Healthy Bites Registration

Register now for the Healthy Bites lunch program beginning on Monday, September 9th, 2019. Registration is open June 3-14, 2019 and may continue in September, as availability allows. Current participants must re-register for September. Registration is limited to the first 200 students. Subsidies are available upon request.

  • Program: Starts September 2019 for students in Grade 1 to 8
  • Options: 3 days/4 days per week
  • Due date: Friday June 14, 2019
    • Submit form to office along with cash/cheque

Help Stop Cuts to John English School Bus Transportation

This is the LAST CHANCE for parents & students to delegate to the Board on June 3rd to advocate for access to FIM programs.  There are 92 students currently accessing busing to John English (French Immersion + Gifted Program), and the 2019-20 TDSB budget is planning to eliminate all school bus programs for students in the upcoming school year.

For more information on the TDSB 2019-20 budget visit:

There are 2 more Special Finance, Budget and Enrollment Committee meetings regarding the 2019-20 budget:

  • Monday, June 3 at 4:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday, June 11 at 4:30 p.m.

We are hoping our JE parents will form a delegation to voice concerns over the proposed transportation cuts. Both parents and students are encouraged to participate.

For more information on TDSB Delegations visit: 

You must submit your request to delegate before Thursday, May 30th at 4pm and be ready to present on Mon. June 3rd .

How to Address a Committee

Requests to speak to a permanent, statutory, standing or special (ad-hoc) committee must be submitted in writing to Governance and Board Services by 4 p.m., two (2) working days before the committee meeting day by submitting the Delegation Request Form:

Requests must include: 

  • The name of the speaker and the name of the organization (if the speaker is representing an organization such as a school council or community group)
  • the topic and a description of the delegation matter
  • contact information for the speaker (address, phone number and/or e-mail)

Don’t have time for a delegation? Here’s what you can do:

Individuals may submit written statements to a committee which will be distributed to the members of the committee prior to the meeting. Written statements must be delivered to the Governance and Board Services at least two (2) working days before the committee meeting.

To register a delegation or for more information regarding the process, contact Governance and Board Services at:

How many students will be affected by the proposed transportation cuts? The following table highlights the ward 3 impact. You can also see the full impact across all schools within TDSB in the file below.

Ward 3 Total  265

John English SAC – Meeting Minutes Thursday, May 9, 2019, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome & Introductions                                                                            7:05 – 7:07

  • Welcome and introductions.
  • Attendance sheet completed.
  • Volunteer sign-up sheet circulated for Staff Appreciation Breakfast.
  • No additional agenda items.


Principal Report                                                                                           7:07– 7:25

Mr. Howe

  • New bike racks have been placed at the school. Eco schools applied for and received a grant and was able to secure new racks.  Two new racks are at the south end of the school.  A third rack has been added at the north end of the school.
  • Flower sale was successful. Most flowers have been picked up.  Everyone was very happy with the quality of the flowers.
  • The auditorium’s carpet has been replaced. The auditorium will be ready for use next week.
  • Movie night is tomorrow night. Students will begin popping popcorn tomorrow afternoon.
  • Staffing allocation has changed slightly since it was shared last month. (See April 2019 Meeting Minutes)  A 0.5 ELL (English Language Learner) teacher has been added to the school staff.
  • Mental health week is this week. The Caring and Safe Schools Committee has had events all week:  Mindful Monday, Take Time to Create Tuesday, We Belong Wednesday, Take Care Thursday, Fit Friday.
  • EQAO starts May 21-June 4. Grade 3 and Grade 6 students participate in Math, Reading and Writing.  Grade 3 French Immersion Students participate only in Math and the Math section is in French for these students.
  • Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast is June 6. 8am – 10am, in the cafeteria.
  • Grade 8 Trip begins on May 21.
  • June 4 Urban Voices is coming to recite poetry. This is a board wide event.
  • June 14 is the Dance-a-thon.
  • June 25 is Grade 8 Graduation.
  • June 27 is the last day of school.

