John English SAC – Meeting Minutes Wednesday, September 13, 2017

John English SAC – Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome 7:03 – 7:08


No additional agenda items

Attendance sheet completed

Principal Report7:08 – 7:20

Mr. Howe

  • There are approximately 900 students in K-8 at John English this year.
  • There continue to be improvements made to the school building’s infrastructure.
  • One class adjustment had to be made due to unforeseen student enrollment. A class was going to be a 4/5 split, but is now a 5/6 split, because a number of students registered for Grade 6 over the summer.
  • A few kindergarten classes are at 22 or 23 students, so the school is looking for an exemption from the class size cap, so that no school re-organization is required.
  • Construction update: Removal of bricks from exterior walls is ongoing. No work goes on during outdoor recesses or lunchtimes, for safety reasons. Some classes get affected a little by noise from construction.
  • Outdoor classroom completed over the summer. Seating, chalkboard etc. Hoping to get a door installed to access the outdoor classroom from the Phys. Ed. Hallway.
  • TDSB Director is focused on ensuring all children learn to read by Grade 1, also focused on mental health and equity.
  • Grade 3 students undergo an academic screening. Any concerns that are discovered will be communicated to parents.
  • Meet the Teacher night is Thursday, September 21, 2017. 6:30 – 7:30. Gym uniforms and reusable water bottles will be sold.

Mr. Parvatam 7:20 – 7:30

  • Lunchtime programs (if programs run on Healthy bites days, students must bring their own bagged lunch)
    • Arts Express (yoga)
    • Maker Kids
    • Chess Club
    • Art in Action
    • Kids Fun Factory is a consideration for January

Ms. Jenkins 7:30 – 7:55

  • PALS (Playground Activity Leaders in Schools) Grades 5 and 6 students are trained in conflict resolution and playground games. The Grades 5 and 6 students run playground games Mon-Thurs and encourage younger students to participate. The games include 4 squares etc. Training is happening Friday, September 15. Program will begin on Wednesday, September 20. The PALS go around to younger students’ classes and promote the program prior to start up.
  • Eco Schools – the more the school does in waste reduction, sustainable transportation, energy conservation, the higher the ranking for the school. John English received Platinum status for this school year based on last year’s performance. October 8, John English will host the Eco Program for the local area schools.
  • Roots of Empathy Program -beginning in Mid October will run until June. It’s designed to help develop empathy in children. A class spends time with a mom and young baby. The school is still looking for a mom and a young baby who would be interested in participating. The baby has to be 8 to 16 weeks old.
  • Looking for lunch time supervisor (paid position), please contact the school if interested.
  • Scholastic Book Fair November 15 – 22. Volunteers needed.
  • Transportation – bussing schedules are being worked out. Hopefully all schedules will be ironed out by Monday, September 18, 2017.
  • Students sell milk at school. They suggested increasing the cost of Chocolate Milk and decreasing the cost of white milk to encourage healthy habits. Cost currently is $.50 for 250mL, both chocolate and white milk.

Teacher’s Report7:55 – 8:10

Mme Smith

  • Pots and pans with lids can be donated to Family Studies.
  • Mr. Murray taking his kindergarten class to help with police training.
  • Soccer, Girls Basketball, Cross Country (Grade 1 – Grade 8) have started.
  • Announcements that are made in the morning are posted in paper copy in the cafeteria every day, for students to check, if they missed something.

SAC Board Business 8:10 – 8:30


  • Parent Rep Sign Up sheet was circulated
  • Curriculum Night (September 21)
    • Pizza and bake sale available at 5:45pm. Dave Fudge will lead the Pizza ordering (rkstar), Kathy Hughes will lead the bake sale (hugheskathy)
    • Parent council meet/greet table for parents and families
  • Ukulele program runs ever Tuesday from 12 pm – 2 pm for all Grade 3 students. SAC approved financial support for this program for this school year.

Treasurers Report

  • Copies of Treasurers report from last school year are available upon request.
  • Detailed Treasurers report will be available at the October SAC meeting.


  • Dance-a-Thon in June 2017 raised over $3000.
  • Fresh From the Farm – 8 lb of apples for $15. Or 5lb of potatoes 3 + lbs of onions + 3 lbs of carrots for $13.
  • Further fundraising information will be available at the October meeting.
  • Direct donation letter and Fresh From the Farm forms will be sent home next week.
  • QSP magazine sale fundraiser will happen later this Fall.

