John English SAC – Meeting Minutes Thursday, October 11, 2018, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome & Introductions 7:00 – 7:05

  • Anyone is welcome to attend meetings.
  • Attendance sheet completed.
  • There are several open positions on SAC and the positions are open to the JEJMS parent community.

Principal Report7:05 – 7:30

Mr. Howe

· Meet the teacher night ran smoothly. Thank you to volunteers for running the pizza service.

· Painting the school interior is ongoing. Most of the school has been repainted.

· Trying to get a replacement for the kindergarten bunker which holds the outdoor toys in the rear school yard.

· School field upgrades are upcoming.

· Play structure may get a facelift or it may be replaced entirely. The timeline could be anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

· Instrument music program for Grades 6, 7, 8 – there is a new band teacher this year. All students in Grade 6 have the opportunity to participate in the instrumental music program. This is new this year and will hopefully continue in future.

· Jungle Sport is coming next week to Gym 1. It’s a ropes course. All students will rotate through the course, at least once throughout the week.

· Photo retake day is November 1.

· Albion Hills Outdoor Education Center – three Grade 7 classes are there now. Next week three more Grade 7 classes go. Two more classes go to Alboin Hills in December.

· Tomorrow is Grades 1 and 2 Cross Country event.

· French Immersion Information Night is November 1, 7-8pm at Etobicoke Collegiate Institute.

· Remembrance Day Ceremony will be held at the school the morning of November 9.

· Progress Reports go home November 13 and November 16/17 are parent teacher interviews. November 17 is a PA day.

· Transition from Grade 8-9 meeting is October 17 in the JEJMS auditorium at 6:30pm.

· Healthy Bites – TDSB has received a complaint about this type of program.

Ms. Overland (New Vice-Principal)

  • Lunch programs start tomorrow with Mad Science. There will be two sections, a Grade 1-2 section and a Grade 3-4 section. Arts in Action and Chess will begin Monday.

Mme. Smith

  • Masquerade dance for Grades 6-8 on October 26. Alternatives are movie watching or board games. Ticket sales start on October 16. $5.00/ticket.
  • Safety patroller training will begin on October 15. The patroller will begin patrolling on the 25th of October.
  • Volunteers wanted to help with cooking or sewing in Family Studies. Day 4 or 5 on the school’s time table cycle. 12:30pm – 2pm. If interested in volunteering contact

SAC Board Business 7:30 – 8:35


  • November 13 – 17 Scholastic Book Fair – Volunteers needed to help younger students select books & manage purchase of books, shifts are 90-120 minutes long during the school day. If interested, please contact sacinfo.


  • Curriculum Night – HUGE success – thanks to all volunteers and David for leading event.
  • Pizza Lunch – available via CashOnline until October 19.
  • Fresh from the Farm – orders submitted, the official cut off for orders is Monday, October 15. Produce delivery in November.
  • Fundraising Contribution Letter – due October 19.
  • QSP Campaign – starts in late October. This will be the last year that JEJMS will offer the full paper envelope and color brochure for QSP magazine sales.
  • Toronto Marlies – date of game is TBD – planning for late March 2019.

Open Positions / Nominations

· QSP coordinator.

· Fundraising chair.

· Toronto Marlies Game coordinator.

· Healthy Bites committee members wanted.

Treasurer’s Report

o Motion made to approve the budget from 2017/18.

o Motion approved.

o Motion made to increase classroom support budget to $125 per teacher, from $100 in the 2018/19 budget.

o Motion approved.

o Ukulele budget increase discussed – due to increased costs of lessons, instrument repair and a greater number of students. Discussion is ongoing. To be reviewed in April 2019.

o Change made to add Toronto Marlies as proposed revenue of $1000 to 2018/19 budget.

o Suggestion made to remove the pizza lunch prize from the Dance-a-thon ($100) and the QSP class winners ($100) from the 2018/19 expenditures.

o Motion made to approve the 2018/19 budget.

o Motion approved.

