John English Weekly Update – Jan 26, 2018

Friday, January 26th 2018 – John English Update Twitter @JohnenglishJM

This Week’s Friday Update: Screen Time, Social Media Reminders from Paul Davis, Kindergarten Registration, Eye See, Eye Learn – Glasses for Kindergarten, Kiss and Ride Volunteers Needed, EcoSchool Initiative

Screen Time: In 2007 the first iPhone was released. In 2010 the first iPad was commercially available. By the year 2012 personal handheld devices proliferated throughout North American society and very quickly crept into the hands of teenagers and children. Since that time there have been a considerable number of studies completed about the impact of ‘screentime’ upon children and students. You may find your children physically present but mentally elsewhere, you may find them more irritable or when their device is misplaced, more anxious. The Toronto Star recently ran an article that looked at happiness levels amongst teenage students. The study found that too much screen time resulted in low levels of happiness among teens. How much is too much? How much time do our children spend looking at a screen? At John English we encourage our students to use their personal devices responsibly and to make use of recess and break times for physical activity.

Social Media: In November 2017, Paul Davis, spoke with our Grade 4–8 students and presented to parents in the evening information about social media. His presentations included valuable information in regard to the careful and effective use of social media. It is important to be occasionally reminded of some of his valuable suggestions:

  1. Appropriate use of social media begins with frequent and ongoing conversations with parents
  2. Most social media agreements indicate that users should be 13 or 16 years of age
  3. Parents should view and access student accounts on a regular basis as students continue to learn

It is important to have open and thoughtful communication with our children around the appropriate use of social media in order for them to be safe and secure through their formative years.

Global Play Day – February 7th: Studies have shown that many children do not play anymore. This may negatively impact creativity, spontaneity and other valued attributes. Global Play Day is an initiative to bring back the joy of unstructured play. On Wednesday, February 7th, the Kindergarten to Grade 6 classes of John English will be celebrating Global Play Day. This day is about value of play the old fashioned way, created and directed by students. During the afternoon, there will be no screens and minimal structure to that day for our students. It will be an opportunity for creativity to shine. On this day children will be playing independently and collaboratively, using their imagination and social skills to problem solve and have fun. Teachers will be supervising and encouraging but will not interfere by planning or by showing students how to play.

Skating: The Winter season means that John English Grade 1–5 students have a chance to go skating at the Mimico Arena. Thank you to all parent volunteers who assist with these trips. All participants are required to wear a skating helmet when on the ice. If students or parents do not have a proper hockey helmet, please speak to your classroom teacher to borrow one of the many helmets that we have available at John English.

Kindergarten Registration: Applications for registration to Junior Kindergarten at John English in September 2018 are now being accepted. If you have a child born in 2014 please call the school as soon as possible so that we may assign you an appointment day and time.
Pupils presently enrolled in Junior Kindergarten do not need to register for Senior Kindergarten. However, a child who did not attend Junior Kindergarten this school year may be registered for Senior Kindergarten if born in 2013.
If you do not have a child who qualifies for admission to either Junior or Senior Kindergarten, but know of a neighbour whose child may qualify, it would be appreciated if you would pass this information on to them.

“Eye See–Eye Learn” – Glasses for Kindergarten Students: The Eye See…Eye Learn® program is dedicated to making sure that parents across Ontario understand the importance of regular comprehensive eye exams for children. All children are entitled to yearly OHIP-covered eye exams until they turn 20. The program encourages parents to book a comprehensive eye exam for their junior kindergarten child (born in 2013) with a local, participating optometrist. If a child needs glasses, they will receive a complimentary pair donated by Nikon Lenswear, OGI and the participating optometrist. The estimated value of the glasses is over $250.
Only children born in 2013 can participate in the program until June 30, 2018. Children born in 2014 will be eligible as of July 1, 2018. For further information visit

Kiss and Ride Volunteers Needed: We are always looking for volunteers to assist with our Kiss and Ride program. If you are able to provide assistance one morning or afternoon your help would be greatly appreciated. If you are able to assist please contact Chris.Hyatt

John English EcoSchool Initiative – Please Help- Do you have any unwanted clothing, sheets, towels, cloth shopping bags, shoes or purses that are just taking up space at home? Did you know that all of these items are NOT accepted by our city recycling program and that they take up a huge amount of space in our landfill? But most of these items can be reused or recycled! Bag2School is an organization that takes all of these items to keep them out of the landfill stream, reuses/recycles them and they pay participating schools for the amount of textiles collected. Mr. Tang’s class, as part of our EcoSchool program, is collecting for Bag2School now until Feb 2. Postcards with information of what items will be collected have been sent home and more information about the program can be found at

John English Lunch Time Programs: John English staff and others provide a variety of lunch time activities for our students every week. Below is a list of activities that take place at John English.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Chess – Rm 310, 221, 211*
Kilometre Club – postponed until the spring
Art in Action – Rm 227*
Drop in Volleyball – Girls Gym (Ms. Broughton, Grades 6 only)»
Robotics Clubs – Rm 311 (Mr. Nunes & Mr. Dunn, Grades 5-8)
Drop in Volleyball – Girls Gym (Ms. Broughton, Grades 6 only) »
Robotics Clubs – Rm 311(Mr. Nunes & Mr. Dunn, Grades 5-8)
Coding club – Computer Lab (Mr. Hyatt, Grades 4-8)
Drop in Volleyball – Girls Gym (Ms. Broughton, Grades 6 only) »
Robotics Clubs – Rm 311(Mr. Nunes & Mr. Dunn, Grades 5-8) Maker Kids – Computer Lab *
Art in Action 2 – Rm. 227 **
Ms. Sternig opens her art room Day 1 and 3 for all Grades she teaches and it is open on all Days except Day 5 for Grade 7 and 8 students.
* Clubs run by outside organization
** Spaces still available
» Starting January 22nd

Our school library is open at lunch from 11:50 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., for students in Grades 4 – 8 who wish to work in a quiet, cellphone free setting, to complete homework or enjoy a good book. Interested students need to get a library pass from their teacher, each day they plan to attend.

Sports Update
Our hockey, volleyball and basketball teams continue to practice for games in their upcoming season. Grade 6 – 8 students should remember to check the Coach’s corner bulletin board for information about school teams. Students are also reminded of our lunchtime volleyball and basketball. Students can speak to Mr. Poyser and Mme DaSilva to find out more information.

School Council

Community Items:

Jean Augustine Centre – Programs for Girls: The Jean Augustine Centre provides free after school programs for girls aged 7–17 who live in south Etobicoke. Programs run on Mondays and although the first session has begun a second session will begin on February 12th. Please see the attached flyer for more information about the range of programs offered and registration details.

LAMP Programs: In the Mimico–Lakeshore area we are fortunate to have available the resources of the Lakeshore Area Multipurpose Project (LAMP) Community Health Services. LAMP is located at 185 Fifth Street in southern Etobicoke. On February 21st and 28th they are offering an Anger Management workshop. See the attached flyer or for further information contact LAMP directly at 416-252-6471

Looking Ahead:
February 7: School Council Meeting – 7:00 pm. Library
February 13: Reports sent home
February 15–16: Parent/teacher interviews
February 16: P. D. Day – No school
February 19: Family Day – No school
February 20-23: Kindergarten Registration (by appointment)
February 22: Grade 6 – 8 Ski Trip
February 22: Kindergarten – Grade 5 Jump Rope For Heart Day
March 12–16: March Break – No School

Anger Management workshop.pdf
JAC Winter 2018 Program Calendar.pdf