year
  • Universal mandatory screening for all grade 3 TDSB students starting this month; 3 part test (verbal, quantitative, non-verbal); run by Grade 3 teachers; CCAT; provides information to teachers; more info at http://www.tdsb.on.ca/ElementarySchool/SpecialEducation.aspx
  • Kiss’n’Ride needs volunteers; from 8:25-8:45; info to be sent out on Friday update; including no parking on George Street

Teacher’s Report – Mme Smith

  • thank you and welcome; busy first week
  • Oct 4 – Picture Day
  • Sept 30 – Terry Fox Run
  • Sports teams started; x-country (Gr 3-8), softball; football; all announcements can be reviewed in cafeteria and also at coach’s corner; girls basketball and boys volleyball will start soon
  • Mme Mazelet recruiting Grade 5&6 students for Safety Patrol
  • Ms. Jenkins – needs parent volunteers for help with library

SAC Board Business


  • Parent Rep Sign Up – each class has a parent rep to communicate school/SAC/classroom info to parents; works closely with their teacher; asking for parents to sign up for their class – sheet went around
  • Curriculum Night (Sep 22): pizza, drinks, bake sale at 5:30-6:30 – Terry Durette helping lead pizza; 8-10 grade 8’s helping to sell pizza (Ashwin to arrange for volunteers); will ask to bring your own bottle for water fill-up; sign up sheet going around for bake sale donations plus will be on Friday Night update – Jen to lead
  • Ukulele – grade 3 program; running for 8 years now; runs during school hours for all grade 3’s; SAC subsidizes; there is an inventory of ukuleles donated so no cost to parents of grade 3; check out uschool.ca for info on program; starts first week of October; runs all year; approval to fund this year motioned and seconded; free for teachers at lunch


  • summary sheet handed out and attached to minutes; participant prize approved for Fresh From the Farm; all forms/info will be sent home within the next few weeks; QSP prize structure changed to grand prizes only; quorum seems to be no QSP assembly

Treasurer’s Report

  • budget from 2015/16 handed out and reviewed (attached to minutes); question about raising classroom support above $100; needs more review as there are 50 teachers; computers at home tough for some families – could we help?; ideas brought forward in regards to additional programs SAC could support (Watershed on Wheels from TRCA); tabling request for a sub-committee on enrichment for next meeting; surplus of roughly $20K which we can table for next meeting to put against a wish list/instrument refurbish etc
2015/16 SAC Budget
Initiative Budget Actual
Curriculum Night 800 0
Fundraising 5000 4,985
QSP 5000 4,209.46
Poinsettia 900 1167.11
Indigo FlipGive and Samko 100 46.39
Pizza Friday 4,000 5208.85
Dance-a-thon 4,000 6140.95
Movie Night and Basket Raffle 3,000 5077.07
Fresh from the Farm 1,500 1556.05
Total Budget – Actual 24300 28,390.88
Proposed Expenditures
Skating Program 2000 1883.60
Scientists in the School 4000 3691
Ukelele 7000 7000
Grauation Ceremonies 1000
Classroom Support 3500 3102.21
Bank Charges 150 291.76
QSP Class Winners 100
Dance-a-thon pizza lunch 100
iPad Mini’s 3000 3000
Team Uniforms 600 600
Fresh from the Farm prize 200 282.22
Library Books 0
Instrument Repair 0 35
Winter Concert 118.94
Enhancements 0
Staff Appreciation 400 305.33
Total Budget Expenditures 22050 20310.06
Bank Balance as of Sep 09, 2016 $23,464

Open Positions / Nominations

  • Open positions: Treasurer (transition year with Terry), CPF rep, Health & Safety, PSP
  • PIAC – Saturday Nov 19 – Parent Conference; transportation available, child care

Other Business

  • Fix Our Schools – to be discussed at October meeting regarding provincial funding

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:30

Next Meetings – Oct 13, Nov 10, Jan 12, Feb 9, April 6, May 11

Fundraising Outline 2016-2017.pdf