John English SAC – Meeting Minutes Thursday, April 4, 2019, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome & Introductions                                                                                  7:04 – 7:06

  • Welcome and introductions.
  • Attendance sheet completed.
  • No additional agenda items.
  • Staff appreciation breakfast sign-up sheet circulated.

Principal Report                                                                                                     7:06– 7:35

Mr. Howe

  • Toronto Marlies game was a success and fun for students.
  • Kids from the Northern Exchange from Mimico Canadians hosted hockey players from Pond Inlet (Northern end of Baffin Island). John English hosted the school day event. The Urban Inuit Youth Association president spoke at the event, among others.
  • Black Excellence presentation highlighting successful black women was held on March 27. Jean Augustine attended and spoke. It was originally planned for February and was postponed until March.
  • The Facilities Condition Index (FCI) is a list of TDSB facilities and what repairs are needed at each site. There was a recent article in the Etobicoke Guardian titled “Deteriorating Schools: What will reduce the Backlog”. It was published March 21, 2019. John English was part of this article. A paper copy of the article was circulated. Building is in good condition and repairs continue. There are more assets in the older building than would be in a new building (i.e., Auditorium, 3 gyms, cafeteria, large library, etc.)
  • Today there was a student protest in the form of a walkout protesting provincial education cuts. Some students spoke with community members and returned to school. Students were out for just under an hour starting at 1:15 pm.
  • Movie night is May 10. It will be held in the gym. The movie will be Mary Poppins Returns.  Dinner will be provided by Healthy Bites.
  • Carpet in auditorium is going to be replaced on April 11. The Auditorium will be out of use for about 3 weeks.
  • Eco School interim audit for John English score was 91.7 %. The final audit will be on May 8. A score of 88% is needed for continued platinum status.
  • Spring Bag2School Textile Drive will be held April 26. (
  • We Walk for Water event will be held on May 10.
  • Bike to School week will happen the week of May 27 – 31.
  • Forest of Reading initiative has high participation this year. Voting is April 25.

Staffing for 2019-20 school year – there have been funding changes. Full funding has not yet been released to schools from the province. Presently there are 891 students at John English. There are currently 46 teachers. There are 872 projected students for next year. 46 teachers have again been allocated to the school. The setup is subject to reorganization in September based upon enrolment.


  • 3 Kindergarten classes
  • 1 Grade 1/2 split class
  • 1 Grade 2/3 split class
  • 1 Grade 3/4 split class
  • 1 Grade 5/6 split class
  • 2 Grade 6 classes
  • 2 Grade 7 classes
  • 2 Grade 8 classes

French Immersion

  • 2 Senior Kindergarten classes
  • 2 Grade 1 classes
  • 1 Grade 1/2 split class
  • 2 Grade 2/3 split classes
  • 1 Grade 3 class
  • 1 Grade 3/4 split class
  • 1 Grade 4 class
  • 1 Grade 4/5 split class
  • 1 Grade 5 class
  • 3 Grade 6 classes
  • 2 Grade 7 classes
  • 1 Grade 7/8 class
  • 2 Grade 8 classes

Extended French

  • 2 Grade 8 classes

Mme. Smith                                                                                                    7:35 – 7:38

  • D’Sa is organizing the painting of 2 community tulips – French Immersion Kindergarten classes and the Grade 3 classes will do the decorating.
  • Trudeau thanks the community for raising $10 353.50 for Jump Rope for Heart.
  • Piper is looking for fabric and notions donations and pots and pans donations. They can be dropped off at the main office.
  • Talent show is tomorrow.

SAC Board Business                                                                                             7:38 – 7:55


  • Spring Flower Sale orders will be due Wednesday, April 24, hanging baskets pick-up will be on May 8 & 9. Order forms and information will come home with students shortly. There will also be a poster contest in tandem with the flower sale to advertise the sale. The class that raises the most money will get and Indigo gift card for classroom books. There will also be a draw held for students who submit an order for hanging baskets or students who participate in the poster contest, will be entered to win one of 3 gift cards to Indigo. The winning posters (various grade categories) will be posted throughout the school to advertise the fundraiser.
  • Movie Night movie will be Mary Poppins Returns. The date is Friday, May 10. Pricing (includes dinner and the movie) is $8/per ticket or $25/family, in advance. At the door the cost will be $10/person or $30/family. There will also be the Basket Raffle ($2 per ticket or 6 for $10). Volunteers are needed to (i) create the baskets in advance of event (ii) night of event. If interested, please contact
  • Future Events: Dance-a-thon is coming up on Friday June 14. The DJ is booked. 3-4 volunteers are needed for that day to help hand out freezies. If interested, please contact
  • Marlies Game fundraising event raised $580



Treasurer’s Report

  • Updated report was circulated.

Miscellaneous Items

  • SAC website revisions are underway. Please visit the site at: and provide any feedback and suggestions to
  • Staff appreciation breakfast is a very popular event. It will either be May 17 or May 31. Volunteers will be needed. If interested, please contact

Other Business                                                                                                            7:55 – 8:25

  • JEJMS was included in a Guardian Special Investigation on March 21, 2019 (
  • Our SAC Chair recently participated in the teacher to vice principal hiring process. It came to her attention that when a new administrator gets hired in the future at John English the School Statement of Needs document, which is submitted to the board annually, is referenced to get a principal or vice principal that is a good fit for the school– discussion was had about possibly updating our document prior to Fall 2019 submission.  If interested to provide input on updates to this document, please contact
  • A question was asked of Mr. Howe if he was aware a time line for when the French Immersion High School might change from Richview CI to Lakeshore CI for John English students. He is not aware of a timeline but this will likely occur at some point because enrollment in French Immersion has grown over the past few years and Richview CI does not have the space to accommodate the growing program.

Open Positions / Nominations (all with support provided)

  • Fundraising Chair. If interested, please contact
  • Toronto Marlies Game Coordinator. If interested, please contact

Meeting Ends                                                                                                               8:25

Next Meeting: May 9