The Fundraising Committee is a sub-committee of the John English School Council.  This committee is actively involved in developing a fundraising plan that reflects the current needs of the school. The funds raised by the school are used to support many valuable student programs and activities, including: extra-curricular and intramural athletics, class excursions, in-school presentations, school musicals, concerts, musical instruments, clubs, graduation ceremonies, student games/activities, and outdoor play equipment.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Fundraising Committee please contact the School Advisory Council at

Fundraising Outline 2017-2018 School Year

Below is an outline of the Fundraisers that are being planned and taking place during the 2017-2018
school year through the John English Parent Council:

Pizza Lunches (September – June)
For students (grades 1-8) and teachers that have ordered pizza, these will take place on the last Friday of
each month (with the exceptions of December 16 and June 16). Most order forms have been collected
however some families will be paying on a monthly basis, students can bring forms to the office as they
arrive. Pizza lunches will be available to the Kindergarten students starting in January.

Indigo Adopt-a-School (Fall)
John English has been ‘adopted’ by Indigo to participate in this fundraiser. To continue the ‘adoption’
families can ‘adopt’ the school once a day for a chance to win provincial prizes or they can make a
donation ($12 for one book) to the school by visiting

Fresh from the Farm (Fall)
Families will be able to purchase ‘baskets’ of apples and/or vegetables (from Ontario famers) for
themselves or to donate the baskets to a local food bank. The school will receive 40% of the proceeds;
farmers will receive 50% (remaining 10% is admin). Full details are on the order form that students can
drop off at the main office.

Fundraising Contribution (September – October)
A ‘direct donation’ drive that offers families the ability to make a one-time donation for the school year in lieu of or in addition to the fundraisers that take place during the year. Tax receipt instructions are on the form, donations with forms attached can also be dropped off at the main office.

QSP (October)
A fundraiser selling magazine subscriptions and other products (hard copy and online). Packages
including catalogues and ordering instructions are sent home with students. Ordering online is highly
encouraged but students can drop-off any paper orders to the main office (or a student can collect paper
orders daily and bring them to the office). There will be no ‘prize chart’, students will be entered in
various draws to receive fewer but more significant prizes (i.e. top seller will win a night at Great Wolf
Lodge, participants in week one will be entered in a draw for Cineplex tickets). The winning class (based
on participation) will win a ‘Monster Mash Bash’ for their Halloween festivities.

Indigo FlipGive (Continuous Campaign)
An online program through Chapters-Indigo where gift cards can be purchased and a portion of the
proceeds is given to the John English library in the form of a Chapters gift card (There is no classroom
administration required for this initiative).

Samko Toys (November 21 – December 4)
Families can shop at Samko & Miko Toy Warehouse (77 Fima Crescent, Etobicoke) and a percentage of
their purchase will be donated back to John English. Students need to retain their receipts in an envelope and hand them in to the office with their name and ‘Samko’ written on the envelope.

Poinsettia Sale (November/December)
Families can order Poinsettia plants for the holiday season and John English will keep a percentage of the sales. Students can drop-off orders at the main office or a student can collect class orders daily and bring them to the office.

*For the Poinsettia, Indigo Flip Give and Samko initiatives the information/order forms will be sent
together the first week in November.

Movie Night & Basket Raffle (May)
Families come to the school on a Friday evening for dinner (made by Healthy Bites and volunteers) and a movie. Tickets are sold in advance but can also be purchased at the door.
For the basket raffle classes are assigned a theme for which students can purchase an item for the basket.
Baskets are then assembled by theme with the raffle being drawn at movie night. You do not need to
attend movie night to win a basket as tickets are sold during lunch with the baskets on display. Classroom participation is important and encouraged for this initiative.

Dance-a-thon (June)
Students collect pledges from family and friends for this fundraiser. Students participate in dance
activities (1 hour for each grade) outside (weather permitting ) or in the gym while a DJ plays music.
*For all of the above initiatives online bulletins and reminders will also be sent to John English
families through Facebook, twitter, SAC e-news and through John English email where appropriate.
*Detailed additional instructions (where needed) will be included at the time of the fundraiser
If you have any questions regarding these initiatives please contact:


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