Pizza Day Returns

After a two year hiatus, Pizza Day returned on April 22nd and it was a great success!

Here is a summary of Pizza Day numbers:

  • 785 days since our last Pizza Day
  • 888 slices of pizza delivered
  • 4 trips to the school by Pizza Pizza
  • 11 parent volunteers
  • 3 student volunteers
  • 5 school administrators and 40 teachers coordinating and directing traffic
  • 5 weeks of planning
  • 38 total minutes of pizza delivery
  • 760+ happy students
  • 1 successful return to Pizza Day!

Pizza Day is an incredible undertaking and requires weeks of planning and coordination by our School Council and admin team as well as Pizza Pizza. Imagine calling up to order 111 pizzas! This event would not have been successful without the help and support of everyone in the Office, all of the teachers and lunch supervisors, and all of the parents who stepped up to make sure everyone got their pizza delivered to them on time. We’re looking forward to the next one in just a few weeks!