John English SAC – Meeting Minutes Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome & Introductions 7:05 – 7:10

· Noted that, for Craig Spencer and Marie Cook, it is their last meeting. Pringles and two-bite brownies passed out – thanks Craig!!

· No additional agenda items.

  • Attendance sheet completed.

Principal Report7:10 – 7:45

Mr. Howe

  • Welcome and thank you for all fundraising activities (pizza lunches, Movie Night) that have run over the year; it creates a community feel and safe place for kids and families.
  • Movie Night needed to be in gym due to auditorium issues; 5 grade 8 classes brought chairs plus there were mats at the front, feedback was good as the space was more family friendly, movie choice great; easier cleanup; successful night!
  • Tree that fell last month; damaged kindergarten bunker and tender requisition is out for repairs; currently no space for equipment that was housed in the bunker; trying to find alternate location.
  • Play scape repairs underway; looking for a slide to replace damaged one.
  • No damage from second windstorm; materials on roof did end up flying around but after school was dismissed.
  • Fire on auditorium roof resulted in mostly smoke and water damage; facilities workers did a great job in repairing and dehumidifying; stage floor damaged and currently there is a temporary floor.
  • Still tickets available for Musical – The Little Mermaid.
  • Roof repairs continue, slight odor occurs but quickly fanned out.
  • Infrastructure work still in progress but end is near; moved classes will stay where they are until end of year however.
  • New safe water drinking act established; school water is safe but testing will only be done on water fountains, water filling stations, other sources will be labeled. handwashing only but water is safe just not officially tested.
  • Accessibility requirements being updated in school; permanent ramps will be built in cafeteria and near auditorium.
  • Important Dates:
    • May 8, 9 – Musical
    • May 22 – 25 – grade 8 grad trip
    • May 22-June 5 – EQAO testing
    • June 7 – Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast (8 am – 11 am)
    • June 14 – Spring Concert
    • June 26 – Grade 8 Grad
    • June 28 – last day of school
    • June 29 – PD Day
  • Last meeting for Craig (14 years) and Marie – thank you for your time and commitment; Craig highly involved with School Safety Committee, Marie also highly involved with school and council activities and was Council Chair for many years; both received JE letters as a thank you.

Ms. Jenkins

  • School had many eco-schools campaigns focusing around Earth Day; April 21 there was a fair on the theme of reducing plastics run and organized by Grade 7 ad 8 eco-team; April 23 was the community clean-up day, We Walk for Water held to raise money for the Me to We charity; some students walked around building, older grades walked to lake carrying jugs of water to get a feel for 3rd world conditions; there was a bake sale; goal was $1000 and they raised $1186 which gives 44 people access to fresh water.
  • Bag-to-school earned $186 and diverted a ton of textiles from landfill.
  • May 28-June 1 – bike to school week.
  • Bike Giveaway – students invited to write letter or essay as to why they want a bike.
  • Last Eco-School audit to happen June 5 – 14.
  • Forest of Reading program – encompasses many levels over all grades; votes done for favourite books (program is across Ontario) to choose favourite author; award ceremony on May 16th and some students will be attending; 11 students completed full program; keener students chosen to help with ceremony; Matthew Gibson chosen, 2 grade 4’s get to open envelopes.

Mme Smith

  • Several grade 6 classes get to watch professional soccer game tomorrow.
  • Track and field first meet on May 14; second on June 5; semi-final on 12th.
  • Ultimate Frisbee tournament – May 17.
  • Baseball tryouts happening.

SAC Board Business 7:45 – 7:50

Staff Appreciation Breakfast – June 1

  • Call for help sent out today; sheet sent around; help needed Thursday and Friday plus food stuffs and donations taken as well; need artwork done by kids.
  • Very appreciated by staff; feeds them throughout the day; one of a kind!


  • Dance-a-thon – June 15 (pizza lunch on that day as well).
  • Will be held outside; rain or shine; will be moved to gym if raining.
  • Theme is disco-jam (pajamas); will be a prize for a disco themed contest.
  • Popcorn machine purchased; popcorn and freezies will be sold.
  • Thank you for Movie Night – numbers forthcoming; raffle tickets $2175, total of $3808 in cash; need to include online numbers; thank you to Kathy, Jenn, Tania and all the volunteers!!! And special thank you to Jen and Marie!
  • Looking to out source organization of fundraisers as Tania will be transitioning out of the position.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Bank account healthy; numbers meeting budget.

Other Business7:50 – 8:30

· May 17 – presentation of movie Screenagers at JE; thanks to TDSB trustees Chris Glover and Pamela Gough; highlights screen time use by teenagers and multi-tasking using screen in screen.

· Parent suggestion to have Planet Earth movies during rainy days; or look for shorter movies; instead of animated.

· Safety Concerns – Front door not locked at present time; questioning whether we should be locking and using the buzzer; not used currently as it creates a welcoming feel to the school; ministry recommendations require locking but is at discretion of principle; provides another layer of safety and accountability; issue will be discussed with office staff.

· Safety Concern – construction crews sometimes working during pick up and drop off times; administration to address.

· New Health and Safety Rep – Arja.

Meeting Ends 8: 30

Next Meeting – September 2018