Meeting Ends 8:35

Next Meetings: November 22, January 10, February 7, April 4, May 9

Trustee Pamela Gough – sign up for her monthly e-newsletter at or follow her on Twitter @pamelagough

John English SAC – Meeting Minutes Thursday, September 13, 2018, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome & Introductions 7:00 – 7:10

  • Introductions completed around the group; big group of people.
  • Snack and lunch discussion added to agenda.
  • Attendance sheet completed.

Principal Report7:10 – 8:00

Mr. Howe

  • Welcome to our standing room only meeting.
  • First week very busy; schedules being adjusted to; we try to make school comfortable for all students.
  • Some class sizes are not meeting board recommendations; another teacher has been brought in for the large English 2/3 class so now it is split into a 2 and 3 class; there might be more adjustments to come but communication will be sent home; transitions might be difficult but we try to make as smooth as possible.
  • Board foci:
  • Have all Grade 1 students reading at grade level.
  • Push towards equity for all students; provide same opportunities to all students; school tries to give a balance for all students.
  • Facilities update:
  • New furniture in library and library re-painted; school council funded improvements.
  • Large portion of the school has been repainted over the summer.
  • New ramps installed for accessibility; at cafeteria and auditorium.
  • Hoping to get field improved as next steps.
  • Amount of flooding and frequency has been reduced.
  • Screening of all Grade 3 students will happen early October; provides teachers with information about kids and learning needs; called a CCAT test; results stay within TDSB.
  • Friday update used to communicate school news and upcoming important dates.
  • Thursday, September 20 is Meet the Teacher Night; pre-event in cafeteria: bake sale and pizza available; gym uniforms will be sold.
  • Cash online used for purchasing school items/ trips etc.
  • Dress code; board has sent parameters and asking for volunteers to look at recommendations. This is to be reviewed every three years.

Ms. Overland (New Vice-Principal)

  • Lunch time programs discussion.
  • Traditionally done on Monday and Friday.
  • Summary of past programs handed out.
  • In house coding not currently available as teacher left school.
  • In house LEGO robotics will be available.
  • Subsidies will be looked at on a one-by-one basis with the third party company offerings.
  • Only applies to Grade 1-5.
  • Outside companies using the space; office facilitates.
  • Catered to lower grades as higher grades have in house sports programs so it fills the space.
  • Decision for first term is Mad Science and Arts in Action.
  • Chess and Math clubs also running.
  • Caring and Safe Schools Committee – comprised of a parent volunteer; staff and admin; types of initiatives include pink day; looking at orange day in regards to indigenous; two parents volunteered and are to contact Heather Overland

Ms. Jenkins

  • School transportation.
    • Adjustment period at beginning of year.
    • Morning – One bus not on time but has been adjusted and now on time.
    • Afternoon – Posted schedule and bus departure timings are not aligned but working to have schedule fixed; 1 of 3 fixed but other 2 soon.
    • Roots of Empathy program – hosted here last 2 years; facilitated by a trained RoE facilitator; a baby joins the classroom; discuss empathy around the baby’s growth; JE accepted into the program but baby needed! Baby needs to be between 2-4 months old as of October.
    • PALS – playground activity leaders in schools – developed by Toronto Public Health; Grade 4 & 5 students trained in different games and lead these games on the playground with younger students; program will run again with Mme. Lemieux and Mme. Gitto; starting in October.
    • Thank you for furniture upgrades! Library to be open at lunch hours for Grade 3-8 for homework and quiet reading; to start shortly.
    • Scholastic Book Fair – in music room November 14-21; looking for volunteers to set-up, teardown or cash; Leah Kirkpatrick to be heading volunteers.
    • Eco-Schools – Platinum certification reached in June; gearing up for first fundraiser; November 7-16 – Bag2School.

