Fundraising Contribution

Welcome back to another great school year at John English. And for those families and students who have just joined us, we warmly welcome you to the school!

Over the course of the school year, fundraising events take place to support programs that might not be fully covered by the school budget or parent contributions such as Scientists in the School, the Ukulele program, skating, additional support for classrooms and more. These programs enrich John English’s students learning experience.

We are inviting families to provide a one-time fundraising contribution per family in lieu of participation in the school’s fundraising events that are held throughout the year. Although any amount suitable for your family is appreciated, the suggested minimum contribution is $40 per family. One hundred percent of the proceeds from your contribution will come back to the school.

The funds can be donated online anytime through TDSB School Cash Online or use the form below and return to the classroom.

Thank you in advance for your generous support.

NOTE: Donations $25 or more will be issued a tax receipt through online donation ONLY.

Online Donation Instructions

Step 1: Log-in to TDSB School Cash Online and click on the blue ‘Make A Donation’ icon.

Step 2: Select ‘JOHN ENGLISH JUNIOR MIDDLE SCHOOL‘ under ‘Fund Destination’

Step 3: Write ‘Fundraising‘ in the message, enter an amount with payment information and you are DONE!