Fresh from the Farm Fundraiser!

John English Harvest Fundraiser: Fresh From the Farm

Buy a basket for yourself or support our local food bank

Students sell baskets of fresh Ontario fruit and vegetables to friends and family to raise funds to enrich our students’ school life. The produce is delivered fresh to our school from local Ontario farmers.

The class that raises the most money will win an Apple Pie Party!

Basket A: “Les Pommes de Terres”
5 lb Potatoes
3 lb Carrots
3 lb Onions
3 lb Sweet Potatoes
Cost: $13.00

Basket B “Les Pommes”
8 lb Ontario Empire Apples
Cost: $15.00

ORDER DEADLINE: Thursday October 5, 2017

ORDER PICK UP: Early November *(please ensure contact information is provided on order form)

FOOD BANK DELIVERY: We will deliver

Payment by: Cash (exact amount only) or cheque payable to John English Parent Council

Distribution of funds collected: 40% of sales is school profit, 50% paid to our Ontario farmers, 10% administration fee. For more information go to:

*Notification of the exact delivery date will be sent to all families ~10 days prior to delivery. Please ensure contact information is included on order form.