Mme. Smith

  • Mme. Easton looking for volunteers for kinder snack program; contact kindergarten teacher if interested; communication will be sent out as well.
  • Activities
    • Cross country training started; Grade 2-3 training on site; Grade 6-8 with Mr. Poyser in morning.
    • Grades 6-8 girls and boys soccer and football starting next week.
    • Photo day on October 2.
    • Terry Fox Run is scheduled for September 28.

SAC Board Business 8: 00 – 8:55


  • Parent Rep Program – one parent for each classroom used to send info out to rest of class from school and school council; enews from school council which you sign up for; both programs were run historically before the Friday Update started; looking at disbanding these programs.
  • Curriculum Night – Thursday, September 20, 6:30-8:00.
    • Cafeteria – pizza will be on sale; bake sale as well; BYOWB; limited supply of JE water bottles will be on sale as well ($10?).
  • Ukulele Program – all grade 3 students offered ukulele instruction; fully funded by SAC; has been offered for 9 years now; runs every Tuesdays; lunch program offered for older students; historically has been $7000 and this year has asked for $9000; taught during curriculum; only school that does this;; it is a charity; lunch program is $8/lesson; starts 1st week of October; $7000 approved and will look at additional increase in October.
  • Lice Check Program.
  • Request has been made to bring a 3rd company in to do a preventative check.
  • Nit Wits; $1.50/child per visit; offers a parent info session; 10% gift back program; 4 head check vouchers; ask for a $5 contribution for parents; perhaps focus on younger grades.
  • Currently if lice are found a public health nurse is called in to check rest of class.
  • Decision is to wait until need is seen; ask for info session.
  • Procedure is to send a letter home to entire class; school asks that child be treated for lice and then return to school.
  • Snack Program.
  • Kindergarten have snack in the morning; 2-3 different food groups; leftovers available in afternoon.
  • Purpose is to expose children to different types of food; to ensure kids get a nutritious snack; parents pay an amount for the year and it is subsidized through TFSS.


  • SAC Budget 2017-18
  • Pizza lunch; fresh from the farm; contribution; movie night.
  • At risk programs: QSP; poinsettia sales; Marlies game; danceathon.
  • Need help with a number of fundraising activities; need chairs for these events; mentoring available.
  • 2 sign-ups for poinsettia help.
  • QSP phasing out; will reduce focus this year; will try to supplement with another more relevant fundraiser.
  • Approval to purchase prizes for Fresh From The Farm granted; parent has a discount.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Summary – full report at October meeting.

Open Positions / Nominations

  • Open positions: Fundraising Chair, Dance-a-thon, QSP, Poinsettia, Toronto Marlies Game.

Other Business 8:55 – 9:00

  • Felicia Seto-Lau, our Ward 3 PIAC rep, is joining us to discuss the Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) and she is looking for a co-chair to support this role.
  • PIAC Rep – mandate is to advise board on parent engagement issues and concerns; also to support school councils and their activities; also to support parents and their concerns and to help at home; Parent Conference on 17th – free babysitting; another in April; need 2 reps for the Ward and looking for another volunteer; Felicia will leave contact info; there is also a blog for the Ward that can be used to post events.

Meeting Ends 9: 00

Next Meetings: October 11, November 22 (tentative), January 10, February 7, April 4, May 9

Trustee Pamela Gough – sign up for her monthly e-newsletter at or follow her on Twitter @pamelagough

Budget Presented in Sept 2018 Meeting

Lunch programs options presented in Sept 2018

Fresh from the Farm (Fall)

First SAC fundraiser supports local farmers, our families, the food bank and our school

It’s harvest time — and what better way to embrace the natural bounty of the season than by participating in this year’s Fresh from the Farm fundraiser.

Last year École John English Junior Middle School raised close to $2,000 to help fund meaningful programs such as skating and Scientists in the School.  We also donated 95 bundles of fresh fruits and vegetables to our local food bank.  Way to go John English!