Open Positions

  • Open positions: Health & Safety Chair
  • Anyone who is interested in position please contact SAC sacinfo

Other Business

  • See Spot Run concert possibly planned for November 2, 2017. Volunteers needed.
  • Toronto Marlies Game fundraising event possible for Winter 2018.
  • Mimico Children’s Choir registration Grades 1 – 8 students, Thursday afternoons at Mimico Baptist Church. For more information go to

Meeting Ends 8:30

Next Meetings – Thursday, October 12, Wednesday, November 15, Thursday, January 11, Wednesday, February 7, Thursday, April 5, Wednesday, May 9

SAC Meeting Minutes, Thursday, May 11, 2017

No additional agenda items
Attendance sheet completed

Principal Report
Mr. Howe
• Field Update: Grass seed did not take and so the school is in touch with the project manager. The fencing is not working so a request has been made to take it away. The school has requested to have two new manhole covers installed, such that they can be covered and grassed over. The current manhole covers are the exposed style.
• Bike to School Week: May 29 to June 2. Hosting a bike contest – students can submit an essay about “why they should win a bike”. Last year the school gave away 3 new bikes to students.
• EQAO: May 23 to June 5. This impacts the Grades 3 and 6 classes.
o Test format for Grade 6 students is: 2 hoursrs reading, 2 hours writing, 2 hours math
o Test format for English stream Grade 3 students: same as Grade 6. For French Immersion stream Grade 3 students: 2 hours math
o Note: this test does not test the “whole child”, there is no oral component, science, arts, etc. This is a snapshot of their progress, which is one of many assessments.
• Summer School: Summer School at John English was cancelled due to low enrolment and students were re-directed to Karen Kain (Arts Leadership for Grade 4 – 8) or Swansea (French and English Literacy and Mathematics).
• Career Day 2017: Offered to Grades 7 & 8 students. This event is offered every other year. Some of the presenters included (not entire list): fire fighter, Olympian, Lego builder, vet, drummer, bronze sculptor.
• See Spot Run: offered a concert to the students – and enjoyed by all.
• Building repair: leak in the roof has been fixed
• Speak Up John English: Grade 8 students created a presentation that focused on social justice. It was presented to Grades 7 & 8 students (May 23) and parents/families on May 25 at 7pm. The Speak Up program is part of the Ontario Government’s Student Voice strategy. Student Voice aims to promote student engagement and success in Ontario schools by listening to and learning from students.
• TDSB Equity Forum: Meeting held on May 4 and was attended by John English admin and parent. This is was a meeting to discuss enhancing equity and a task force to support our students. The focus includes: classroom climate, school climate, Caring and Safe School Program, & relations between families and schools. The next step is to provide an opinion survey which is requested to be filled out by June 15. This could include feedback from parents, students, teachers and administrators.
• Volunteer Breakfast: John English has a large volunteer network, and the volunteer thank you breakfast is on June 2 at 8:15am in the cafeteria.
• Staff Appreciation Breakfast: All John English staff are invited to the Staff Appreciation Breakfast. Donations of food, time, art or financial contributions from families of John English students are requested.
• Grade 8 Trip: Grade 8 students will be visiting Camp Arowhon from June 5 to 8.
• Track and Field Preliminaries: Based on their track and field results, 10-13 Grade 8 students will attend Conference Finals on June 6. This conflicts with the Grade 8 trip, however a solution is being looked at to allow participation in both opportunities. For a student to participate in the City Championships they need to participate in the Conference Finals.
• Spring Concert: Grade 6–8 Band and Strings is on May 17 and 7pm for approx. 1 hour

