John English SAC – Meeting Minutes Thursday, January 9, 2020, 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Welcome & Introductions                                                                                  7:02 – 7:05

  • Introductions completed around the group.
  • Attendance sheet completed.
  • No additional agenda items.                        

Principal Report                                                                                                    7: 05- 7:43

Mr. Howe (Principal)

  • Overland announced her retirement in December.  Ms. Gorman is the new Vice Principal at John English.  Ms. Dennis is a retired principal who will be the acting Vice Principal for the month of January while a selection process occurs for a new permanent vice principal.
  • Gorman introduced herself. She has visited many classes throughout this first week.  She will also be working in the library.  She is participating in the Silver Birch and Red Maple Reading Programs.  She came from Runnymede Public School.  Prior to that she was at Millwood Junior School.  Both schools offer the French Immersion and English stream programs.  She was also a MART prior to that.  She looks forward to getting to know students and parents.
  • Hehn is on leave. A permanent replacement is in process.  In the interim, a teacher has been temporarily assigned.
  • Lower Gym entrance is a bit crowded right now as flooding issues continue to get resolved. A new sump pump will be installed on January 17.
  • A new boiler has been installed in the auditorium/office/kindergarten classes area.
  • New flagpole has been installed at the front of the school.
  • Christmas concert was packed. The concert was very balanced with singing, dancing, band and small plays.  Howe encourages everyone to stay for the whole concert, but he’s open to suggestions, due to crowding.  A discussion was had about how to best manage issues of enough seating, parents of younger students leaving early, etc.
  • Gingerbread house and door decorating went on the last week before Christmas.
  • First term report cards will be sent home on February 11. Interviews will be held on the evening of February 13th and the morning of February 14th.  Interviews can be booked online.  Information will follow in the Friday update as the interview dates approach.
  • This time of year can be difficult for some families. Some students express anxiety.  There is a mental health telephone resource 1 866 585 MHTO.  There is also the LAMP resource.  LAMP has many great programs to support families.  Etobicoke Children’s Centre is another useful resource for families.
  • ETFO and OSSTF are presently in a work to rule situation. Phase 3 of the ETFO work to rule will begin on Monday.  In Phase 3, extra-curricular activities will not occur if they are scheduled outside the school day.  Sports teams and field trips may be affected.  More information to follow.
  • January 17th is a PA day.
  • February 14th is a PA day.
  • February 17th is Family Day.
  • March 13th is the last day before March Break and students return to school on March 23rd.
  • A parent raised a concern about snow removal around the school yard. Caretaking tries to make snow removal a priority during the winter months to allow safe play for students.
  • McLeggon has brought in Gamelan Drums. Students are enjoying them.  They are on loan to the school for approximately 3 weeks.

SAC Board Business                                                                                             7:43 – 7:55


  • Upcoming Fundraising:
    • Toronto Marlies hockey game booked for Sunday March 29 @ 4pm vs Syracuse. The tickets will be sold through cash online.  The flyers will be attached to the Friday update as the date approaches.
    • Spring Flowers (Hanging Baskets) fundraiser will take place in May.
    • Movie Night/Basket Raffle’s proposed date is Friday April 17th. Should it be held in the Gym or the Auditorium?  A discussion was had.
    • Dance-a-thon’s proposed date is Friday June 12th which is also the last pizza day.
  • Pizza lunches are beginning this month for kindergarten students. Parents can still order on cash online.

Open SAC Positions (with support provided)

  • Movie Night/Basket Raffle co-lead.

Treasurer’s Report

Other Business                                                                                                             7:55 – 7:56

Meeting Ends                                                                                                               7:56


Next Meetings – February 6, April 2, May 7

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