Get involved this year by ordering fresh vegetables or apples for your family or the Daily Bread Food Bank.  You have a choice of:

  • Bundle A @ $14.00: 5 lb potatoes, 3 lb carrots, 3 lb yellow onions, 3 lb sweet from local Ontario farmers
  • Bundle B @ $15.00: 8 lb Empire apples from local Ontario farmers

Orders are due Wednesday, October 10. Order pick up will be in early November.  Notification of the exact delivery date will be sent to all families approximately 10 days prior to delivery.

You can also get involved by volunteering to assist with order pick up. Volunteers will be needed both before school and after school, when orders arrive in early November.  Send an email to for more information on volunteer positions or questions about the Fresh from the Farm fundraiser.

John English SAC – Meeting Minutes Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome & Introductions 7:05 – 7:10

· Noted that, for Craig Spencer and Marie Cook, it is their last meeting. Pringles and two-bite brownies passed out – thanks Craig!!

· No additional agenda items.

  • Attendance sheet completed.

Principal Report7:10 – 7:45

Mr. Howe

  • Welcome and thank you for all fundraising activities (pizza lunches, Movie Night) that have run over the year; it creates a community feel and safe place for kids and families.
  • Movie Night needed to be in gym due to auditorium issues; 5 grade 8 classes brought chairs plus there were mats at the front, feedback was good as the space was more family friendly, movie choice great; easier cleanup; successful night!
  • Tree that fell last month; damaged kindergarten bunker and tender requisition is out for repairs; currently no space for equipment that was housed in the bunker; trying to find alternate location.
  • Play scape repairs underway; looking for a slide to replace damaged one.
  • No damage from second windstorm; materials on roof did end up flying around but after school was dismissed.
  • Fire on auditorium roof resulted in mostly smoke and water damage; facilities workers did a great job in repairing and dehumidifying; stage floor damaged and currently there is a temporary floor.
  • Still tickets available for Musical – The Little Mermaid.
  • Roof repairs continue, slight odor occurs but quickly fanned out.
  • Infrastructure work still in progress but end is near; moved classes will stay where they are until end of year however.
  • New safe water drinking act established; school water is safe but testing will only be done on water fountains, water filling stations, other sources will be labeled. handwashing only but water is safe just not officially tested.
  • Accessibility requirements being updated in school; permanent ramps will be built in cafeteria and near auditorium.
  • Important Dates:
    • May 8, 9 – Musical
    • May 22 – 25 – grade 8 grad trip
    • May 22-June 5 – EQAO testing
    • June 7 – Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast (8 am – 11 am)
    • June 14 – Spring Concert
    • June 26 – Grade 8 Grad
    • June 28 – last day of school
    • June 29 – PD Day
  • Last meeting for Craig (14 years) and Marie – thank you for your time and commitment; Craig highly involved with School Safety Committee, Marie also highly involved with school and council activities and was Council Chair for many years; both received JE letters as a thank you.

Ms. Jenkins

  • School had many eco-schools campaigns focusing around Earth Day; April 21 there was a fair on the theme of reducing plastics run and organized by Grade 7 ad 8 eco-team; April 23 was the community clean-up day, We Walk for Water held to raise money for the Me to We charity; some students walked around building, older grades walked to lake carrying jugs of water to get a feel for 3rd world conditions; there was a bake sale; goal was $1000 and they raised $1186 which gives 44 people access to fresh water.
  • Bag-to-school earned $186 and diverted a ton of textiles from landfill.
  • May 28-June 1 – bike to school week.
  • Bike Giveaway – students invited to write letter or essay as to why they want a bike.
  • Last Eco-School audit to happen June 5 – 14.
  • Forest of Reading program – encompasses many levels over all grades; votes done for favourite books (program is across Ontario) to choose favourite author; award ceremony on May 16th and some students will be attending; 11 students completed full program; keener students chosen to help with ceremony; Matthew Gibson chosen, 2 grade 4’s get to open envelopes.

