Friday, June 23, 2017 – John English Update

Over the Summer, Continue to Develop Literacy Skills with the “Books for Friends” Gallery! We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of The BFF Gallery. The Books for Friends (BFF) Gallery is an online collection of Grades 4 to 8 student-written eBooks that are in the process of being translated into multiple languages. These eBooks aim to better reflect the identities of our students (e.g. gender, culture, interests, life experiences) and the diversity that exists in our community. They can be used by families and teachers for literacy focused activities. The BFF Gallery showcases a variety of student books about their passions and preoccupations, stories that break down gender-stereotypes, others that empower girls to have limitless ambitions, and books with messages entrenched in environmental protection, anti-bullying and anti-discrimination. Many include often under-represented groups in media and literature, such as LGBTQ persons, persons with disabilities and racial minorities. We continue to look for volunteer translators who can join us by filling out a form at The powerful voices of our young writers come through in their creations. Visit the BFF Gallery website at (case sensitive) to access 24/7, eBooks that will let you step into the creative minds of our aspiring authors.

Time Capsule Locked Away: Monday, June 19th all classes and students at John English participated in an assembly in which each and every student contributed an item to be locked away in our John English 2017 time capsule commemorating Canada’s 150th birthday. Each student representative spoke about their class contribution to the time capsule. Highlighted items include: predictions about our future selves; information about important events happening this year; ideas about the future; pictures of ourselves; fidget spinners and technology of the day. Our time capsule will be locked away in two distinctive lockers in the school with explicit instructions to open 25 years from now in the year 2042. All 2016–2017 John English students are invited back to the school for the grand discovery of the artifacts of our time.

More Coverage of John English Celebrating Canada’s 150th: Our students can be proud of their mosaic mural efforts. An online news article is available at

Grade 5 and 6 Trip to Humber Bay Park: Due to poor weather on Friday, June 23rd our Grade 5/6 trip to Humber Bay Park has been postponed to Monday, June 26th. With the hope that it will be a warm sunny day, students are reminded to bring sunscreen, a hat and water to drink. We know our students will enjoy the trip with the good weather that is predicted.

**CHANGE** Speed Limit on Mimico Ave Reduced: As a result of a community traffic study, we have been advised that the speed limit on Mimico Ave. will be reduced from 40 km/h to 30 km/h. Parents and community residents should be alert for the change in signage in the next 4 to 6 weeks. Please see the attached flyer.

Kindergarten Learning Reports: For the past few years the Ministry of Education has been reviewing the Kindergarten program and has updated the curriculum. The final piece of the program to be updated is the Kindergarten Report. At the end of the school year, our Kindergarten students will receive the new reports which focus on four areas of learning: Belonging and Contributing; Self–Regulation and Well–Being; Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours; Problem Solving and Innovating. Further information about Kindergarten assessment and progress updates is available at

Are You Moving?: As we continue to plan for the 2017–2018 school year it is important that we are made aware of any changes in our student population and to assist any students with a transition to a new school. If you are expecting to move prior to September, please contact the school office with details.

Lost and Found and Locker Clean Out: Parents may be happy to see some long lost items returning home this week. Students are being encouraged to check the lost and found for items that have been left behind such as lunch boxes, coats, and other clothing. As the year comes to an end, students are also encouraged to clean out their lockers and desks and to take home any completed work and personal belongings. Cleaning and organizing is a habit that takes only a few minutes a day but pays dividends that last a lifetime.

Safety Patrol Day: Rain, snow, wind or sun our Safety Patrol team is always on duty at the crosswalk on Mimico Ave. Last Friday our safety patrol students participated in a board wide special day which included games, activities, lunch and fun for all the patrollers which was sponsored by the Toronto Police Services. Congratulations to the John English safety team who represented our school proudly and was recognized with a first place prize for team spirit.

Sports Update: After an extremely busy and successful sporting year our students, teams and coaches have taken a break this week. Congratulations to all those students who practised and participated on one of the many John English teams. We thank all of our teachers and coaches for their work with the students this year. We also thank our many parents, without whose assistance we would not have been able to transport and organize our students.

From School Council

Grade 8 Graduation Preparation: To Grade 8 Parents – the decorating committee is looking for help this Monday, June 26th from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. to decorate the auditorium for the Grade 8 Graduation. If you want to help make this the best graduation ever, please contact Liz at liz.canrinus

Dance-A-Thon Update: Thank you, once again to all those parents and families who supported our Dance-A-Thon last week. The Kindergarten to Grade 5 students thoroughly enjoyed the music, sunshine and freezies during their afternoon dance.

Next School Council Meeting: September 13, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in the Library.

Looking Ahead:

June 26-28 Monday – Wednesday: Grade 7 (Kamaka/Elias) Trip to Albion Hills

June 27 – Tuesday: Grade 8 Graduation

June 29 – Thursday: Last Day of School

June 30 – Friday: P. D. Day (No School)

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