Ms. Jenkins                                                                                                     7:25 – 7:32

  • Eco schools final audit was yesterday. The auditor was impressed with the effort of John English.  Last year $1000 was raised.  This year more money has been raised.  The money raised provides fresh water for those in need.
  • Youth in Action group met with Mayor John Tory and presented a slide show showcasing their activities throughout the school year. They asked him questions and he posed a question to them:  “What is the biggest environmental issue facing our city?”.
  • Bag to school collected over a ton of textiles that will not go to landfills.
  • Bike to school week is May 27-31.
  • Bike give away will occur next Friday as a contest for students who write a persuasive letter.
  • Red Maple students will visit Harbourfront on May 14.
  • Silver Birch students will visit Harbourfront on May 15.

Mme. Smith                                                                                                    7:32 – 7:38

  • May 23 Mr. Nunes and M Ursino classes will have a concert at the school in the evening in collaboration with two other schools.
  • Spring Concert is May 16. Performers will be: Grade 6 Band, Grade 6 Choir, Grade 7 Strings, Grade 7 Band, Grade 7 Choir, Grade 8 Strings, Grade 8 Choir and Ukulele Group at 7pm.  Students need to arrive at 6:30.  Light top and dark bottoms should be worn.


SAC Board Business                                                                                     7:38 – 7:55


  • Movie Night/Basket Raffle will be Friday, May 10.
  • Dance-a-thon will be Friday, June 14 (also last pizza day).
  • Spring Flowers fundraiser has ended. Discussion was had about which flower fundraiser is preferable: Spring flowers or Poinsettias at Christmas.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Updated report was circulated. Marlies profit was updated.  $600 profit.
  • Discussion was had about whether to increase SAC funding of the Grade 3 Ukulele Program.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Staff appreciation breakfast will be Friday, May 31. A request was made for families to support the event with a donation of their time, financial contribution or food contribution.


Other Business                                                                                              7:55 – 8:05

  • School Statement of Needs – current version sent out to April SAC meeting attendees, some email feedback has been provided, families who would like to provide feedback may do so, prior to the Fall 2019 submission. Please contact SAC if interested.
  • In light of York Memorial Collegiate fire, fire safety was discussed. Fire drills take place at John English several times per school year.
  • Open Positions/Nominations (all with support provided)


Meeting Ends                                                                                                8:05




Toronto Marlies Game (Winter)

John English night at the Marlies: Saturday March 23, 2019 @ 5:00pm

Are you interested in a fun family night watching hockey?  This is the event for you!  Tickets are on sale now for $20.00 each.  You can order your tickets using Cash Online and submitting the order form to the main office or you can send cash along with the form to the office.

A portion of the ticket sales comes back to John English.

Forms are due on Friday March 01, 2019

Help Needed!

We are looking for volunteers for the next Pizza day! Pizza day is usually the last Friday of the month (with a couple of exceptions).

  • Date: Friday February 22nd
  • Time: 11:00am – 12:00/12:30pm
  • Task: Hand out pizza slices to the students

Our biggest fundraising event Movie/Basket Raffle night will be happening in May. We are going to need all the help we can get! If you can spare an hour or two please help us make this into a great event.

  • Date: TBD (Sometime in May)
  • Time: Before & during the event
  • Various tasks (help with one or all!):
    • Organize the raffle baskets
    • Set up the raffle
    • Help with the meal
    • General organization for the event
    • Help at the actual event

We are always looking for volunteers for the Kindergarten Snack Program. It only takes 1/2 hour of your time!

  • Date: Monday – Friday
  • Time: 8:45am to 9:15am
  • Task: Prepare snacks for the JK/SK classes (ex. cutting up fruits)

If you are interest please email

John English SAC – Meeting Minutes Thursday, October 11, 2018, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome & Introductions 7:00 – 7:05

  • Anyone is welcome to attend meetings.
  • Attendance sheet completed.
  • There are several open positions on SAC and the positions are open to the JEJMS parent community.

