Tuesday Night Trivia – Movies and Music

Springtime is upon us! As the warm weather approaches, our thoughts turn to blockbuster movies and hit songs that make up the soundtrack of our lives. How well do you remember the hits of your childhood? We’re going to spark some nostalgia by reliving all the greatest songs and movies from the 2010s and the 1990s!

Our next Tuesday Night Trivia fundraiser is on Tuesday March 8 via Zoom and Kahoot! As always, we’ll be hosting an early game at 6pm for younger kids and a later game at 8pm for big kids and parents. The early game will focus on Music and Movies from the 2010s and the later game will be Music and Movies from the 1990s. Grab a slice n’ pop and let’s do see how Pop Cultured you really are. 

The trivia events will be available on SchoolCashOnline.com this week and registration will be open until noon on Tuesday, March 8.  DON’T BE LATE! Register now or miss out on the fun every JE student is talking about!