Thursday, June 29, 2017 – John English Summer Update Twitter @JohnenglishJM

June 29th – The Last Day of School: June 29th was the last day of school for our students. We wish all of our students, families and the entire John English community a safe and happy holiday. If students find there is nothing to do in the summer it is always a good practice to read for 20-40 minutes a day and to talk to parents about what you have read. Reading is a great form of entertainment and helps to keep students prepared for the start of a new school year.

Thank You: We wish to extend a thank you and good wishes for the summer to our parent community. We thank you for your consistent support of our students, for your contribution to the school environment and for your continued support of our many school initiatives. We look forward to seeing you again in September.

End of the Year Ceremonies: Tuesday, June 27th we held our Grade 8 Graduation and recognized outstanding achievement. It was followed by our Grade 6 and 7 award assemblies on the morning of June 29th. We say congratulations to all of our students for their achievements this year. At the beginning of the school year and each term, students were challenged to set goals for themselves, put a plan in place and put the plan in action. Throughout the year, students had the opportunity to reflect upon their achievement and success. All students should be proud of the results of their effort.

Return to School: On Tuesday, September 5th the doors will open again to welcome our students back for another exciting year of learning. Students are reminded to meet teachers on the paved playground to the east of the school. Class lists will be posted across the front of the main entrance on George Street at 4:00 p.m on the Friday prior to school. Senior Kindergarten French Immersion students will gather in the fenced-in play yard at the north end of the school on George Street and enter through our kindergarten doors.

Staff Changes: As each year winds down we experience changes in our staff at John English. We thank all the departing staff for their dedication and effort toward the success of our students. Mme Melvin’s and Mr. Neal’s long-term placements have come to an end. Mr. Kamaka will be transferring to Ryerson Community School. Mr. Portch will be working full-time at McMurrich Junior Public School. Ms. Laruccia, who has been teaching at John English for more than 15 years, has been responsible for many eco-initiatives and has most recently worked as a member of our Grade 6 team, is transferring to General Mercer Junior Public School. We thank Ms. Laruccia for all of her work not only with the community of John English JMS but also with the Mimico community. Ms. Laruccia brought her energy for environmental initiatives, her enthusiasm for spelling bees and her love of history to the school and the classroom. We wish all of our staff success in their next stage of teaching and learning.

Time Capsule Locked Away: Our time capsule will be locked away in two distinctive lockers in the school inside the main foyer, with explicit instructions to open 25 years from now in the year 2042. Each class placed their time capsule items in a distinctive container to be sealed. The containers will be on display in the main foyer for the beginning of September and then will be locked away securely. All 2016–2017 John English students are invited back to the school for the grand discovery of the artifacts of our time. We thank Ms. Dhillon-Perre and Mme D’Sa for leading our time capsule initiative.

More Coverage of John English Celebrating Canada’s 150th: During the unveiling of our mosaic mural to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, CTV television also interviewed a number of our students about Canada and what they thought about their country. CTV is using these 10–15 second interviews during commercial breaks from now through to July 1st and maybe even longer. Some of our student’s segments have already been aired. We know that our students’ thoughts will bring a smile to the viewers.

Free Arts Events This Summer: “Arts In The Parks” is offering many free arts events over the summer at various locations, including Amos Waites Park in the John English neighbourhood. For more details please see the 2 attachments or visit

Summer Reading Clubs: Reading over the summer is an important activity to ensure that your child maintains the literacy gains that they have made during the school year. A fun way to do this is to join the Toronto Public Library’s Summer Reading Club. It’s free and there are many interesting activities planned at various branches in our area. For more information, visit TPL TD Summer Reading Club . There is even a program for French Language Readers that you can access here: TPL TD Club de Lecture Happy Reading!

Summer Art Project – Mimico Library: Alexancer Iorgu is an artist and an educator who is beginning a summer art project at Mimico Library on July 6th from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. and continue on July 7th, 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st. The program is free, and open to participants age 8 and up. Having adults and seniors will make the collective experience even more rewarding. Children are encouraged to work alongside their parents and co-create. Participants will use clay to make their own "Passenger Pigeon" and later in the program they will collect found objects from the lake shore, and work on a large pigeon sculpture installation. The final sculpture will be displayed in front of the Mimico Library.

Over the Summer, Continue to Develop Literacy Skills with the “Books for Friends” Gallery! We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of The BFF Gallery. The Books for Friends (BFF) Gallery is an online collection of Grades 4 to 8 student-written eBooks that are in the process of being translated into multiple languages. These eBooks aim to better reflect the identities of our students (e.g. gender, culture, interests, life experiences) and the diversity that exists in our community. They can be used by families and teachers for literacy focused activities. The BFF Gallery showcases a variety of student books about their passions and preoccupations, stories that break down gender-stereotypes, others that empower girls to have limitless ambitions, and books with messages entrenched in environmental protection, anti-bullying and anti-discrimination. Many include often under-represented groups in media and literature, such as LGBTQ persons, persons with disabilities and racial minorities. We continue to look for volunteer translators who can join us by filling out a form at The powerful voices of our young writers come through in their creations. Visit the BFF Gallery website at (case sensitive) to access 24/7, eBooks that will let you step into the creative minds of our aspiring authors.

Kindergarten Learning Reports: For the past few years the Ministry of Education has been reviewing the Kindergarten program and has updated the curriculum. The final piece of the program to be updated is the Kindergarten Report. At the end of the school year, our Kindergarten students will receive the new reports which focus on four areas of learning: Belonging and Contributing; Self–Regulation and Well–Being; Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours; Problem Solving and Innovating. Further information about Kindergarten assessment and progress updates is available at

Employment Opportunity – Lunchroom Supervisors: The Toronto District School Board is seeking qualified Lunchroom Supervisors to work with students during the lunch hour. RATE OF PAY: $11.40/hour (First 30 shifts); then $19.05/hour and shifts are 1 hour and 15 minutes. At John English, we are always in need of individuals who are interested in becoming a Lunchroom Supervisor, both for permanent lunch hour work, as well as to fill in when one of our regular LRS’ are absent. The process does take a while, so if you or someone you know is interested and would be available beginning in September, it would be great to get the process started now. Please contact Ms. Jenkins in addition to applying online at

Roots of Empathy – Looking for a Mom and baby: Once a month, the students in Ms. Rajmoolie’s class were privileged to have a special little visitor. Baby Hayden along with his Mom, Kathleen, and Roots of Empathy Mentor, Teres, provided the grade 1 and 2 students with firsthand lessons on Hayden’s social, emotional and physical milestones over the course of the school year. Roots of Empathy is a Canadian organization that offers a unique program designed to reduce negative behaviours in children through the development of empathy. The students in Ms. Rajmoolie’s class benefitted from their participation in the program and we would like to continue next year. We are looking for a Mom with a baby who will be 3-4 months by early October, willing to visit a class once a month from April to June. If you think this might be of interest to you, please contactMs. Jenkinsfor further details.

Are You Moving?: As we continue to plan for the 2017–2018 school year it is important that we are made aware of any changes in our student population and to assist any students with a transition to a new school. If you are expecting to move prior to September, please contact the school office with details.

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Next School Council Meeting: September 13, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in the Library.

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September 5, 2017 – First Day of School – 8:45 a.m.

September 13 – School Council

September 21 – Curriculum Night

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October 9 – Thanksgiving

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December 25–January 5: Christmas Break

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