Principal Report7:05 – 7:30

Mr. Howe

· Meet the teacher night ran smoothly. Thank you to volunteers for running the pizza service.

· Painting the school interior is ongoing. Most of the school has been repainted.

· Trying to get a replacement for the kindergarten bunker which holds the outdoor toys in the rear school yard.

· School field upgrades are upcoming.

· Play structure may get a facelift or it may be replaced entirely. The timeline could be anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

· Instrument music program for Grades 6, 7, 8 – there is a new band teacher this year. All students in Grade 6 have the opportunity to participate in the instrumental music program. This is new this year and will hopefully continue in future.

· Jungle Sport is coming next week to Gym 1. It’s a ropes course. All students will rotate through the course, at least once throughout the week.

· Photo retake day is November 1.

· Albion Hills Outdoor Education Center – three Grade 7 classes are there now. Next week three more Grade 7 classes go. Two more classes go to Alboin Hills in December.

· Tomorrow is Grades 1 and 2 Cross Country event.

· French Immersion Information Night is November 1, 7-8pm at Etobicoke Collegiate Institute.

· Remembrance Day Ceremony will be held at the school the morning of November 9.

· Progress Reports go home November 13 and November 16/17 are parent teacher interviews. November 17 is a PA day.

· Transition from Grade 8-9 meeting is October 17 in the JEJMS auditorium at 6:30pm.

· Healthy Bites – TDSB has received a complaint about this type of program.

Ms. Overland (New Vice-Principal)

  • Lunch programs start tomorrow with Mad Science. There will be two sections, a Grade 1-2 section and a Grade 3-4 section. Arts in Action and Chess will begin Monday.

Mme. Smith

  • Masquerade dance for Grades 6-8 on October 26. Alternatives are movie watching or board games. Ticket sales start on October 16. $5.00/ticket.
  • Safety patroller training will begin on October 15. The patroller will begin patrolling on the 25th of October.
  • Volunteers wanted to help with cooking or sewing in Family Studies. Day 4 or 5 on the school’s time table cycle. 12:30pm – 2pm. If interested in volunteering contact

SAC Board Business 7:30 – 8:35


  • November 13 – 17 Scholastic Book Fair – Volunteers needed to help younger students select books & manage purchase of books, shifts are 90-120 minutes long during the school day. If interested, please contact sacinfo.


  • Curriculum Night – HUGE success – thanks to all volunteers and David for leading event.
  • Pizza Lunch – available via CashOnline until October 19.
  • Fresh from the Farm – orders submitted, the official cut off for orders is Monday, October 15. Produce delivery in November.
  • Fundraising Contribution Letter – due October 19.
  • QSP Campaign – starts in late October. This will be the last year that JEJMS will offer the full paper envelope and color brochure for QSP magazine sales.
  • Toronto Marlies – date of game is TBD – planning for late March 2019.

Open Positions / Nominations

· QSP coordinator.

· Fundraising chair.

· Toronto Marlies Game coordinator.

· Healthy Bites committee members wanted.

Treasurer’s Report

o Motion made to approve the budget from 2017/18.

o Motion approved.

o Motion made to increase classroom support budget to $125 per teacher, from $100 in the 2018/19 budget.

o Motion approved.

o Ukulele budget increase discussed – due to increased costs of lessons, instrument repair and a greater number of students. Discussion is ongoing. To be reviewed in April 2019.

o Change made to add Toronto Marlies as proposed revenue of $1000 to 2018/19 budget.

o Suggestion made to remove the pizza lunch prize from the Dance-a-thon ($100) and the QSP class winners ($100) from the 2018/19 expenditures.

o Motion made to approve the 2018/19 budget.

o Motion approved.

Meeting Ends 8:35

Next Meetings: November 22, January 10, February 7, April 4, May 9

Trustee Pamela Gough – sign up for her monthly e-newsletter at or follow her on Twitter @pamelagough