Donate Now to Support School Programs

John English SAC is fundraising to support school programs that might not be fully covered by the school budget or parent contributions. These programs enrich John English’s students learning experience.

In the past we have used the SAC funding to support:

  • extra-curricular and intramural athletics
  • class excursions (ex. skating)
  • in-school presentations (ex. Scientists in the School)
  • school musicals, concerts, musical instruments
  • clubs
  • graduation ceremonies
  • student games/activities
  • outdoor play equipment

We are inviting families to provide a one-time fundraising contribution per family in lieu of participation in the school’s fundraising events that are held throughout the year. Although any amount suitable for your family is appreciated, the suggested minimum contribution is $40 per family. One hundred percent of the proceeds from your contribution will come back to the school.

Funds donated of $25 or more via will be issued a tax receipt.

Instructions for Online Donation

Log-in to your School Cash Online account and click on the blue ‘Make A Donation’ icon.

Screenshot of the School Cash Online homepage calling out the donation button.

Remember to select “John English Junior Middle School” in the ‘School’ field and enter ‘Fundraising’ in the ‘Message’ field.

Screenshot of the donation page calling out the school and message fields.

Offline Donation

You can download and print the form below and submit your donation to the main office.

Note: Tax receipt will NOT be issued for offline donations.

Thank you in advance for your generous support.