John English SAC – Meeting Minutes Thursday, September 13, 2018, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome & Introductions 7:00 – 7:10

  • Introductions completed around the group; big group of people.
  • Snack and lunch discussion added to agenda.
  • Attendance sheet completed.

Principal Report7:10 – 8:00

Mr. Howe

  • Welcome to our standing room only meeting.
  • First week very busy; schedules being adjusted to; we try to make school comfortable for all students.
  • Some class sizes are not meeting board recommendations; another teacher has been brought in for the large English 2/3 class so now it is split into a 2 and 3 class; there might be more adjustments to come but communication will be sent home; transitions might be difficult but we try to make as smooth as possible.
  • Board foci:
  • Have all Grade 1 students reading at grade level.
  • Push towards equity for all students; provide same opportunities to all students; school tries to give a balance for all students.
  • Facilities update:
  • New furniture in library and library re-painted; school council funded improvements.
  • Large portion of the school has been repainted over the summer.
  • New ramps installed for accessibility; at cafeteria and auditorium.
  • Hoping to get field improved as next steps.
  • Amount of flooding and frequency has been reduced.
  • Screening of all Grade 3 students will happen early October; provides teachers with information about kids and learning needs; called a CCAT test; results stay within TDSB.
  • Friday update used to communicate school news and upcoming important dates.
  • Thursday, September 20 is Meet the Teacher Night; pre-event in cafeteria: bake sale and pizza available; gym uniforms will be sold.
  • Cash online used for purchasing school items/ trips etc.
  • Dress code; board has sent parameters and asking for volunteers to look at recommendations. This is to be reviewed every three years.

Ms. Overland (New Vice-Principal)

  • Lunch time programs discussion.
  • Traditionally done on Monday and Friday.
  • Summary of past programs handed out.
  • In house coding not currently available as teacher left school.
  • In house LEGO robotics will be available.
  • Subsidies will be looked at on a one-by-one basis with the third party company offerings.
  • Only applies to Grade 1-5.
  • Outside companies using the space; office facilitates.
  • Catered to lower grades as higher grades have in house sports programs so it fills the space.
  • Decision for first term is Mad Science and Arts in Action.
  • Chess and Math clubs also running.
  • Caring and Safe Schools Committee – comprised of a parent volunteer; staff and admin; types of initiatives include pink day; looking at orange day in regards to indigenous; two parents volunteered and are to contact Heather Overland

Ms. Jenkins

  • School transportation.
    • Adjustment period at beginning of year.
    • Morning – One bus not on time but has been adjusted and now on time.
    • Afternoon – Posted schedule and bus departure timings are not aligned but working to have schedule fixed; 1 of 3 fixed but other 2 soon.
    • Roots of Empathy program – hosted here last 2 years; facilitated by a trained RoE facilitator; a baby joins the classroom; discuss empathy around the baby’s growth; JE accepted into the program but baby needed! Baby needs to be between 2-4 months old as of October.
    • PALS – playground activity leaders in schools – developed by Toronto Public Health; Grade 4 & 5 students trained in different games and lead these games on the playground with younger students; program will run again with Mme. Lemieux and Mme. Gitto; starting in October.
    • Thank you for furniture upgrades! Library to be open at lunch hours for Grade 3-8 for homework and quiet reading; to start shortly.
    • Scholastic Book Fair – in music room November 14-21; looking for volunteers to set-up, teardown or cash; Leah Kirkpatrick to be heading volunteers.
    • Eco-Schools – Platinum certification reached in June; gearing up for first fundraiser; November 7-16 – Bag2School.

Mme. Smith

  • Mme. Easton looking for volunteers for kinder snack program; contact kindergarten teacher if interested; communication will be sent out as well.
  • Activities
    • Cross country training started; Grade 2-3 training on site; Grade 6-8 with Mr. Poyser in morning.
    • Grades 6-8 girls and boys soccer and football starting next week.
    • Photo day on October 2.
    • Terry Fox Run is scheduled for September 28.

SAC Board Business 8: 00 – 8:55


  • Parent Rep Program – one parent for each classroom used to send info out to rest of class from school and school council; enews from school council which you sign up for; both programs were run historically before the Friday Update started; looking at disbanding these programs.
  • Curriculum Night – Thursday, September 20, 6:30-8:00.
    • Cafeteria – pizza will be on sale; bake sale as well; BYOWB; limited supply of JE water bottles will be on sale as well ($10?).
  • Ukulele Program – all grade 3 students offered ukulele instruction; fully funded by SAC; has been offered for 9 years now; runs every Tuesdays; lunch program offered for older students; historically has been $7000 and this year has asked for $9000; taught during curriculum; only school that does this;; it is a charity; lunch program is $8/lesson; starts 1st week of October; $7000 approved and will look at additional increase in October.
  • Lice Check Program.
  • Request has been made to bring a 3rd company in to do a preventative check.
  • Nit Wits; $1.50/child per visit; offers a parent info session; 10% gift back program; 4 head check vouchers; ask for a $5 contribution for parents; perhaps focus on younger grades.
  • Currently if lice are found a public health nurse is called in to check rest of class.
  • Decision is to wait until need is seen; ask for info session.
  • Procedure is to send a letter home to entire class; school asks that child be treated for lice and then return to school.
  • Snack Program.
  • Kindergarten have snack in the morning; 2-3 different food groups; leftovers available in afternoon.
  • Purpose is to expose children to different types of food; to ensure kids get a nutritious snack; parents pay an amount for the year and it is subsidized through TFSS.


  • SAC Budget 2017-18
  • Pizza lunch; fresh from the farm; contribution; movie night.
  • At risk programs: QSP; poinsettia sales; Marlies game; danceathon.
  • Need help with a number of fundraising activities; need chairs for these events; mentoring available.
  • 2 sign-ups for poinsettia help.
  • QSP phasing out; will reduce focus this year; will try to supplement with another more relevant fundraiser.
  • Approval to purchase prizes for Fresh From The Farm granted; parent has a discount.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Summary – full report at October meeting.

Open Positions / Nominations

  • Open positions: Fundraising Chair, Dance-a-thon, QSP, Poinsettia, Toronto Marlies Game.

Other Business 8:55 – 9:00

  • Felicia Seto-Lau, our Ward 3 PIAC rep, is joining us to discuss the Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) and she is looking for a co-chair to support this role.
  • PIAC Rep – mandate is to advise board on parent engagement issues and concerns; also to support school councils and their activities; also to support parents and their concerns and to help at home; Parent Conference on 17th – free babysitting; another in April; need 2 reps for the Ward and looking for another volunteer; Felicia will leave contact info; there is also a blog for the Ward that can be used to post events.

Meeting Ends 9: 00

Next Meetings: October 11, November 22 (tentative), January 10, February 7, April 4, May 9

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Budget Presented in Sept 2018 Meeting

Lunch programs options presented in Sept 2018