Masks Mandatory at Pickup/Drop off

In response to rising confirmed cases of COVID -19 in Toronto, the TDSB is reviewing its health and safety measures and making changes where needed. Highlights of the guidelines are:

  1. All students, staff and visitors to wear a mask while in TDSB buildings at all times.
  2. When on TDSB property school visitors, including parents are to wear a mask when indoors and outdoors  on school property, such as during pick-up and drop-off.
  3. Students and staff may remove a mask when outdoors provided that they are able to maintain a distance of 2 metres or more.  If they are unable to maintain a 2 metre distance while outside, masks should be worn for the safety of all.

For more details visit TDSB Mask and Face Covering Requirements For TDSB Students and Staff .

In addition, there is also a detailed TDSB Mask Guideline documenting all details related to types of acceptable masks, exemptions, and detailed mask guidelines.