John English Weekly Update – Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017 – John English Update Twitter @JohnenglishJM

Long Weekend – Friday, February 16th and Monday, February 20th: We have a long weekend in February. Friday, February 16th is a Professional Activity Day dedicated to parent-teacher interviews and Monday, February 20th is a statutory holiday, Family Day. All students are expected to return to school on Tuesday, February 21st.

Parent–Teacher Interviews: It was wonderful to see so many parents in the school on Thursday, February 16th and Friday, February 17th to meet with teachers to discuss student progress. Research continues to tell us that the involvement of parents in a child’s learning is critical to success. Involvement can mean meeting face to face with teachers but it also includes speaking to your child daily about school activities and work, supporting and effective homework plan, accessing online connections to the school and class (i.e., google classroom) and generally being aware of what is happening with your child and at school. We thank parents in our community for your efforts supporting your child’s learning.

Why Are Children Easily Bored?: As teachers, sometimes we find that we are trying to catch up to the ‘excitement’ and instant response times in our world today as we strive to capture the attention and imaginations of our students in the classroom. There continues to be more and more research about the benefits and the drawbacks of our technologically advanced world. It is important as parents and teachers to make sure we find strategies and time to teach our students some of the skills that will lead to success in life. Some of these skills include patience, the ability to delay gratification and empathy for others. Although much has been written and continues to be written on this subject, parents may find the following blog of interest.

Lost and Found: We continue to have many items in our lost and found areas. Students are encouraged to check the lost and found at least once a week if looking to find lost items. Items that remain in the lost and found longer than a month will be donated. Parents may wish to visit the lost and found with their children.

The Friday Update and Mobile Technology: It has come to our attention that the Friday Update when viewed on mobile phones or tablets can present with a very small font size. We have been in communication with the technical department of SchoolConnects to determine if we can make an adjustment to make it easier to view our communication. We have been told that at this point in time, the software does not provide for this level of flexibility. We recommend that the Friday Update be viewed on a laptop computer or a desktop.

John English Legislative Page: Congratulations to Zara Trainor who has been selected to serve as a Leglative Page at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. The page program is available to Grade 7 and 8 students in Ontario. If you are interested in becoming a page, more information is available at

Kindergarten Registration: This is a reminder that kindergarten registration will take place at John English the week of Tuesday, February 21st. If you have a child born in 2013, please call the school office as soon as possible to book an appointment and receive a registration package.

Ski Trip – February 23rd: Parents of students who are participating in the ski trip on February 23rd should look for a ‘Ski Trip Flash’ email on Wednesday evening with information about student drop off, pick up, expected return time and much more information. Expected departure time is 7:00 a.m. Parents are reminded to not park on George Street to allow for the easy loading of buses.

Skating: February and early March are the time for skating at John English. Our Grade 1–6 students have an opportunity to skate at the Mimico Arena with their class. As a result of donations in previous years, the school has skates that can be borrowed in various sizes. All participants on the ice (i.e., students, teachers and parents) are required to wear a helmet. The school is always looking for donations of helmets for our students.

Sports Update: Our Grade 8 Boys Basketball players put forth a valiant effort but ended their season with a 1–2 tournament record this week. The Grade 6 Boys Basketball Team participated this Thursday in a tournament finishing 3–0 and advancing to the playoffs. Thank you to Mr. Poyser and Mr. Kamaka for their coaching efforts. The Grade 7 Girls Volleyball team is advancing to the quarter finals.

From School Council

Toronto Marlies Game – John English Community Event: The John English School Council is asking everyone to hold the date of Sunday, March 26th at 5:00 p.m. for a community event. Families will have an opportunity to purchase Toronto Marlies tickets for $20.00 each. The tickets will be located in a block so that students, families and friends of John English will be able to sit together. A flyer with order form was sent home with students at the beginning of this past week. Forms and money are to be sent to the school office through your child’s homeroom teacher.

Next School Council Meeting: April 6th at 7:00 p.m. in the library.

Looking Ahead:

February 20 – Family Day: School Closed

February 21-24: Kindergarten Registration (by appointment)

February 23 – Ski Day for Grades 6-8: 7:00 a.m. departure/5:00 p.m. return

February 23 – Jump Rope for Heart Kindergarten to Grade 5

February 24 – Pizza Day

March 13-17 – March Break: School Closed