Mme Smith

  • Several grade 6 classes get to watch professional soccer game tomorrow.
  • Track and field first meet on May 14; second on June 5; semi-final on 12th.
  • Ultimate Frisbee tournament – May 17.
  • Baseball tryouts happening.

SAC Board Business 7:45 – 7:50

Staff Appreciation Breakfast – June 1

  • Call for help sent out today; sheet sent around; help needed Thursday and Friday plus food stuffs and donations taken as well; need artwork done by kids.
  • Very appreciated by staff; feeds them throughout the day; one of a kind!


  • Dance-a-thon – June 15 (pizza lunch on that day as well).
  • Will be held outside; rain or shine; will be moved to gym if raining.
  • Theme is disco-jam (pajamas); will be a prize for a disco themed contest.
  • Popcorn machine purchased; popcorn and freezies will be sold.
  • Thank you for Movie Night – numbers forthcoming; raffle tickets $2175, total of $3808 in cash; need to include online numbers; thank you to Kathy, Jenn, Tania and all the volunteers!!! And special thank you to Jen and Marie!
  • Looking to out source organization of fundraisers as Tania will be transitioning out of the position.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Bank account healthy; numbers meeting budget.

Other Business7:50 – 8:30

· May 17 – presentation of movie Screenagers at JE; thanks to TDSB trustees Chris Glover and Pamela Gough; highlights screen time use by teenagers and multi-tasking using screen in screen.

· Parent suggestion to have Planet Earth movies during rainy days; or look for shorter movies; instead of animated.

· Safety Concerns – Front door not locked at present time; questioning whether we should be locking and using the buzzer; not used currently as it creates a welcoming feel to the school; ministry recommendations require locking but is at discretion of principle; provides another layer of safety and accountability; issue will be discussed with office staff.

· Safety Concern – construction crews sometimes working during pick up and drop off times; administration to address.

· New Health and Safety Rep – Arja.

Meeting Ends 8: 30

Next Meeting – September 2018

John English SAC – Meeting Minutes Thursday, April 5, 2018, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome 7:02– 7:04

  • Additional agenda item: Ward 3 Trustee Pamela Gough is in attendance and will address the SAC.
  • Introductions and Attendance Sheet completed

Principal Report7:04– 7:30

Mr. Howe

  • Toronto Marlies game was a success. It was the first large school event using cash online. 50% of families who attended used cash online to make payment.
  • Movie night is upcoming on April 13.
  • During the December holiday break, there was flooding from the heating system in the school’s kitchen. This has been an ongoing repair project and the ceiling is in the process of being replaced.
  • Lower gym wall portrait mural has now been covered with plexiglass to preserve it.
  • Some padding will be installed in the lower gym for enhanced safety.
  • Roof repairs are still underway.
  • Fencing is still remaining outside as painting will take place this spring.
  • Outside EFIS around the top of the exterior wall is being replaced around the whole school.
  • Plaster has been replaced in several classrooms.
  • Tree fell in the school yard yesterday. It was almost a century old. Decisions were made by staff to keep children away from the tree before it fell, so no one’s safety was in danger.
  • Outdoor Bunker and spiral slide were damaged in the wind storm yesterday.
  • An arborist is coming to look at other trees on the playground to core the trees for safety.
  • Over the past few years a number of new trees have been planted on the JEJMS property.
  • Jungle Sport has been booked for October. Each class will have access to the event at least twice during the week they are on the school site.
  • Popcorn machine may be purchased by the school ahead of Movie night.
  • Kindergarten teachers have been planning together on how to use the outdoor classroom. They have been working on global competencies: problem solving, creativity, collaboration, etc.
  • Grades 1 – 3 teachers have been working on using concrete material for measurement in mathematics.
  • Grades 4 – 6 teachers have been looking at the use of technology in the classroom. Read and Write Gold has been looked at. It’s a software used for voice to text.
  • Grades 7 – 8 teachers have been looking at the 4 areas of the achievement chart in math: Communication, Knowledge & Understanding, Application and Thinking.