Vice Principal Report
Ms. Jenkins
• Lunch Time Programs: our current school year offered Arts Express and Chess Program. The school is considering adding the Maker Kids program next school year. Maker Kids offers programs for grade 3-6 students and the programs include: (a) robotics (b) coding (c) Minecraft. Currently, the lunch programs occur on Monday and Fridays due to the Healthy Bites program. So to add a third program, we considered options of: (i) add another day (if Healthy Bites can accommodate) (ii) offer different programs during different times of year. There is a take away to contact Healthy Bites to see if they can accommodate, and a decision will be made once more details are confirmed.
o Chess Organization: a parent in the meeting inquired about the chess program regarding their child’s requirements during and outside of the program. The chess program is approved by TDSB, they have an attendance list, a classroom is used for the program and run by the organization. The details about using a chess app outside of the lunch program will be reviewed by Mr. Howe.
• Forrest of Reading: The program concluded at the end of April. Students voted for their favourite books and there were over 300 students involved in program. John English had 20 students (Grades 2-6) attend the Silver Birch presentation and 4 students (Grades 7 & 8) attend for Red Maple.
• Eco School: Our school’s final eco audit is scheduled for May 15; we currently have gold status, and we are candidates for platinum status.

Teacher’s Report
Mme. Smith
• Presented Portraits: John English has a project underway to present 960 portraits in the 3rd gym. This is an ongoing project and there are currently 264 portraits on display.
• Books for Friends (BFF): Books written by student for students. Our staff and students have implemented the program. Mr. Chan is looking for people to help translate the books. If you are available, please refer to:

Board Business
• No updates

• Movie Night and Basket Raffle: Huge thank you to John English students/families for attendance in the event, participation in the baskets and volunteers to help with the event. The evening raised over $5,500.
• Dance-a-thon: Planned for Friday June 16 for Kindergarten to Grade 5 students. The theme of the event is “Canada’s Birthday Party”. If you are available to help volunteer, please contact sacinfo. If the weather cooperates, the event will be held outside.
• QSP: Due to scheduling of the fall events/fundraisers, there is a request to move the QSP campaign to a little later in the school year. The suggested time is last week of October and first week of November. During the meeting, the changed timeline was approved and SAC will advise friends/family in advance, so that magazines can be ordered as needed to ensure no disruption of service because online orders can be placed all year long.
• See Spot Run: SAC is planning to host an evening concert at John English with the band See Spot Run, where families and students can enjoy the music together. The proposed date is Thursday, November 2nd. David Fudge is confirming the band’s availability. Ideas discussed include: raffle a drum lesson, autograph table, photos of band, t-shirts, food drive, using Ticket Turtle to sell tickets. If you would like to help plan/volunteer for the event, please contact sacinfo.
• Fresh from the Farm: John English has signed up to participate in the Fresh from the Farm Fundraiser in Fall 2017. More information will be provided in September/October.
• Ukulele Program: Music Counts would like to thank John English for their participation in the ukulele program. They have asked for John English to apply for additional programs, because they are available and they want our program to be as successful as possible. There will be a Grade 3 Ukulele presentation on Tuesday June 13. If anyone is interested, the Ukulele program is looking for a volunteer(s) to help with tuning on Tuesdays within the window of 11:30am-2pm (not whole time).

Treasurer’s Report
• No updates

Other Business
• See Spot Run event – when and where: details discussed above
• Suitcase Theatre – John English will inquire about hosting the All Aboard show in Fall 2017, not yet confirmed.
• Pamela Gough (Ward 3) – Pamela attended our meeting and advised on (i) Equity Forum happening with the TDSB for reviewing the equity framework (ii) Pamela awarded eco-school participants with a $400 award as a thank you for doing all of the environment education and initiatives within the school, (iii) traffic safety – Pamela created a motion at the board level to create a task force with Toronto City Hall and TDSB to look at school zones and take action to mitigate accidents and (iv) final ward meeting of this year is June 1, 2017 at Seventh Street

Open Positions
• Scholastic Book Fair Co-Chair – Responsible for organizing and managing one of the school’s largest fund-raisers for the School Library and Resource Rooms. If you are interested in this role, please contact sacinfo.

Meeting Ends

Next Meeting – Wednesday September 13, 2017.

Stay in touch with Trustee Pamela Gough – sign up for her monthly e-newsletter at or follow her on Twitter @pamelagough

Minutes of April 2017 SAC Meeting

Thursday, April 6, 2017, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome 7:03 – 7:25

No additional agenda items
Attendance sheet completed

Bright Pics School Photographer Presentation
Presentation summary: Paperless program available. Competitive pricing. Same paper and ink as competitors. Fast turn around time because local company. Mosaics are available. Sibling photos can be made available. Yearbook support for Grade 8s. 3rd party, interactive yearbook software available for Grade 8s to collaborate on their yearbook.

