SAC Meeting Minutes, Thursday, May 11, 2017

No additional agenda items
Attendance sheet completed

Principal Report
Mr. Howe
• Field Update: Grass seed did not take and so the school is in touch with the project manager. The fencing is not working so a request has been made to take it away. The school has requested to have two new manhole covers installed, such that they can be covered and grassed over. The current manhole covers are the exposed style.
• Bike to School Week: May 29 to June 2. Hosting a bike contest – students can submit an essay about “why they should win a bike”. Last year the school gave away 3 new bikes to students.
• EQAO: May 23 to June 5. This impacts the Grades 3 and 6 classes.
o Test format for Grade 6 students is: 2 hoursrs reading, 2 hours writing, 2 hours math
o Test format for English stream Grade 3 students: same as Grade 6. For French Immersion stream Grade 3 students: 2 hours math
o Note: this test does not test the “whole child”, there is no oral component, science, arts, etc. This is a snapshot of their progress, which is one of many assessments.
• Summer School: Summer School at John English was cancelled due to low enrolment and students were re-directed to Karen Kain (Arts Leadership for Grade 4 – 8) or Swansea (French and English Literacy and Mathematics).
• Career Day 2017: Offered to Grades 7 & 8 students. This event is offered every other year. Some of the presenters included (not entire list): fire fighter, Olympian, Lego builder, vet, drummer, bronze sculptor.
• See Spot Run: offered a concert to the students – and enjoyed by all.
• Building repair: leak in the roof has been fixed
• Speak Up John English: Grade 8 students created a presentation that focused on social justice. It was presented to Grades 7 & 8 students (May 23) and parents/families on May 25 at 7pm. The Speak Up program is part of the Ontario Government’s Student Voice strategy. Student Voice aims to promote student engagement and success in Ontario schools by listening to and learning from students.
• TDSB Equity Forum: Meeting held on May 4 and was attended by John English admin and parent. This is was a meeting to discuss enhancing equity and a task force to support our students. The focus includes: classroom climate, school climate, Caring and Safe School Program, & relations between families and schools. The next step is to provide an opinion survey which is requested to be filled out by June 15. This could include feedback from parents, students, teachers and administrators.
• Volunteer Breakfast: John English has a large volunteer network, and the volunteer thank you breakfast is on June 2 at 8:15am in the cafeteria.
• Staff Appreciation Breakfast: All John English staff are invited to the Staff Appreciation Breakfast. Donations of food, time, art or financial contributions from families of John English students are requested.
• Grade 8 Trip: Grade 8 students will be visiting Camp Arowhon from June 5 to 8.
• Track and Field Preliminaries: Based on their track and field results, 10-13 Grade 8 students will attend Conference Finals on June 6. This conflicts with the Grade 8 trip, however a solution is being looked at to allow participation in both opportunities. For a student to participate in the City Championships they need to participate in the Conference Finals.
• Spring Concert: Grade 6–8 Band and Strings is on May 17 and 7pm for approx. 1 hour

Vice Principal Report
Ms. Jenkins
• Lunch Time Programs: our current school year offered Arts Express and Chess Program. The school is considering adding the Maker Kids program next school year. Maker Kids offers programs for grade 3-6 students and the programs include: (a) robotics (b) coding (c) Minecraft. Currently, the lunch programs occur on Monday and Fridays due to the Healthy Bites program. So to add a third program, we considered options of: (i) add another day (if Healthy Bites can accommodate) (ii) offer different programs during different times of year. There is a take away to contact Healthy Bites to see if they can accommodate, and a decision will be made once more details are confirmed.
o Chess Organization: a parent in the meeting inquired about the chess program regarding their child’s requirements during and outside of the program. The chess program is approved by TDSB, they have an attendance list, a classroom is used for the program and run by the organization. The details about using a chess app outside of the lunch program will be reviewed by Mr. Howe.
• Forrest of Reading: The program concluded at the end of April. Students voted for their favourite books and there were over 300 students involved in program. John English had 20 students (Grades 2-6) attend the Silver Birch presentation and 4 students (Grades 7 & 8) attend for Red Maple.
• Eco School: Our school’s final eco audit is scheduled for May 15; we currently have gold status, and we are candidates for platinum status.

Teacher’s Report
Mme. Smith
• Presented Portraits: John English has a project underway to present 960 portraits in the 3rd gym. This is an ongoing project and there are currently 264 portraits on display.
• Books for Friends (BFF): Books written by student for students. Our staff and students have implemented the program. Mr. Chan is looking for people to help translate the books. If you are available, please refer to:

Board Business
• No updates

• Movie Night and Basket Raffle: Huge thank you to John English students/families for attendance in the event, participation in the baskets and volunteers to help with the event. The evening raised over $5,500.
• Dance-a-thon: Planned for Friday June 16 for Kindergarten to Grade 5 students. The theme of the event is “Canada’s Birthday Party”. If you are available to help volunteer, please contact sacinfo. If the weather cooperates, the event will be held outside.
• QSP: Due to scheduling of the fall events/fundraisers, there is a request to move the QSP campaign to a little later in the school year. The suggested time is last week of October and first week of November. During the meeting, the changed timeline was approved and SAC will advise friends/family in advance, so that magazines can be ordered as needed to ensure no disruption of service because online orders can be placed all year long.
• See Spot Run: SAC is planning to host an evening concert at John English with the band See Spot Run, where families and students can enjoy the music together. The proposed date is Thursday, November 2nd. David Fudge is confirming the band’s availability. Ideas discussed include: raffle a drum lesson, autograph table, photos of band, t-shirts, food drive, using Ticket Turtle to sell tickets. If you would like to help plan/volunteer for the event, please contact sacinfo.
• Fresh from the Farm: John English has signed up to participate in the Fresh from the Farm Fundraiser in Fall 2017. More information will be provided in September/October.
• Ukulele Program: Music Counts would like to thank John English for their participation in the ukulele program. They have asked for John English to apply for additional programs, because they are available and they want our program to be as successful as possible. There will be a Grade 3 Ukulele presentation on Tuesday June 13. If anyone is interested, the Ukulele program is looking for a volunteer(s) to help with tuning on Tuesdays within the window of 11:30am-2pm (not whole time).

Treasurer’s Report
• No updates

Other Business
• See Spot Run event – when and where: details discussed above
• Suitcase Theatre – John English will inquire about hosting the All Aboard show in Fall 2017, not yet confirmed.
• Pamela Gough (Ward 3) – Pamela attended our meeting and advised on (i) Equity Forum happening with the TDSB for reviewing the equity framework (ii) Pamela awarded eco-school participants with a $400 award as a thank you for doing all of the environment education and initiatives within the school, (iii) traffic safety – Pamela created a motion at the board level to create a task force with Toronto City Hall and TDSB to look at school zones and take action to mitigate accidents and (iv) final ward meeting of this year is June 1, 2017 at Seventh Street

Open Positions
• Scholastic Book Fair Co-Chair – Responsible for organizing and managing one of the school’s largest fund-raisers for the School Library and Resource Rooms. If you are interested in this role, please contact sacinfo.

Meeting Ends

Next Meeting – Wednesday September 13, 2017.

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