Mr. Parvatam 7:30– 7:42

  • Staffing for next year:
    • 872 students are projected for September 2018.
    • 45 teachers have been allocated for 2018-19. This is a reduction of 2 teachers from this school year.
    • English Track – 3 JK/SK classes, 1 Grade 1 class, 1 Grade 2/3 split class, 1 Grade 4/5 split class, 1 Grade 6/7 split class, 1 Grade 7 class, 1 Grade 7/8 split class, 1 Grade 8 class.
    • French Immersion Track- 2 SK classes, 2 Grade 1 classes, 2 Grade 2 classes, 1 Grade 2/3 split classes, 2 Grade 3 classes, 1 Grade 3/4 split class, 1 Grade 4 class, 1 Grade 4/5 split class, 1 Grade 5 class, 1 Grade 6 class, 2 Grade 7 classes, 1 Grade 7/8 split class, 1 Grade 8 class.
    • Extended French Track- 1 Grade 7 class, 1 Grade 7/8 split class, 1 Grade 8 class.
  • Eco schools are working to reduce garbage, use green bins and recycling bins. JEJMS has just been eco-audited. The school scored a 93.8%. In order to be a Platinum level school the cut off is 88%.

Teacher’s Report7: 42– 7:50

Mme Smith

  • Mr. Tang has organized and recycling receptacle to drop off used batteries, printer cartridges etc.
  • We Walk for Water will be on Friday April 27. Hoping that each student will donate $2.
  • French Immersion Kindergarten classes are painting a tulip and the Grade 3s are painting another tulip for the Mimico Tulip Festival. ‘Canadian Artists’ is the theme, so our tulips will be focused on the late Nova Scotia artist Maude Lewis.
  • Musical Little Mermaid is May 9 and 10. Tickets will be available at cash online. If families purchase tickets online, be sure to select the correct date.
  • Thursday, April 26 is Morning of Music at 9am. Grades 3- 5 students will perform with their recorders. Parents are welcome.
  • Pink Day for anti-bullying is on Wednesday, April 11. Students are encouraged to wear pink.
  • Baseball, ultimate frisbee and track and field are coming up sports teams.

Pamela Gough 7:50 – 8:07

  • A ward meeting was held last week on the topic of Special Education.
  • Next ward meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 25. The topic is traffic safety in school zones. City manager of traffic safety will be speaking. At 6:30 pizza will be served for children followed by a program of their own on pedestrian safety.
  • Castlebar School will open as its own school in September 2019.
  • The film screenagers will be shown here at John English on May 17, at 7pm.
  • Karen Kain School of the Arts is offering a leadership program this summer from JEJMS. It’s free. It runs through the month of July.
  • Meeting to review French language programs in TDSB will be held on Thursday, May 3 at Etobicoke CI at 7:00.

SAC Board Business 8:07 – 8:35


  • Movie Night/Basket Raffle on Friday April 13. There will be dinner provided by Healthy Bites. Volunteers are welcome. Please contact Marie at marieandtrevor
  • Dance-a-thon date is June 15.
  • Toronto Marlies Game on March 25 raised $1016.


· Wednesday, April 25: Trustee Pamela Gough’s Ward 3 meeting – Vision Zero: Traffic Safety in School Zones (Norseman JMS 6:30pm-8:00pm)

· Saturday, April 28: Parents as Partners Conference (

· Thursday, May 3: TDSB hosting public consultation on Review of French Programs (Etobicoke CI 7pm-9pm)

· Thursday, May 17: Presentation of the movie, Screenagers – Growing Up in a Digital Age, organized by Pamela Gough (John English JMS 7:00pm)

· Fix Our Schools pledge information package was sent to our SAC

Other Business

· SAC website revisions are being made. ( Our website is now newly hosted by WordPress. New sections that may be added are a ‘forms’ section, a ‘calendar of events’ section, an ‘extra-curricular activities’ listing, a ‘get involved’ section, a ‘student corner’ section, etc. Suggestions for content, look and feel were discussed.