Principal Report 7:25 – 7:45 Mr. Howe
Painting around the building, around stairwells, lockers, etc.
Summer repairs – steel infrastructure repairs will begin over summer which may impact summer programs at John English.
Student census K-12 is being administered throughout the TDSB during the month of April, Grades K-6 parent census was sent home, Grades 4 – 8 census was administered to students. Data collected should be returned to schools by the end of this school year.
Wednesday, April 12 is Day of Pink. Assemblies are organized for Grades 2-5 and Grades 6 -8. Mr. Murray will do a JK/SK and Grade 1 assembly. Over 200 t-shirts have been sold to students.
Summer school will run this summer at John English for John English student and those from surrounding schools, July 5 – Jul 28, 8:45am – 11:45am, Grades 1 -8, Both English and French. The focus will be literacy, numeracy and technology. More information can be found on the website and more information will be sent home in upcoming Friday Flashes.
Classroom organization for 2017-18:
46.5 teachers allocated to John English for next year. 0.5 library. 888 students projected for next year. 306 students in English K – 8
468 in French Immersion K- 8
114 students in Extended French Grades 6-8
Total of 888 students projected for Fall 2017

Teacher’s Report 7:45 – 8:10 Mr. Chan (Media Literacy teacher for Grades 6 – 8 students)
Technology needs to be used with purpose. He has a project idea focused on Grades 4 to 8 on how to empower students through creating online guided reading books written by students, for students, in both English and French, using Google slides. Mme Smith
National ballet presentation for Grades K-3 April 27.
Dentist Dr. Max is coming to do Oral hygiene presentation for K – Grade 3 students. Kindergarten orientation on May 3, 9am for incoming JK students.
Mr. Murray received Toyota Evergreen Grant $3500 to go toward the outdoor classroom.
Math contests Fibonacci and Pythagoras for Grades 5 and 6, respectively, taking place on April 12. Grades 3 – 6 Kilometer Club running 1- 2 Km on Mondays and Fridays at lunch.
Citizenship ceremony took place on March 27, here at John English. 32 people became Canadian citizens.

SAC Board Business 8:10 – 9:00 Treasurers Report
Bank account healthy; numbers meeting budget.
New treasurer appointed for next school year.
Healthy bites
Committee meets quarterly to discuss food sourcing, grants, budget etc. If anyone is interested in joining the committee or volunteering for the lunch preparations please contact Fundraising
Looking at possible Toronto Marlies game fundraiser for 2018 in late March or early April. Movie Night
Dinner and movie, start time 5:15pm on April 28, 2017.
Secret Life of Pets is the movie.
Volunteers needed to assemble baskets on Wednesday, April 26. Time to be determined.
$8 per person and $25 per family in advance. $10 per person and $30 per family at the door. Dance-a-thon
Tentative date June 16.
Canada 150 opportunity, Suitcase Theatre presentations. To be decided. Date for band See Spot Run concert to be determined for Fall 2017. Staff Appreciation Breakfast
May 26, volunteers needed, details to follow.
SAC Survey
Possible survey or sending a memo out to parents to communicate what SAC is, and what volunteer opportunities are available within the school community. Open Positions
Co chair for book fair (Fall 2017)
Co chair for Staff appreciation breakfast (May 2017)
Anyone who is interested in any of these positions please contact SAC

Other Business
Tuesday, April 25: Trustee Pamela Gough’s Ward 3 meeting – presentation by Gil Penalosa, from 880 Cities: who will be leading our discussion on School Communities and their role as agents of change in vibrant cities like Toronto. Tuesday, June 13: 20th Annual Mimico Party in the Park

Meeting Ends 9:00

Next Meeting – May 11

Minutes of February 2017 SAC Meeting

John English SAC – Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 9, 2017, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome 7:05 – 7:30

  • Introduced Edge Imaging – School Photographers Presentation
  • a pamphlet was distributed; highlights: based in Burlington, keeps all photos, traditional backgrounds for fall, prices competitive and slightly lower; will offer different poses if asked for; finished package comes in portrait book; online ordering available; digital available (CD or download)

