We are working on 2022/23 fundraising opportunities. Stay tuned!

The Fundraising Committee is a sub-committee of the John English School Council.  This committee is actively involved in developing a fundraising plan that reflects the current needs of the school. The funds raised by the school are used to support many valuable student programs and activities, including:

  • extra-curricular and intramural athletics
  • class excursions
  • in-school presentations
  • school musicals, concerts, musical instruments
  • clubs
  • graduation ceremonies
  • student games/activities
  • outdoor play equipment

If you wish to donate online, visit and follow the simple instructions described on make an online donation.

Fundraising Events

Below is an outline of the various Fundraisers that have been historically planned before the 2020 school year through the John English Parent Council:

Mabel’s Labels & Indigo

This is LIVE for 2022/2023.

You shop and a portion of proceeds goes back to the John English school council!

Visit and search for John English Junior Middle School before purchase. Visit Fundraise with Mabel’s Labels for more details.

Pizza Lunch (Starts in September – All year)

This is LIVE for 2022/2023!

Pizza lunch is one of our most popular SAC among the students and parents alike! On the last Friday of every month, parents do not need to worry about lunches as the students enjoy delicious pizzas. We need a lot of volunteers to help distribute pizza slices to hundreds of hungry students!

Visit Pizza Lunch Fundraiser for more details.

Fresh from the Farm (Fall)

This event is canceled for 2022/2023.

Families will be able to purchase ‘baskets’ of apples and/or vegetables (from Ontario famers) for themselves or to donate the baskets to a local food bank. The school will receive 40% of the proceeds; farmers will receive 50% (remaining 10% is admin). Full details are on the order form that students can drop off at the main office.

Toronto Marlies Game (March)

Stay tuned for updates for 2022/2023!

An opportunity for John English families to come together and attend a Toronto Marlies hockey game. A portion of the ticket sales comes back to John English. Students can drop-off ticket orders at the main office or can be collected in the class and sent down to the main office.

Movie Night & Basket Raffle (April/May)

Stay tuned for updates for 2022/2023!

Families come to the school on a Friday evening for dinner (made by Healthy Bites and volunteers), basket raffles, and a movie. Tickets are sold in advance and also at the door.

Spring Flowers Sale (May)

Stay tuned for updates for 2022/2023!

Families can order hanging flower baskets for Mothers day and John English will keep a percentage of the sales. Students can drop-off orders at the main office or a student can collect class orders daily and bring them to the office.

Dance-a-thon (June)

Stay tuned for updates for 2022/2023!

Students collect pledges from family and friends for this fundraiser. Students participate in dance activities (1 hour for each grade) outside (weather permitting ) while a DJ plays live music!

Donate Online (All year)

A ‘direct donation’ drive offers families the ability to make a one-time donation for the school year in lieu of or in addition to the fundraisers that take place during the year. Visit TDSB School Cash Online, click on the ‘Make a Donation’ button and choose ‘John English Junior Middle School‘ as Fund Destination. A tax receipt will be provided for donation over $25.

For all of the above initiatives online bulletins and reminders will also be sent to John English families through Facebook, twitter and through John English email where appropriate