Volunteer Opportunities with John English JMS

There are many school programs that require parent volunteers, with varying levels of commitment and times of day. Please consider helping your school, while connecting with other parents and the rest of the John English community.

The following school programs, events and initiatives require parent volunteers on an ongoing basis:

Parent Safety Program
Parents, we are looking for volunteers to assist with our Kiss and Ride program in the morning and afternoon.  If you are available from 8:25 to 8:45 a.m. or 3:10 to 3:30 p.m. once a week please contact Ms. Jenkins (becky.jenkins@tdsb.on.ca) at the school to inform her of your availability.

Healthy Bites Lunch Program
Urgently needs daytime volunteers to assist with preparation and serving of lunch to 200 school kids
Commitment: 3 hour shift 9am – 12pm or 11am – 2pm, as little as once a month. Choice of shifts Monday through Thursday. Contact healthybites@johnenglish.ca to volunteer. Details>

School Advisory Council (SAC)
SAC hosts a number of special events and plans fundraisers during the year, and so we are always looking for help with these events:

  • Fresh from the Farm (~November)
  • Scholastic Book Fair (~November)
  • Poinsettia (December)
  • Movie Night & Basket Raffle (~May)
  • Staff Appreciation Breakfast (May)
  • Dance-a-Thon (~June)

Contact sacinfo@johnenglish.ca to volunteer or come to an SAC meeting to get involved!

Ukulele Program:

If you’re available to assist with set up or help kids with finger placement – on Tuesdays from 12:30-2 pm – please contact Volunteer Organizer Jane Chapman-Klein at uturn@rogers.com – it’s a great way to learn the ukulele!  Details>

School Library:  Our school library is in a state of transformation. While the major layout is finished, there still remains a lot of work to be done to re-organize the book collection.  A library helper program will begin shortly with Grade 6 – 8 students.  Also needed are some parent volunteers to help out with all the jobs needed to get the library up and running at full capacity and keep it running smoothly.  No contribution is too small.  Even if you can spare an hour every week or two, all volunteers are welcome. You will need to have a police check, though.  Also, if you have a high school aged child, they could get some volunteer hours helping here in the library as well.  Email or call Ms. Jenkins at becky.jenkins@tdsb.on.ca if you would like to volunteer or know a student who would like to do so.

Pizza Lunch: If you are able to assist with this once a month special lunch day, please contact the office and have your name forwarded to the Pizza Day committee.  This is always the last Friday of the month and it’s approximately 11:00am until 12pm.

Do You Like Reading? :  Research continues to tell us that students who are able to read by the end of Grade 1 have an increased chance for success in the future.  At home it is important for parents to read with children from birth well into the school aged years. John English is always looking for volunteers to read with our younger students.  If you would like to volunteer your time to read with our students please connect with the main office for further information.

Sunday Evening Bread Pick up Volunteers Needed:
Volunteers are needed to pick up the “day olds” from Cobbs at Humbertown Shopping Centre (Royal York & Dundas). Commitment: once per month on Sunday evenings just before 6:00 p.m. and then the bread and baked goods have to be delivered to the school on Monday morning.
Due to the very large volume of baked goods to be picked up and transported (sometime 5 or more garbage bags full) a minivan or station wagon with empty flattened backseat area is recommended for this task.
Interested volunteers should contact at healthybites@johnenglish.ca.

Kindergarten Snack Program: The Kindergarten children receive a daily snack and there is a request for volunteers to help prep this snack for all of the classes. This commitment is from 8:45am to 9:15am and there is a calendar that you can subscribe to, and sign up based on your availability. Mme Easton is the point of contact.

Family Studies support:
Family Studies program is offered to all grades six, seven, and eight in the whole school! Though I have been teaching this course for seven years now, this year has the remarkable difference of being offered for the first time, to grade sixes, as formerly, it was only offered to grades seven and eight.

This has been an exciting change, however it is a big jump for many of our grade six students to be charged with the great responsibility of cooking and sewing in our hands-on workshop. (And there is only one teacher in the classroom, me.) They really enjoy the class, however it would be so much better for all the students, as well as myself, if we had a little help.

If you have the time and the interest to do so, please consider volunteering for one or even several of our classes. You could lead a cooking class yourself, or supervise the students in their sewing projects, or a bit of both, as you prefer. Having an extra pair of grown-up eyes, and an additional pair of adult hands, in a classroom full of thirty kids…will always be appreciated!

When are the classes? The grade six classes take place on Days 4 & 5 of our cycle, which at present, fall on Tuesday and Wednesday. They span an hour and a half, from 12:30 to 2:05, ending at the afternoon recess.

If you’re interested, or simply curious, please feel free to contact me, and we can arrange to chat or meet, and see if you might like to come in and help out in our experiential classroom. It’s lots of fun, if a bit loud, and is surely something you wouldn’t soon forget! Contact Anne Piper anne.piper@tdsb.on.ca