Mr. Howe presented with cake to congratulate him on his award as “Outstanding Principal” – one of 40 in Canada! No additional agenda items Attendance sheet completed Principal Report7:30 – 8:00

Mr. Howe

  • Welcome to new parents and thank you for cake!
  • Photographers – have used BrightPics for many years, they will be asked to attend next meeting before a decision is made regarding Edge Imaging
  • New outdoor classroom – New estimate has been returned (things missed) and cost is now $78000; we have acquired the necessary funds through school board, school council donation etc…; still planning to start in Spring 2017
  • Steel beams in some places need to be repaired; plan to start in summer but might go into October; this is preventative maintenance
  • Request in for John English to be open for summer school; looking to get French and English; need 120 students for program to run
  • Report cards to go home on Tuesday Feb 14; interviews Thursday night and Friday
  • Grade 3 Ukelele – Melanie Doane from USchool presented to Grade 2, 3 and 5’s this week
  • Parents as Partners – Saturday April 1; mandate is to get parents involved and informed
  • Teachers from Saudi Arabia visited today to “take notes” to try and improve schooling system in their country; visit organized through OISE
  • Online Math Programs – Reflex Math has been chosen as the platform; classes should be sending info home; available to work at home; cost was $2000 for entire school
  • The band “See Spot Run” will perform on May 4 for Grade 1 – 8 classes
  • Merit and Honours Assembly will not happen at this time of year; rather certificates will be sent home with report card; it will be celebrated at the end of year assemblies
  • Morning Nutrition Program – program halted; at present there is no need seen; there is a staff member available; still under review
  • Family Day Feb 20 – no school
  • March 10 – last day before March Break

Teacher’s Report8:00 – 8:05

Mme Smith

  • Skating starts Monday Feb 13 for Grades 1-5
  • Dance for Grades 6-8 is Friday Feb 10
  • Ski trip and Jump for Heart on Feb 23
  • March 10 – Talent Show; parents of kids in show can attend
  • Concours Oratoire on Feb 28
  • Sports currently on going are basketball, badminton, volleyball
  • Mr. Chan looking to start a chess team; 2 teams possible depending on interest

Vice-Principal Report 8:05-8:10

Ms. Jenkins

  • EcoSchools: trying to achieve Platinum level again; still at Gold, initiatives below:
  • participated in Winter Walk Day last week
  • Rolling out Green Bin programs in classrooms next week; has been in Healthy Bites and Kinder classes since last year
  • March 22 is World Water Day; John English will be promoting (Mme Way’s class); John English water bottles will be on sale for $10 ($2 goes to WWF)
  • Interim Audit is Feb 22

SAC Board Business 8:10 – 8:25

  • SAC Survey – will be discussed at next meeting to decide on questions to ask
  • Enrichment
  • staff will be attending a talk on mental health and well-being; presenter is being arranged
  • Other programs already in place: Scientists in School; skating program
  • Outdoor classroom will need some support


  • Movie night/basket raffle – April 28; movie still to be decided
  • Band ‘See Spot Run” to be booked for Fall 2017; Thursday night would work best; dates to be picked at next meeting
  • Toronto Marlies Game – booked for Sunday, March 26 @ 5:30; monies to be in by Feb 22; secured with $300; tickets will be $20 each
  • Dance-a-thon date for late spring will be finalized at the next meeting
  • Popcorn machine cost is $355 for a 12 oz kettle; no decision made
  • Treasurer’s Report – Bank account healthy; numbers meeting budget
  • Open Positions
  • SAC Treasurer
  • Co chair for book fair
  • Co chair for Staff appreciation breakfast
  • Anyone who is interested in any of these positions please contact SAC sacinfo

Other Business8:25 – 8:30

  • PIAC (Parent Involvement Advisory Committee) is hosting School Council Appreciation and Information evening on Thursday, February 23, 2017
  • Trustee Pamela Gough’s Ward 3 meeting on Budget and Long term Planning on Thursday, March 2, 2017
  • Stress and Anxiety Talk – At Alderwood Library on Monday Feb 13

Meeting Ends 8:30

Next Meetings – April 6, May 11

January SAC Meeting Minutes

John English SAC – Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 12, 2017, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome​​​7:05– 7:06
Introductions not needed!