· Staff appreciation breakfast volunteers are needed for May. Request for donations and volunteers will go out in the Friday update in the near future. To get involved please contact SAC sacinfo

Meeting Ends 8:35

Next Meeting – Tuesday, May 8 (DATE CHANGE due to Little Mermaid Production)

Stay in touch with Trustee Pamela Gough – sign up for her monthly e-newsletter at or follow her on Twitter @pamelagough

John English Weekly Update – Friday, April 27th 2018

This Week’s Friday Update: Grade 6 Space Expo, JETV – Episode 2, We Walk for Water, Little Mermaid – Musical, Earth Week Activities, Raffle Basket Looking for Winner, Special Education Update, Bag 2 School, Spring Concert – New Date, Earth Rangers, John English Lunch time Programs, Sports Update

Grade 6 Space Expo: The John English cafeteria was full of space facts and ideas on Thursday afternoon as all of our Grade 6 students presented their Space Expo projects to the school. The projects represented a range of topics including; exploration, travel, strange planets, outer solar systems and much more. All the students can be proud of their work and achievement. Our younger students who were in attendance were amazed and dazzled by the knowledge and understanding of our Grade 6 space researchers.

John English Television – Episode 2: Episode 2 of JETV is now available for viewing. Unfortunately, there were some technical difficulties during the production period which delayed this episode. Our JETV student team under the supervision of Ms. Roberts, Mme Elias and Mr. Newman are proud of the work that they have done creating our second episode. We hope that you enjoy the production.

We Walk for Water: The sunny weather on Friday, April 27 made for a great day to participate in WE Walk For Water, a global fundraising event of the ‘We Schools in Action’ program. Our students carried bottles and buckets of water to empathize with all the women and children who travel hours each day to collect water. Ms. Rajmoolie and the EcoTeam members surpassed the goal of $1000.00 combining bake sale donations and $635.00 in donations from the walk. Our students, Ms. Rajmoolie and the EcoTeam members can be proud of this event as it not only raised money but it raised awareness.

Little Mermaid – Musical – The Show Will Go On!: Repairs to our auditorium are well underway and our students have been rehearsing their parts. We are planning to have the Little Mermaid Musical ready for audiences on May 9th and 10th as originally scheduled. It appears as though we will not need to postpone the original dates. There is a limited number of tickets available and can be purchased through Cash Online. The show dates are quite near and the after school rehearsals originally scheduled for Wednesday, May 2 and Thursday, May 3 will end at approximately 5:00 p.m. as opposed to 4:30 as originally communicated. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Earth Week Activities:On behalf of the EcoTeam, we would like to thank all of the teachers and students who participated in the Clean Toronto Together Campaign held on Monday, April 23rd. The school grounds, neighbouring streets and parks look amazing due to your efforts.

Enthusiastic Grade two Students participated in our Earth Day Play Day event organized by the members of the Grade 7/8 student EcoTeam. Approximately 80 Grade two students rotated through four different co-operative environmental activities lead and designed by 18 of our student leaders. Students created a beautiful ‘End Plastic Pollution’ mural which is the theme of this year’s Earth Day. Students also had the opportunity to construct a variety of environmental floor puzzles and to partake in a role playing game using the Parachute where they removed plastic from our oceans to save marine life. An informative session was presented on constructive ways to Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Recycle and Remove plastics and concluded with each class making an Earth Day pledge to END PLASTIC POLLUTION! More information on this year’s campaign can be found at the following website:

Movie Night Basket Still Looking for a Winner: Our movie night was a tremendous success. Over 35 baskets were raffled, a nutritious meal was served to over 300 people and Coco was enjoyed by all. We still are looking for a winner for the Summertime 2 basket. The winning ticket – 885518 – was announced during the evening and has yet to be claimed. If the prize is not claimed by May 3rd , the contents will be donated to our classrooms. Again, thank you to all those who attended, donated, participated and volunteered.

