Friday, September 30th, 2016 – John English Weekly Update

Friday, September 30th, 2016 – John English Update

Photo Day – Tuesday, October 4th: All students and classes will have an opportunity to have their photo taken on Tuesday, October 4th. The photographer will be here for the entire day and photos will be taken in the school gym. Within a few weeks students will bring home an order form with a photo proof attached. Each student will receive a class photo free of charge. If parents wish to purchase photos they should return the completed order form as soon as possible. If a student is absent on photo day or if the first photo is not satisfactory parents may ask to have a re-take occur. Photo re-take day is Wednesday November 2, 2016.

Terry Fox Run: Our annual Terry Fox Run was held on Friday, September 30th. All students had an opportunity to celebrate the efforts of Terry Fox by participating in our annual event. We thank those students and families who made a donation to cancer research. Your support is greatly appreciated. Pictures of our students as they prepared for the walk and celebrated the achievements of Terry Fox are on twitter @JohnenglishJM

Safety Patrollers: On Thursday, September 29th Officer Rich was at John English training a group of more than 40 Grade 6 and 7 students for the important role of Safety Patroller. The students learned about the importance of the safety patrol and how to help students cross the road appropriately and safely. All students will finish their training next week and we look forward to the start of the patrollers on duty beginning the week of October 10th. Throughout the year, these responsible leaders will be supervised by Mme Mazelet and Ms. Sternig. We thank our students for taking on this leadership responsibility.

Indigo Adopt a School: Students and families can visit, select ‘Find a School’, search for John English and share a story about reading or why your local school matters. Students are also encouraged to share their stories about reading with their teachers and Ms. Jenkins, our VP and school librarian.

Pizza Day: Our first pizza day, Friday, September 30th was a tremendous success! Thank you to Ms. Canrinus and the team of parent volunteers for all their work organizing our pizza day. Over 140 pizzas were served on this day. Our students were amazed that over 1400 slices of pizza could be delivered in less than 20 minutes. If you are able to assist with this once a month special lunch day, please contact the office and have your name forwarded to the Pizza Day committee.

Friday, October 7th – PD Day – School Closed: Friday, October 7th the school will be closed to students. Teachers will be participating in Health and Safety training and School Improvement planning.

Monday, October 10th – Thanksgiving Day Holiday – School Closed: Monday, October 10th the school will be closed for the observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday. School will resume on Tuesday, October 11th.

Cross – Country Meets: Our students have been diligently training for the first cross–country meet of the year. It will take place on Wednesday, October 5th at Centennial Park. John English will be sending a team of over 100 Grade 3–8 students to the Conference Semi–Final meet. Thank you to our volunteer coaches, Mr. Poyser, Mme Kamnik, Mme Easton and Mme D’Sa. Our Grade 1 and 2 students have also been training at lunch time for our very own John English Cross–Country meet happening on October 20th in the John English school yard. Thank you to Mme Baillet and Mme Trudeau for their organization of this event for our younger students.

Looking Ahead:

October 4 – School Photo Day

October 5 – Cross-Country Meet Grade 3-8

October 7 – PD Day – School closed to students

October 10 – Thanksgiving Holiday – School closed

October 19 – Cross-Country Conference Finals – Grade 3–8

October 20 – John English Cross – Country Meet – Grades 1 and 2

October 21 – Quiznos Lunch Day (supporting a water bottle filling station at John English)

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