​Additional agenda items

• Toronto Marlies game

Attendance sheet completed​​

Principal Report​​​7:06 – 7:28

Mr. Howe

• New outdoor classroom ~$45 000 total cost and $40 000 of those dollars will come from the school board. More money will be contributed at the school level. School Council will also contribute. Construction will begin in spring 2017.
• 3rd floor gym often floods and construction is ongoing to try to remedy the problem. It will be muddy and messy on the field while repairs continue.
• Internet speed will be increased within the next week from 100mb to 1G of speed, throughout the school.
• Lots of support for the food bank around Christmas time and the winter concert.
• Hold and Secure occurred during first day back to school, January 9, after the winter break.
• Extended French information night at Second Street School at 6:30 on Tuesday, January 17, 2017.
• Breakfast program has closed down. Breakfast program hadbeen supported by grants and LAMP funding. 80% of funding was for food and 20% for operations. LAMP cannot continue to fund to program. The school is looking into alternative arrangements to provide breakfast to students in need.
• The band See Spot Run’s could perform a concert for the school, a possible fundraising idea.

Teacher’s Report​​​7:28 – 7:42

Mme Smith

• Family Studies class is looking for donations of sharp fabric scissors, fabric, notions, cooking utensils, cutlery, dish towels, pots/pans, etc.
• Volunteers are needed for Grade 7 and 8 Career Day on Friday, May 5, 2017. If you would like to come in and talk about your career to 3 groups of ~15 students for about 30-40 minutes, please contact the school JohnEnglish
• Achievement, Equity and Wellbeing are 3 parts of the school improvement plan. Looking for ways to manage student stress. Staff is aiming to bring mindfulness training to teachers and, in turn, to students.
• Ms Sternig and Mme Smith are working on Celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday.
• Chess and Arts Express are still offering programs this winter. Letters for participation in Arts Express will go home next week. Chess participation form went home before the winter break.
• Sports currently on going are Grades 6-8 girls volleyball, Grades 6-8 boys basketball, Grades 5-8 badminton, hockey.

SAC BoardBusiness​7:42 – 8:30


• Book fair – $6000 was earned in credit to purchase books for the school.
• Movie night/basket raffle date and movie selection to be determined.
• Poinsettia sales raised about $900.
• Toronto Marlies tickets can be sold at a profit to raise SAC funds. Possible date 5:00pm March 26 vs. the Syracuse Crunch.
• Possible family concert fundraiser further discussion at the next meeting.
• Dance-a-thon date for late spring will be finalize at the next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

• $10 000 SAC funds available to spend; Teacher wish list $1000, Musical instruments $3000, Technology for grades 3/4/5 $3000, Outdoor classroom $3000; Motion to spend monies was tabled, seconded and passed unanimously.

Open Positions

• SAC Treasurer
• Co chair for book fair
• Co chair for Staff appreciation breakfast
• Anyone who is interested in any of these positions please contact SAC sacinfo

Other Business​8:30 – 8:35

• PIAC (Parent Involvement Advisory Committee) is hosting School Council Appreciation and Information evening on Thursday, February 23, 2017
• Trustee Pamela Gough’s Ward 3 meeting on Child Care in Schools Thursday, January 19, 2017 at Norseman JMS

Meeting Ends​8:35

Next Meetings – Feb 9, April 6, May 11

Email: sacinfo

Twitter: @JohnEnglishJM Facebook: JohnEnglishSAC Web:

SAC Meeting Minutes – November 2016

John English SAC – Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 10, 2016, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome   7:10 – 7:12

  • Introductions not needed!
  • Additional agenda items – no new or extra items
  • attendance sheet completed             

Principal Report     7:12 – 7:25

Mr. Howe

  • Update on facilities: new boilers are in and working, electronic monitors will help to track any deficiencies, solar panels connecting to power vaults this weekend, power off this weekend, budget available for painting – looking at doing front foyer and some classrooms
  • Instrumental music program working well; now have an additional string instructor on Day 1; allows coverage if one instructor cannot attend; also allows for more instruction in smaller groups; trying to ensure same class is not missed; some used saxophones purchased; flute donation; looking at purchasing some string instruments
  • Progress reports out Tuesday, Nov. 15; interviews Thursday night and Friday morning (PA Day Nov 18); advised to be prepared for interview (15 min in length normally)
  • French Immersion Info night (Nov 9); not many families attended due to our reduced catchment area; however still filling classes!
  • Ward Forum on Tuesday, Nov. 15th at JE starting at 7 pm; childcare available with pizza making; topic is “Ask Me Anything” with some great guests
  • Dec 7 – PA Day
  • Dec 14 – Winter Concert – starting at 6:30 pm; will review timing to try and alleviate high crowds
  • Dec. 23 – last day before holidays
  • Jan 9 – back to school