Special Education Update: The TDSB Special Education Plan continues to move toward a greater level of inclusion for our students with special education needs. Please see the attached letter from Superintendent Robinson updating parents as to the progress with the 2018 -2019 plan.

Bag2School: Our EcoTeam sends a very big thank you to all those families and community members who have brought in to the school textile items to be repurposed. This is our second collection of the year and the amount of items is easily twice that of the previous period. The donations raised a total of $186.00 for our Eco School Initiatives. For more information about Bag2School visit

Spring Concert: As indicated last week, our Spring Concert has been postponed from May 16th. The new date will be Thursday, June 14th

Earth Rangers: On Thursday, May 3rd the Earth Rangers will be presenting to our students in Kindergarten through Grade 5. Earth Rangers is a children’s conservation organization, dedicated to educating children about biodiversity, inspiring them to adopt sustainable behaviours, and empowering them to become directly involved in protecting animals and their habitats. During this assembly students will have the opportunity to see live animals and connect with issues facing wildlife and their habitats.

John English Lunch Time Programs: John English staff and others provide a variety of lunch time activities for our students every week. Below is a list of activities that take place at John English.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Chess – Rm 310, 221, 211*

Kilometre Club – postponed until the spring

Art in Action – Rm 227*

Musical Rehearsals (Auditorium or Music class)

Arts Express Cartooning – Rm 205*

Musical Rehearsals (Auditorium or Music class) Coding club – Computer Lab (Mr. Hyatt, Grades 4-8)

Musical Rehearsals (Auditorium or Music class)

Last week- Intramural Badminton

Musical Rehearsals (Auditorium or Music class)

Maker Kids – Computer Lab *

Art in Action 2 – Rm. 227 *

Musical Rehearsals (Auditorium or Music class)

Arts Express Yoga – GP room*

Ms. Sternig opens her art room Day 1 and 3 for all the grades she teaches and it is open on all days except Day 5 for Grade 7 and 8 students.

* Clubs run by outside organization

Our school library is open at lunch from 11:50 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., for students in Grades 4–8 who wish to work in a quiet, cellphone free setting, to complete homework or enjoy a good book. Interested students need to get a library pass from their teacher, each day they plan to attend.

Sports Update

Track and Field: Our track and field coaches are beginning to hold tryouts and practices periodically throughout the week. Students should listen very carefully to the announcements for tryout dates.

School Council

Save the Date! The John English Staff Appreciation Breakfast is coming up on June 1st, and we will need your help! Each year this event gives us a chance to show the staff of John English how much we appreciate all that they do, and each year the John English families help us do just that. We will be looking for donations of food, people to help with set up the day before, volunteers to help set up, serve and clean up the day of the breakfast, monetary donations to be used for food and supplies, and artwork from your kiddos to help decorate the staff room. If you would like to donate your time, money, food, or participate in any other way please contact Arja Lytle – arjalytle. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the event.

Our next School Council meeting will be happening on May 8th at 7:00 p.m. in the school library. Please note that this is a change in date from previous notices.

Looking Ahead:

May 8: School Council Meeting – 7:00 p.m. Library

May 9: Little Mermaid Musical – 7:00 p.m.

May 10: Little Mermaid Musical – 7:00 p.m.

May 16: ***Postponed***Spring Concert – 7:00 p.m. – New date June 14

May 17: Screenagers – the Movie 7:00 p.m. Auditorium

May 21: Victoria Day Monday – No School

May 22 – 25: Grade 8 Trip

June 7: Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

June 8: P.A. Day – No School

June 14: Spring Concert – 7:00 p.m. Choir, Band and Strings

June 26: Grade 8 Graduation – 4:00 p.m. – Auditorium

June 28: Last Day of School

June 29: PD Day

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