John English SAC – Meeting Minutes Thursday, October 17, 2019, 7 – 8:30 pm

Welcome & Introductions                                                                                  7:03 – 7:06

  • Introductions completed around the group.
  • Attendance sheet completed.
  • Additional agenda items:
    • Ukulele program funding

Principal Report                                                                                                    7:06 – 7:39

Ms. Overland (Vice-Principal)

  • CUPE has settled the contract dispute. The school is back up and running as normal.  Regular repairs are ongoing.  There is a new water fountain being installed.
  • 2 extra hours have been gained for the instrumental program from 6 hours to 8 hours per week.
  • There is a new strings teacher. Band and strings are on Day 1 and Day 4.
  • Photos have been sent home so that parents can select a photo package from the proofs. The deadline has been extended until tomorrow.  Retake day is October 29.
  • Albion Hills over night trip is upcoming in October and November for Grade 7s to experience outdoor education.
  • EQAO a handout was passed around. Grade 3 Math scores have increased this year over last.  Grade 6 Math scores have decreased this year over last.  These results are posted online at
  • Trustee ward forum is November 5 at Etobicoke Collegiate Institute, at 7:00pm.
  • The school is looking into purchasing an electric sign. The cost is about $25 000, including installation.  Parent input was sought.
  • Meet the Teacher night was September 19. Parent turnout was great.  Parents suggested that in future teachers let parents know if there will be a formal presentation or not and to please communicate it in advance along with the presentation’s time.  Thank you to all volunteers for providing the pizza and baked goods.
  • Parent teacher interviews will be November 14 and 15th.  They will be booked online.  Information to follow in the Friday school email.
  • Chess club and art express during lunchtimes have both started. Yoga will begin next week

Ms. Jenkins ((Vice-Principal)

  • Scholastic bookfair will run from November 11 – 15. It will be open November 14 in the evening, during Parent Teacher Interviews.  This is a great way for the school to fundraise.  There will be a call out for volunteers on the Friday school email.  Leah K is the parent organizer for volunteers.  If interested please email (Do you think we should advise that it’s 60% return as scholastic credit or 30% as cash?)
  • A Parent suggested another great way to purchase French books, other than the Scholastic Book Fair is Salon du Livre de Toronto
  • PALS has started. It’s a group of Grade 4 and 5 students who are trained to engage younger students in cooperative games during lunch recess.
  • There is water in the downstairs Gym 3. This is an ongoing intermittent problem.  Solutions are being worked on.
  • Library has been open at lunch daily and approximately 30 students attend daily.
  • In December the Forest of Reading will begin. The list for the 2020 nominees was announced on Tuesday.  The Silver Birch and Red Maple Programs (Grades 3-8) can borrow books to participate in the program.
  • Safety patrol training will begin tomorrow. Those are student volunteers who help with safely crossing the street before and after school.

SAC Board Business                                                                                             7:39 – 8:23


  • Scholastic Book Sale (November 11-15)
  • Volunteers needed to help younger students select books & manage purchase of books, shifts are 90-120 minutes long during the day. Volunteers are needed for set up (November 7) and tear down (November 15) also.  Please email if interested in volunteering


  • Completed and ongoing fundraisers:
    • Curriculum Night – thanks to all volunteers for helping with baking etc. $1200 was raised.
    • Fresh from the Farm has had an increase in number of orders placed. 1/3 of orders are going back to the foodbank.
    • Fundraising Contribution Letter deadline has been extended to October 25. Families can still contribute through cash online.  Click Make a Donation and select John English as your donation destination
    • Mabel’s Labels and Indigo FlipGive are ongoing fundraising :
    • Pizza day for Grades 1-8 is ongoing, once a month. It will be offered to Kindergarten students as of January 2020.
  • Proposed Fundraisers:
    • Holiday Wreaths or Poinsettias may be looked at for 2020-21 school year Not this school year.
    • Toronto Marlies fundraiser interest was expressed by parents for game on Sunday March 29 at 4pm.
    • Spring Flowers was agreed upon as a fundraiser. It was a great success last year and the flower quality was spectacular!  A leader is needed for this fundraiser.  Please contact SAC if interested in volunteering
    • Movie Night & Basket Raffle leader is needed for this fundraiser.
    • Dance-A-Thon leader is needed for this fundraiser.
    • Ukulele fundraiser has already raised $525. This has been very successful!

Treasurer’s Report

  • SAC proposed spending for 2019-2020 was approved.
    • Ukulele budget will remain at $7000. Discussion was had around fundraising dollars and how much should be allotted to Ukulele in future school years.
    • Discussion also had regarding the financial allocation to the older grades for SAC funds.

Open Positions (all with support provided)

  • Healthy Bites committee member
  • Book Fair co-chair
  • Co-leads for proposed fundraiser

Other Business                                                                                                             8:20 – 8:23

  • Trustee Ward Forum – November 5: Trustee Nunziata holding a joint Ward Forum on Tuesday, Nov 5th at Etobicoke C.I. from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.  Director John Malloy will be speaking at the meeting.
  • Snack program for kindergarten children is not operating right now. The person who was running the program has retired.  No one has filled the volunteer position.  If interested please contact SAC at

Meeting Ends                                                                                                               8:23

Next Meetings – November 21, January 9, February 6, April 2, May 7

 Ward 3 School Trustee: Patrick Nunziata can be reached at or 416 996 5572, sign up for e-newsletter at or follow him on Twitter @NunziataPatrick