Teacher’s Report   7:25 – 7:30

Mme Smith

  • 11 staff members are participating in “Movember”; to raise funds for men’s health issues, The ‘John English Mini Mo’ team website is located at where weekly photographs will be posted of the team. Students can donate $2 to vote on best moustache; moustache day at the end of the month to raise awareness
  • Remembrance Day ceremonies starting at 10:30
  • Grade 6 students no longer have the option of leaving school property at lunch
  • Extra-Curricular: Boys volleyball; girls volleyball, PALS, library help, computer club, LEGO robotics; Mr. Bowen opens classroom at lunch; 2 dance clubs

SAC Board Business   7:30 – 8:15


  • Scholastic Book Fair – looking for volunteers! The following slots were available at time of meeting: 9:45-12 on Thursday Dec 1, Monday Dec 5 and Tues Dec 6; 11-12:30 on Thursday Dec 1, 2; Monday and Tuesday (11-12:30) and Wed Dec 7 (11-12:30 and 12:30-1:45). Book Fair open on the Tuesday until 7 pm and Wednesday until 5 pm – if anyone is available to volunteer between 3:15 and 7 on Tuesday and 3:15-5 on Wednesday that would be lovely.


  • Fresh from the Farm – delivery is on Nov. 17 at 3 times: 10am-12pm; 3-4 pm, 5-8 pm; Friday morning also from 9-12; help needed for these time slots; notices on Friday update and website
    • Food Bank getting 1548 lbs of produce!
    • Revenue around $2000
  • Poinsettia Sales – flyers home next week including Samko (Nov 21 start date) and FlipGive reminder; delivery will be on Tuesday Dec 6
  • QSP fundraiser raised just over $3000
  • Fundraising Contribution raised just under $3000
  • Possible New Fundraiser with Toronto Marlies; ticket cost could range from $13-$24; Saturday or Sunday game (3 or 5 pm); will get more specifics for next meeting; will target proceeds to go to outdoor classroom
  • Winter coats drive (winter wear); asking for donations of gently used coats, hats and mitts; collecting until Nov 30; donation box in front foyer

Enrichment Ideas

  • Canadian Opera company; similar company is being looked at by school
  • Kortright Centre –
  • Artist in residence
  • Evergreen – outdoor classrooms; teachers can attend development sessions
  • Mathletics – comprehensive program; problem based approach
  • NetMath – online math program; purchased by ministry; French avail
  • Reflex Math –
  • Looking at math programs for in-classroom use to extend the learning day
  • Stress management instruction; health and wellness

Treasurer’s Report

  • $10000 available to apply to wish list; tentatively slotted monies to various items; formal motion and vote to happen at January 12 meeting
  • Deposits still to be done for latest fundraisers
  • Teacher wish list items
    • Math online game programs that some teachers are asking about (Reflex math, Mathletics, Net Math); not ready to make decision on these
    • more musical instruments, music presentations; some used instruments have been purchased and/or donated, $3000 to be slotted here
    • technology (3rd floor for grade 3, 4, and 5 classes); $3000 to be slotted here
    • building a kindergarten/grade 1 outdoor classroom including a stage, play space and garden; $3000 to be slotted here
    • grade 4, 5, 6 iPads

Open Positions

  • SAC Treasurer – if anyone knows anyone who would be interested, the time commitment is minimal, please contact SAC via
  • Ward Rep
  • Canadian Parents for French Rep
  • Health & Safety Rep

Other Business    8:30 – 8:35

  • Special Guest – Pamela Gough attended meeting; past alumni
  • PIAC – Parents Make a Difference conference; Sat Nov. 19; bussing available from LCI but need to register; lots of practical workshops; free child-minding
  • newsletter sent out last week; add your name to email list; Trustee always available to talk to;
  • Tuesday Nov. 15 Ward Forum – many great guests attending; discussing latest changes to TDSB Learning Centres; talking about Equity Framework; pizza making for child minding; door prize!
  • Last Ward forum well attended; concerned safe streets around schools; photo radar to be implemented around schools

