JEJMS Parent Pulse Survey: November

Your School Advisory Council (SAC) AKA Parents’ Council,  has established a JEJMS Parent Pulse Survey: What’s on your mind? monthly survey.

The intent is to send this survey monthly (a week before a SAC meeting), to get a sense of the interests, questions, concerns and gain feedback from the JEJMS parents & school community so that your School Advisory Council can answer these topics as best as we can during the meetings or report back. 

Our goal is to get a pulse on what areas of interest and concern your School Advisory Council should be mindful of when planning initiatives, tackling challenges and to be able to raise important issues with the larger school administration. 

We appreciate you taking the time in completing this 2-minute anonymous survey with meaningful input about the areas you would like your School Advisory Council to focus on and advocate for on your behalf.

Thank you, 

Your School Advisory Council