2022 – 2023 School Council Election

John English JMS has an active School Advisory Committee (SAC) that supports our children, teachers, admin staff and the Mimico community.  We are looking to build a new executive team for the 2022/2023 school year and are seeking interested parents to join the committee. Below are the roles available and a description of responsibilities. 

We are soliciting interest in fulfilling these roles by September 14, 2022.

If you are interested in joining any of the below roles and want to learn more about next steps or have any additional questions, please reach out to us at sacinfo@johnenglish.ca

Note: the previous exec team is available to support a smooth transition process and set up the new executive team for success!

Roles and Responsibilities 

Chair or Co-Chair(s)  

  • arrange for School Council meetings
  • prepare agendas for School Council meetings
  • chair School Council meetings
  • ensure that minutes of School Council meetings are recorded and maintained
  • ensure that the Annual Report is completed
  • facilitate conflict resolution; 
  • communicate with the Principal on behalf of the School Council
  • consult with senior board Staff and Trustees as required on behalf of the School Council
  • act as Joint Signing Officer
    • act as ex officio member(s) of School Council committees/subcommittees and  any school committees, including but not limited to School Budget Committee, School Improvement Plan Committee, School Staffing Committee and Caring and Safe Schools’ Committee; 
  • ensure completion of the School Statements of Needs (SSON) in collaboration with  parents/caregivers
  • observe the School Council’s and/or the Board’s Code of Conduct and these By-Laws


  • complete records of all meetings in a timely manner
  • assist the Chair/Co-Chair(s) in the distribution of minutes to all School Council members, ensure minutes, once approved, are available to the parent/caregiver body
  • responsible for the upkeep of all School Council social media and communications to the parent/caregiver body (e.g. blog, social media, email, newsletters, etc.)
  • may act as a Joint Signing Officer
  • observe the School Council’s and/or the Board’s Code of Conduct and these By-Laws


  • act as custodian of the funds of the School Council
  • handle receipts and disbursement of School Council monies 
  • keep proper records of all financial transactions 
  • arrange for verification of the School Council’s financial records in June of each year
  • act as a Joint Signing Officer 
  • adhere to the financial protocol instructions outlined in the School Council Financial Guide
  • prepare the annual Public-Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) report
  • observe the School Council’s and/or the Board’s Code of Conduct and these By-Laws