Meeting Ends                                                                                     8:45

Next Meetings – Jan 12, Feb 9, April 6, May 11

SAC Meeting Minutes – October 13, 2016

John English SAC – Meeting Minutes
Thursday, October 13, 2016, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome 7:00 – 7:10

Additional agenda items

  • no new or extra items
  • attendance sheet sent around                       


Principal/Vice Principal’s Report 7:10 – 7:35

Mr. Howe

  • Welcome and thank you for coming, parent involvement always welcomed and thanked
  • Safety fences are still up around the school because boilers are being repaired; there is work being done on the exhaust stack
  • Solar panels have been delivered, but not yet installed and connected
  • Painting will be happening on the school interior.  The stairwells and second floor lockers are a priority
  • Instrumental music program has changed this year.  Schedule has been adjusted for grade 6s, so that they go twice per cycle as opposed to three times per cycle.  This allows more students to be involved and more consistency and flexibility
  • Computers and laptops – 30 laptops have been purchased for the 2nd floor this year.  10 new dot and dash robots have been purchased for kindergarten classes.  They can be programmed using iPads.  Smart board has been purchased for kindergarten classes.
  • Saturday November 19 at Earl Haig CI PIAC Parent Conference.  More information at
  • Cross country semi-finals next week on October 17
  • Grade 1 and 2 local cross country meet at John English 9:15am start October 20
  • October 27 Grade 8-9 transition meeting for parents at John English JMS.  Meeting is at 7pm, Reps from Richview CI and Lakeshore CI will be there, for 6:30 pm
  • Nov 9 French Immersion information meeting 7pm at John English JMS

Mr. Parvatam

  • Scholastic book fair Nov 30 – Dec 7 volunteers needed during the school day.  Volunteer shifts are about 90 minutes.  Sign up sheet went around.  Please contact Mel Boyd-brown if interested in helping at
  • Bussing update – most students who have applied for empty seats were accommodated, although one route is completely full

Teacher’s Report  7:35 – 7:45

Mr. Hyatt

  • Safety patrollers are now patrolling at the Mimico cross walk.  There are 39 Grades 5 and 6 students involved
  • Junior and senior Volleyball has started for boys
  • Junior and senior Basketball for girls will begin soon
  • Halloween dance on October 28 for Grades 6-8 students

SAC Board Business 7:45 – 8:25


  • Parent rep still needed for some classes
  • Kiss and ride 8:25 – 8:45 am and library support volunteers needed, contact Ms. Jenkins (VP) at the school if interested


  • Fresh from the Farm – increased participation from last year, volunteers will be needed when the delivery arrives. Sign up sheet went around.  Contact Jen Z via
  • QSP will continue until the end of the month
  • Poinsettia sale and Indigo Flip Give fundraisers will begin in November. Details to follow

Treasurer’s Report

  • RE: SAC reserve –  this year SAC would like to spend this extra money during this school year
  • Teacher wish list items
    • Math online game programs that some teachers are asking about (reflex math, Mathletics, Net Math)
    • more musical instruments, music presentations
    • technology (3rd floor for grade 3, 4, and 5 classes)
    • building a kindergarten/grade 1 outdoor classroom including a stage, play space and garden
    • grade 4, 5, 6 iPads
  • Confirmation of SAC spending is planned for the November 10 SAC meeting. Howe to confirm cost of several Teacher Wish List items before SAC spending approval

Open Positions

  • SAC Treasurer – if anyone is interested, the time commitment is minimal, please contact SAC via
  • Ward Rep
  • Canadian Parents for French Rep
  • Health & Safety Rep

Other Business  8:25 – 8:35

  • People can go to the Fix Our Schools website for information about school improvement
  • Mimico Residents Association Family Halloween Dance on Saturday, October 29 at St. Leo’s CS Gym. More info at
  • Tuesday, November 15, Ward meeting at John English JMS with Trustee Gough and the TDSB Director of Education and local superintendants

Meeting Ends    8:35

Next Meetings – Nov 10, Jan 12, Feb 9, April 6, May 11

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