Getting Involved

Did you know! you don’t have to be an elected parent on the advisory council to lead the charge in helping parents engage with their children’s school.

Not sure where to get started? That’s OK! Fill out this FORM OR E-mail us at OR read more below on some of these options.

Thanks for reading on! If you would like to know how you can become more involved with the school and school council, this is the place for you! There are several ways to get started:

  • Attending a SAC meeting
  • Help out at a Fundraising event
  • Volunteer at school events

Attend a SAC Meeting

The easiest way to get involved is to attend one of our SAC meetings. The meeting runs with the following agenda:

  • Principal’s report on school happenings
  • News from Vice-Principal and teacher representative
  • Council business (Treasury, Fundraising, etc)
    • Parents topics

SAC meetings were traditionally held once a month, at the school library on the second floor, South wing. Enter through the central parking log entrance on George St. Due to the pandemic that started in early 2020, all subsequent SAC meetings are being held virtually via zoom. Click here for more details on SAC meeting schedule.

Come to the meeting simply to learn what is happening in the school and meet other parents! There is no commitment to join or volunteer or become a member of the council. Please consider inviting a new parent to join the Council or just attend a meeting – sometimes all it takes is a personal invitation.

Missed a meeting? You can take a look at the meeting minutes here.

Help Out at a Fundraising Event

One of the SAC’s objective is to raise funds to help with school improvements and student events. The SAC has helped made the following possible with our Fundraising effort:

  • Outdoor classroom (JK and up)
  • Library upgrade with new/reupholster furniture
  • Scientist in the school (Gr. 1-6)
  • Ukelele program (Gr. 3)
  • Staff appreciation breakfast
  • Skating program

Please consider helping out at fundraising events to make more possible happen!

Volunteer at School Events

Many of the school programs are not run by school staff, instead they rely heavily (some solely) on volunteers.  These programs are successful only with the help of parent volunteers:

If you would like to volunteer  for SAC or any school activities, please email