Over the summer, continue to develop literacy skills with The BFF Gallery!

Over the summer, continue to develop literacy skills with The BFF Gallery!

We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of The BFF Gallery. The Books for Friends (BFF) Gallery is an online collection of Grades 4 to 8 student-written eBooks that are in the process of being translated into multiple languages. These eBooks aim to better reflect the identities of our students (e.g., gender, culture, interests, lived experiences) and the diversity that exist in our community. They can be used by families and teachers for literacy focused activities.

The BFF Gallery showcases a variety of student books about their passions and preoccupations, stories that break down gender-stereotypes, others that empower girls to have limitless ambitions, and books with messages entrenched in environmental protection, anti-bullying and anti-discrimination. Many include often underrepresented groups in media and literature, such as LGBTQ persons, persons with disabilities and racial minorities.

We continue to look for volunteer translators who can join us by filling out a form at bit.ly/bffvolunteer. The powerful voices of our young writers come through in their creations. Visit the The BFF Gallery website at bit.ly/bffgallery (case sensitive) to access 24/7, eBooks that will let you step into the creative minds of our aspiring authors.

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