John English Fundraising 2017-18

September 20, 2017

Parents, Caregivers and Students,

Welcome back to another great school year at John English! For families and students that have just joined us – Welcome to the school!!

Over the course of the school year, fundraisers take place to help cover meaningful programs that might not be fully covered by the school budget. These programs include skating, Scientists in the  School, the Ukelele program and additional support for classrooms.

The following fundraising initiatives are planned to take place over the course of the 2017-18 school year:

Fundraiser | Timing | Amount raised (2016-2017)
Fundraising Contribution Sept/Oct | $3,079
Pizza Lunches Sept-June |  $4,768
Fresh from the Farm Sept/Oct/Nov | $2,147
QSP October | $3,225
See Spot Run Concert November TBD
Poinsettia Sale Nov/Dec | $899
Indigo FlipGive/Samko Ongoing | $33
Toronto Marlies March | $1,070
Movie Night/Basket Raffle May | $4,900
Dance-a-thon June | $3,045
Total $23,166 (approximate)

Based on the positive response to this initiative, we are continuing the option to forward a one  time fundraising contribution per family in lieu of participation in other fundraisers. Although any  amount that is suitable for your family is much appreciated, the suggested minimum contribution is $40 per family.

The funds will be collected in the classroom and are due by Friday October 20th. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this contribution will come back to the school.

Thank you in advance for your generous support.

The John English School Advisory Council (SAC) Fundraising Committee

*Please see page 2 of the SAC Fundraising Fee Letter 2017 (PDF) PDF for payment information and tax receipt instructions*