John English SAC – Meeting Minutes Thursday, April 5, 2018, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome 7:02– 7:04

  • Additional agenda item: Ward 3 Trustee Pamela Gough is in attendance and will address the SAC.
  • Introductions and Attendance Sheet completed

Principal Report7:04– 7:30

Mr. Howe

  • Toronto Marlies game was a success. It was the first large school event using cash online. 50% of families who attended used cash online to make payment.
  • Movie night is upcoming on April 13.
  • During the December holiday break, there was flooding from the heating system in the school’s kitchen. This has been an ongoing repair project and the ceiling is in the process of being replaced.
  • Lower gym wall portrait mural has now been covered with plexiglass to preserve it.
  • Some padding will be installed in the lower gym for enhanced safety.
  • Roof repairs are still underway.
  • Fencing is still remaining outside as painting will take place this spring.
  • Outside EFIS around the top of the exterior wall is being replaced around the whole school.
  • Plaster has been replaced in several classrooms.
  • Tree fell in the school yard yesterday. It was almost a century old. Decisions were made by staff to keep children away from the tree before it fell, so no one’s safety was in danger.
  • Outdoor Bunker and spiral slide were damaged in the wind storm yesterday.
  • An arborist is coming to look at other trees on the playground to core the trees for safety.
  • Over the past few years a number of new trees have been planted on the JEJMS property.
  • Jungle Sport has been booked for October. Each class will have access to the event at least twice during the week they are on the school site.
  • Popcorn machine may be purchased by the school ahead of Movie night.
  • Kindergarten teachers have been planning together on how to use the outdoor classroom. They have been working on global competencies: problem solving, creativity, collaboration, etc.
  • Grades 1 – 3 teachers have been working on using concrete material for measurement in mathematics.
  • Grades 4 – 6 teachers have been looking at the use of technology in the classroom. Read and Write Gold has been looked at. It’s a software used for voice to text.
  • Grades 7 – 8 teachers have been looking at the 4 areas of the achievement chart in math: Communication, Knowledge & Understanding, Application and Thinking.

Mr. Parvatam 7:30– 7:42

  • Staffing for next year:
    • 872 students are projected for September 2018.
    • 45 teachers have been allocated for 2018-19. This is a reduction of 2 teachers from this school year.
    • English Track – 3 JK/SK classes, 1 Grade 1 class, 1 Grade 2/3 split class, 1 Grade 4/5 split class, 1 Grade 6/7 split class, 1 Grade 7 class, 1 Grade 7/8 split class, 1 Grade 8 class.
    • French Immersion Track- 2 SK classes, 2 Grade 1 classes, 2 Grade 2 classes, 1 Grade 2/3 split classes, 2 Grade 3 classes, 1 Grade 3/4 split class, 1 Grade 4 class, 1 Grade 4/5 split class, 1 Grade 5 class, 1 Grade 6 class, 2 Grade 7 classes, 1 Grade 7/8 split class, 1 Grade 8 class.
    • Extended French Track- 1 Grade 7 class, 1 Grade 7/8 split class, 1 Grade 8 class.
  • Eco schools are working to reduce garbage, use green bins and recycling bins. JEJMS has just been eco-audited. The school scored a 93.8%. In order to be a Platinum level school the cut off is 88%.

Teacher’s Report7: 42– 7:50

Mme Smith

  • Mr. Tang has organized and recycling receptacle to drop off used batteries, printer cartridges etc.
  • We Walk for Water will be on Friday April 27. Hoping that each student will donate $2.
  • French Immersion Kindergarten classes are painting a tulip and the Grade 3s are painting another tulip for the Mimico Tulip Festival. ‘Canadian Artists’ is the theme, so our tulips will be focused on the late Nova Scotia artist Maude Lewis.
  • Musical Little Mermaid is May 9 and 10. Tickets will be available at cash online. If families purchase tickets online, be sure to select the correct date.
  • Thursday, April 26 is Morning of Music at 9am. Grades 3- 5 students will perform with their recorders. Parents are welcome.
  • Pink Day for anti-bullying is on Wednesday, April 11. Students are encouraged to wear pink.
  • Baseball, ultimate frisbee and track and field are coming up sports teams.

Pamela Gough 7:50 – 8:07

  • A ward meeting was held last week on the topic of Special Education.
  • Next ward meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 25. The topic is traffic safety in school zones. City manager of traffic safety will be speaking. At 6:30 pizza will be served for children followed by a program of their own on pedestrian safety.
  • Castlebar School will open as its own school in September 2019.
  • The film screenagers will be shown here at John English on May 17, at 7pm.
  • Karen Kain School of the Arts is offering a leadership program this summer from JEJMS. It’s free. It runs through the month of July.
  • Meeting to review French language programs in TDSB will be held on Thursday, May 3 at Etobicoke CI at 7:00.

SAC Board Business 8:07 – 8:35


  • Movie Night/Basket Raffle on Friday April 13. There will be dinner provided by Healthy Bites. Volunteers are welcome. Please contact Marie at marieandtrevor
  • Dance-a-thon date is June 15.
  • Toronto Marlies Game on March 25 raised $1016.


· Wednesday, April 25: Trustee Pamela Gough’s Ward 3 meeting – Vision Zero: Traffic Safety in School Zones (Norseman JMS 6:30pm-8:00pm)

· Saturday, April 28: Parents as Partners Conference (

· Thursday, May 3: TDSB hosting public consultation on Review of French Programs (Etobicoke CI 7pm-9pm)

· Thursday, May 17: Presentation of the movie, Screenagers – Growing Up in a Digital Age, organized by Pamela Gough (John English JMS 7:00pm)

· Fix Our Schools pledge information package was sent to our SAC

Other Business

· SAC website revisions are being made. ( Our website is now newly hosted by WordPress. New sections that may be added are a ‘forms’ section, a ‘calendar of events’ section, an ‘extra-curricular activities’ listing, a ‘get involved’ section, a ‘student corner’ section, etc. Suggestions for content, look and feel were discussed.

· Staff appreciation breakfast volunteers are needed for May. Request for donations and volunteers will go out in the Friday update in the near future. To get involved please contact SAC sacinfo

Meeting Ends 8:35

Next Meeting – Tuesday, May 8 (DATE CHANGE due to Little Mermaid Production)

Stay in touch with Trustee Pamela Gough – sign up for her monthly e-newsletter at or follow her on Twitter @pamelagough